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 Composition/Essay Writing

for HSC,SSC & JSC Examination

                              Free Hand Writing : Writing Short Composition

                                                                                            (200-250 Words)

A short composition is a piece of writing, usually short and in prose, on any particular subject. It may be called a short essay. The topic of a short composition may be anything and everything. The length of it should be moderate. It may be more or less 350 words. Every short composition should have a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is the introduction, the middle is the main body of the short composition and the conclusion is the rounding off the subject. The introduction contains hints of what will be discussed or described in the composition. The middle contains discussions, merits and demerits of the topic of the composition. Lastly, the conclusion concludes the discussions.


Short composition are of various types:


  1. Descriptive - Descriptive compositions are those which describe some place or thing e.g., Dhaka, paper, the cow, flood, etc.

  2. Narrative - Narrative compositions are those which narrate some event, past or present, real or unreal, e.g., the life of a person, a football match, a flood (a particular flood) etc.

  1. Reflective - Reflective compositions are based on reflections and they are generally of abstract nature, e.g., friendship, honesty, female education etc.

  2. Argumentative -Argumentative compositions are those in which the writer tries to establish his/her own view point by putting his/her arguments for or against something.



Descriptive Composition

 The Wonders of Modern Science Or, The Blessings of Modern Science Or, Science in Everyday Life

We live in an age of science. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We can not think of our modern life without science.

The first wonder of modern science is the discovery of electricity. It has changed our life. society and culture. It is a great source of power and energy. The radio, television, lights, fans, electric irons, mills, factories and refrigerators- all work through the power of electricity.

Science has linked up the distant parts of the world. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram are great wonders. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to other within a moment. They have conquered space, distance and time. Radio and television are als6 great media (4iktrii) for communication. Science has discovered many wonders for our recreation. We have cinema, television, radio, tape recorder, gramophone and V.C.R etc for our recreation.

Science has lessened human sufferings. It has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame. It has found out the new ways of health and life. It has increased the joys of life. Penicillin. X-Ray, biopsy and ultra-sonography, E. C. G. are some of the wonders of modern science in the field of medical science.. Hospitals, private clinics and doctors can not go even a single day without these.

Science has removed the distance of place. It has saved time. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short time by car, aeroplane, Bus, train, launch and steamer. The inventions of nuclear energy, computer and calculators are great wonders of modern science.

The rocket is another wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. Man has landed on the moon successfully. Science is the greatest of all conquerors both past and present. It knows no defeat. It has established itself firmly in our hearts.

Narrative Composition    


                                                                         My First Day At College

                                                                      Or, The Most Memorable Day of My Life

All the days of our life are not equally important and memorable. Only a few of these days occupy a corner in our heart. - My first day at college is such a day. I shall never forget this day. From my. school days I heard a lot about college life from my college going elder brothers and sisters. I formed a very romantic impression of a college life. So, I was eagerly waiting for that happy and romantic college life.

At last the cherished day came. It was the 26th of October 1992. My joys knew no bounds. I put on my new dress and started for Govt. B.L. College at 9 A.M. I was charmed to see the attractive and beautiful college building. I understood that the college life opened before me a new vision of life and I must go forward.

The whole college campus was crowded by lots of young- pupils both male and female. They were all unknown to me. I felt very lonely. I was moving here and there. I was in a fix where to go. At last I met one of my school friends. I was relieved. We exchanged greetings. We went to the notice board of the college and wrote down class routine. There were many new comers. They were also taking the routine. I found that the classes are not held in a particular room. I Will have to change my class room. From the routine I also learnt that there were intervals.

When the bell for the first period rang, we entered the room number 223. I found many students sitting. After a while, a well dresed, handsome gentleman entered the class. He was a professor of English. All the students stood up to show him respect. He called over the rolls.. He spoke to us very softly in simple and clear English. I liked his speech very much. His speech was meaningful. I listened to him with undivided attention.



 Reflective- Composition

                                                       Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for educated and uneducated person, for earning one's livelihood. This problem has become a great concern all over the world. But nowhere in the world this problem is so' acute as in Bangladesh. Thousands of people in our country are without any job. At present the toughest task for any young man is to manage a job.


There are many reasons behind unemployment problem. Our country is over populated. The rapid growth of population is the main reason of unemployment problem. Our country is industrially very much lagging behind. In fact the development in this field is

very slow. Cottage industries have almost decayed. The few mills, factories and industries that we have can only absorb a limited number of people.

Most of the people of our country depend on agriculture. But our cultivable land is very limited. Our present system of- education in stead of giving any solution, creates educated unemployed young men. In our educational system there is no much scope of giving vocational training and technical education to a student. So after taking the highest degree even from the highest seat of learning, they remain unemployed.

Our educated young men generally think it to be disgraceful to do any manual work. They prefer service to any kind of business.

In order to eradicate this problem we have to mobilize all our energies to this great purpose without wasting time. A large number of mills, factories and industries should be set up where many of our unemployed youths will get the opportunity to work.

A great change should be brought in our education system. More importance should be given on professional, vocational and technical education. These will make a opening to work in different industrial sectors both home and abroad.


The educated youth should change their attitude to life. They must learn to choose independent career. They can work in agriculture field, cultivate fish, grow vegetables. They can start small business. In fact self employment is a possible solution to this great problem. Steps should be taken to set up co-operative farming, cottage industries and to open new system of public work in the rural areas to create job for the village people. Unemployment is a great curse to a nation. We can not expect the development of our country leaving its millions of people unemployed to survive as a boastful nation. We should made all out efforts to get rid of this curse.


Argumentative Composition

                                                                The Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a telephone system that works without any wire. Mobile phone is one of the wonderful wonders of science. It has added a new dimension to our life and to communication system. It can be moved easily and quickly from place to place. Through Mobile phone we can send messages to distant places, play games and sports, know about present time, solve the work of calculation, be aware of different kinds of news and views. At present the popularity of the mobile phone is increasing. Many companies are also being set up for selling mobile phone.

A mobile phone is an electronic device. A sim card inside-the mobile helps us to keep constant with the person. We can keep constant contact with the person carrying a- mobile phone. Just a mobile set is not enough. A connection from a local service provider will ensure the functioning of mobile.

The advantages of mobile phone are numerous. Its great advantage is its mobility and portability. It is opposite fixed phone. The overwhelming popularity of mobile has threatened the existence of fixed phone. A mobile phone removes the worries of our dear ones by helping to contact the person concerned any time we like. When we hear of any accident or mishap, we want to and can know about our or near on the spot. Thus a mobile phone can ease our tension. A mobile phone has saved a lot of our time and energy by giving ready access to any person who stays away from us. Just a call from a mobile can make us aware of the coming danger. A warning from a mobile can save our lives.

Despite numerous advantages and merits of mobile phone sometimes it becomes the cause of health hazard to the users. Specially the minor children are affected much, scientists believe that use of mobile phone causes brain tumours, genetic damage and many incurable irreparable damage to human body. They` say that millions of people are getting benefits but damaged. The blood pressure gets high and red blood cells (RBC) are damaged if a person gets continued exposure to radiation caused by mobile phone. Using mobile phone is also harmful to the pregnant women. So Bangladesh government should have an official ban on using mobile phone by children and pregnant women.

Mobile is a blessing as well as wonder of modern science. We should use it realizing maximum benefits. Misuse of mobile phone should be prevented. People. should be made of the health hazards to be posed by mobile phone. The rate of mobile call charge should be reduced as -much as possible. The minor kids should be prevented from using mobile phone. Talking 'over mobile phone should not be an addiction. However despite its disadvantages the necessity of a mobile phone can not be denied to our practical life.


Imaginative Composition

                                                                            If I Were A Politician

I am a student and my, career plan is to be a chartered accountant. I have never thought of becoming a politician. I am a politically conscious citizen of the country though I do not like politics. Rather recent dirty and bloody games of politics have made me apathetic to it. But I am also well aware of the fact that politicians lead the country and form the government. Whatever important things happen in the country are made by the politicians.


Things do not always turn out according to ones wish. So I might be a politician one day. If I were a politician, I would bring a qualitative change in politics and political leadership. I would take initiative and corrective reforms to improve the state of political affairs.

If I were a politician, I would dedicate myself to the service of my people, stand by them in their weal and woes, listen to their sufferings and miseries and try my .best to remove the causes of their sufferings.


I know that political freedom is meaningless without economic freedom. Though Bangladesh has achieved political freedom, it has not yet achieved economic freedom. Majority of our people are poor and are deprived of proper education, nutritious food, healthcare and pure ,drinking water. So if I were a politician and elected to the Parliament, I would take practical and long-term measures to remove poverty, create more employment opportimity, speed up economic activities of the country, spread education and reach the benefit of governments development programmes to the doors, of common people.


I know that to be a successful politician, people's support is a must. In democratic politics, people hold ultimate power and elect their representatives or reject them. So if I were a politician I would above all serve the people and use all my time and energy, knowledge and experience to improye their condition. I would never abuse my power and never wrongly use my position.


A real patriotic and dedicated politician can make history, by bringing smiles to thousands of suffering faces. Politicians make history. If I were a politician, I would try to do something noble to .be a part of history. I do not like cheap popularity. I would. only do the right thing. I know that right decision, right work and right outcome would crown me With success. And what would be more right than doing welfare to people as a politician.

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