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visit a zoo (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to a friend telling him / her about a recent movie that you have seen but why you did not enjoy it.

April 10, 2021

Mirpur, Dhaka

My dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. I hope you're doing well, and I'm glad to hear you're interested in my recent trip to the National Zoo at Mirpur. I'm doing fine with my family too.

Visiting a zoo is a wonderful experience as it's like stepping into an animal kingdom. It's not just entertaining but also very educational, especially for students like us. Reading books and articles is great, but seeing animals in real life adds a whole new dimension to our understanding of the world.

I'm in class XII, and I've been eager to visit a zoo for a while now. Finally, during the winter vacation, I got the chance to go with my uncle, who is the principal of Mirpur Govt. College. We arrived at the zoo gate around 4:30 pm, taking a taxi.

We started by watching the monkeys, swinging from branch to branch in their cages. Then, we moved on to see the majestic Royal Bengal tigers and lions in their strong iron cages. We also saw snakes, crocodiles, bears, peacocks, and various birds. The big cats and crocodiles looked fierce and intimidating, but the graceful movements of the deer and the vibrant display of the peacocks caught my attention the most.

I met many students from colleges like ours, and I had some great conversations with both boys and girls. We grabbed a light snack at the zoo's canteen before leaving, feeling happy and cheerful.

I believe every student should visit a zoo at least once a year. It helps us learn new things, gain valuable experiences, and break the monotony of our daily routines.

That's all for now. Sending you my best wishes.

Yours always,


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