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This page is dedicated to the exemplary writings of the students who have undertaken a Herculean task of transforming the conventional writing of general students into advanced level.


Question —

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic.

Bullying is a big problem in many schools.

What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


Answer  —

One of the pressing concerns in today’s world, particularly among the youngsters, is that of bullying. It is truly an alarming issue and should be dealt with immediately in order to create harmony among the juveniles and to form a stronger bond among them. In this essay I will present some of the factors causing this issue and a few possible solutions to mitigate it.

One of the first reasons for which students in schools become bullies is that they feel isolated from the society which not only severely injures their mental health but also starts to form resentment in them. If a society is not inclusive, many young people will feel disconnected from its members including their peers and in order to vent out this frustration of theirs, they may resort to bullying in schools as it is easier for them to pick on others of the same age or younger. Making them feel more welcome, for example, is one of the solutions that can positively impact the mind of youngsters which will bring them to the realization that bullying is a heinous act. Schools can play a great role in this regard as they are a mini society themselves and a hub for social development and raising awareness.

Besides, these delinquents are also susceptible to peer pressure resulting in a negative impact on their character: making them arrogant, aggressive, rude, argumentative; all of which leads to conflict that develops into small fights and eventually ends up into bullying. These juveniles, in my opinion, are more of a need of counselling rather than punishment which may worsen the situation, and schools are the best places for students to receive it. Proper counselling can completely transform a bully into a person who not only refrain from bullying but also condemns bullying and plays an active role in abolishing such harassment from the school.

In a nutshell, there are as many solutions to abolishing bullying as there are factors that breed it. It is very important to deal with the matter in a progressive manner and resort to the correct solutions at the correct times in order to permanently drive it away.

( This essay has been written by Shadman Rahman, a student of Bangladesh MHM school and College , Doha, Qatar)

                                                     Global warming


The world climate is an intriguing research subject for scientists all over the world and a major part of this research is concerning the phenomenon called “Global warming.” The steady rise of the atmospheric temperature over a long period of time due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases is known as global warming. Global warming is unavoidable as it is caused by both man-made and natural factors, but the severity of this phenomenon can be controlled by taking necessary measures. Due to global warming extreme weather conditions persist for a longer period of time as well as the intensity is increased to life threatening levels. Furthermore, the natural flow of the ecosystem is disrupted due to the rising ocean acidity caused by the absorption of additional carbon dioxide from the air. Besides, unplanned deforestation not only accelerates global warming but also causes the extinction of various animal species. Air, water and soil is polluted to an incomprehensible extent and it directly affects the living condition of the people all around the world.  The glaciers and ice caps are melting due to increased ocean temperature. As a result, the sea level is rising exponentially resulting in coastal erosion which inundates community and residential properties. Thus, it is seen that the lives of every living being is being endangered due to global warming. In order to put a halt to the consistent increase in temperature people need to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Because it is the main factor behind the excess emission of green-house gases and carbon dioxide. Also, different seminars and programs should be arranged to make people aware of the consequences of global warming. The government should encourage people to use renewable sources of energy by making it affordable and efficient for everyone. The judicial departments need to be strengthened so that matters regarding unplanned deforestation, toxic waste release and badly maintained vehicles are resolved within a short period of time. If the people and the governing bodies of every country concern themselves with this topic, then humanity can expect to make progress in reducing the negative effects of global warming.

( This paragraph has been written by Akif, a student of Bangladesh MHM school and College , Doha, Qatar)

                                          A Book Fair


As learning plays a quintessential role in every individual's life, it is more of an obligation for us to improve our learning skills by means of various genres of books available. To achieve this goal, books fairs are deemed to be one of the best spots to collect all the finest books that works as a gateway to quench our thirst for knowledge. A book fair is essentially similar to a festival for those who value books more than anything else. It provides us with the opportunity to hunt down the rarest collection of books under every category. Even more surprising, the book stalls not only feature books of all sorts but also provide educational tools of varying degrees. For instance, publishing houses dedicated to children often provide educational toys in addition to children's books. Such measures spark an eagerness in children to read books more and more. Fairs also provide parents with the opportunity to engage in reading with the children in regular cycles. Because of its immeasurable importance, there is hardly any country that does not host a book fair. Based on the number of publishing houses represented and the number of visitors, Frankfurter Buchmesse, or Frankfurt Book Fair, has earned the record to be the world's largest book fair that opens its doors to a long queue of eagerly waiting bibliophiles from every corner of the world. Besides, In our country, the most prominent book fair is known as the "Ekushey Book Fair '', which is a month-long event that takes place every year. The event is organised under the supervision and organisation of Bangla Academy. It is sponsored and supported by separate government entities as well. The book fair witnesses a large participation of publishing houses, libraries, cultural institutions, research centres, associations, universities and whatnot. Apart from book stalls, separate arts and crafts workshops are also lined up in the vicinity for visitors to enjoy the intricate craftsmanship displayed around the stalls. In addition to selling affordable books, book sellers offer a rich selection of manuscripts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, artist books, magazines, as well as ancient literary pieces. There are seminars, panel discussions, presentations, author meet-ups, etc to keep the exhibitors and visitors engaged and to disseminate further knowledge. A book fair, therefore, instills a love of reading that lasts a lifetime. It brings publishers, agents, distributors, retailers and book lovers together on a single platform. On top of that, it gives an opportunity to reflect our appreciation for all the hardworking writers out there. It is with deep sorrow that most of the book fairs across the world are shrinking in size and it is our duty to find ways to establish a great deal of scope for this event to flourish once again.

( This paragraph has been written by Habiba, a student of Bangladesh MHM school and College , Doha, Qatar)

                                              PRICE HIKE

"Syndicate of traders behind broiler chicken price hike”, “Price hike causing a drastic increase in the prices of essentials in Bangladesh”, “Onions to remain expensive for another month”, “Price hike of essentials weigh down on 90% people" : Bold fonts plastered on daily headlines and blaring news titles have effectively introduced us all to the highlight of our crumbling socio­economic status: price hike. It has grown country so lastingly and frequently akin to our daily lives that the people of our country aren't even phased by it any longer, they have grudgingly learned to accept the soaring prices of the daily market. In essence, price hike refers to the drastic or sudden increase in prices, rates, taxes or various other quantities. In spans from food to accommodation, education, health treatments, facilities; in short, all necessities foe the citizens. The arbitrariness of our market systems and the lack of economic general formulas birth the opportunities for these tremendous increases in the prices of various necessities. Bangladesh, a country still on her primary stages of development, houses countless middle-income and poor people, struggling to provide the bare necessities for survival. And when the prices of goods increase abnormally, it is akin to rubbing salt to our open wounds. As per the natural rule of economy, it is only expected that prices of goods will gradually increase. This is called inflation, and it eventuates when the value of money decreases. However, price hike is quite different, as it means not the price growth of everything, rather a higher increase in the price of a single product or service. In accordance to our country's demographic, the causes of price hike are many and ever increasing. Some of the most dreaded ones are: decrease of production, increase of money supply, hoarding, black marketing, syndicating, population explosion, moral degradation, natural calamities and many more. Basic necessities are on constant demand, and any shortage on that supply triggers the increase of prices. Often times, this spike is intentional to gain profit. In spite of Bangladesh suffering from severe food security, the syndicates of ruthless self-catering businesses tend to aggravate the situation even more, lustfully aiming to make more money and lining their pockets in the name of insufficient supply. Shortage of required supply, hindrance in the local production, import deficits, paired with the lack of proper distribution of goods result in these disastrous price spike. Moreover, just as rule and regulations do not work in our market fields, so does the lack of ethics. In a civilized society, the prices of daily commodities are reduced or stabilized. However, in our oh-so-stable economy, the advent of any major religious or national upcomings are the perfect excuses for the prices of goods to soar to the stars. Not only that, people are down to pin any reason for hiking the prices, be it rains, strikes, blockades, epidemics, even elections. Of course, there is also the surge in the prices in the international market. And in the midst of it this whirlwind of sky-rocketing prices and the cunning claws of money-crazed madmen, it is the low middle income, poor and destitute of our country who bear the brunt of it all. Downcast, forlorn and without a voice to speak on their own, they are the ones subjected to suffer in silence as the ability to meet their daily necessities gets harder each passing day. They are forced to cut down on their already measly spending and resort to cheaper, at times even health depreciating, alternatives. It is absolutely abhorring of the government to simply stand by and let this atrocity reign. They have a God-bestowed responsibility to protect the rights of the citizens and consumers. Necessary measures have to be taken to prevent the destabilization of the market through stocks, syndicates or any unethical means. They have to take the highest local position in setting the prices without prioritizing the demands of the traders. Consumers need to be properly informed of the reasons of price hike. Effective steps are to be taken to curb every notorious syndicate cycles. Other measures include: increase of production, decrease of money supply and public expenditure, providing self-employment opportunities, population management etc. It is an obligation upon the government to initiate immediate action in keeping the overall market stable by uncovering the reasons behind unbridled price hikes on essential commodities. Then, and only then, will the betterment of our socio-economy manifest before us as we aspire for a stable and convenient market field for all.

( This paragraph has been written by Shafia, a student of Bangladesh MHM school and College , Doha, Qatar)

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