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Without Clues for HSC (Upper Intermediate)

                                                             Without Clues Worksheet-5.0

HSC Examination -2019 all board questions

1.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2019]
We all know what a dream is. Generally we dream during our sleep. Some dreams are sweet or (a)---. When we dream something extremely bad, we call it a (b) ---Dreams have no (c) ---They are soft and (d) ---. The dream we have during the day time is called (e) ---, Dreams have fascinated philosophers for thousands of years, but none could (f) --- specifically what dream actually is. Dreams can be extraordinarily (g) ---or very vague. While many theories have been proposed no consensus has emerged. It is important to consider that science is still (h) ---the exact purpose and function of sleep itself. Some researchers suggest that dreams have no (i) ---purpose, while others believe that (j) ---is essential to mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

2.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Comilla Board-2019]
In recent years there have been many alarming reports that the world’s climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide (a) ---evidence (b) ---world’s temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global (c) ---is caused (d) ---increased amounts of carbon dioxide (e) ---the earth. Most climatologists (f) ---that greenhouse effect is the likely (g) --- of this global warming. It may harm human (h) ---seriously. This could catastrophically (i) ---mankind’s (j) ---  to grow food. 

3.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2019]

The persona of a traffic policeman has always been a (a) ---one. It has often found (b) ---space and close treatment in literature and other (c) ---. Besides the many poems about this (d) ---character, there is at least one (e) ---where the central character is a traffic policeman. In 1963, Greek filmmaker Filippos Fylaktas made this film (f) ---My Brother, the Traffic policeman. It featured a slightly (g) ---traffic police, Antonis Pikrocholos who is utterly (h) ---to service and duty and applies the traffic (i) ---with unyielding (j) —.

4.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Jashore Board-2019]

There goes a proverb that child is (a) ---of the man. Today’s child is the (b) ---of a nation. He will (c) — the country. The whole (d) — depends on their proper (e) —. It is our fundamental (f) —  to rouse their (g) — talent. A sound environment is (h) — both in the family and the society so that a child (i) — up physically, mentally and spiritually. Only then it will be (j) — to build up a beautiful and developed country.

5.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Sylhet Board-2019]

We know that all species are (a) — for maintaining ecological balance. If one is (b) —, the whole natural environment (c) —. In order to (d) — the environment from being spoilt, we should therefore protect (e) — wildlife. The good news is that many countries are now (f) — action to protect their (g) — wildlife. We should (h) — the earth’s wild (i) — to save ourselves. To be (j) — to animals is to be kind to mankind.

6.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Barishal Board-2019]

In Britain road and transport rules are (a) — followed by the drivers. Consequently it has the best road (b) — record in Europe. All transports must strictly (c) — by the rules (d) —by the government. Coaches and minibuses (e) — carry children under 16 must be (f) — with seat-belts. There the law (g) — agencies are (h) —. So, the buses and coaches have become the (i) — a form of the road (j) —.  


7.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chattogram Board-2019]

Adolescents (a) — on their (b) —, their communities, schools, health services and their workplaces to (c) — a wide range of skills that can (d) — them to cope with the (e) — they face and make a successful transition from (f) — to adulthood. Parents, members (g) — the community, service providers, and (h) — institutions have the (i) — to both promote adolescent development and adjustment and to intervene (j) — when problems arise.
8.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2019]
Diaspora is an age-old (a) —. In recent times, Rohingya (b) — has attracted a lot of attention. More than one million Rohingyas have (c) — from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Their migration is (d) — to the adverse conditions in Rakhine State of Myanmar–the ancestral homeland of the Rohingyas. The government of Bangladesh has (e) — this huge number of refugees on humanitarian (f) —. But these people are a huge (g) — on our economy and on our (h) —. The world community should extend their full support to the (i) — Rohingyas so that they can (j) — return to their homeland.

HSC Examination -2018 all board questions

9.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [HSC Exam-Ka Set-2018]

In our country, women are the worst sufferers in every stage of life. Social prejudices and customs tend to (a) — their position. When a female child is born. it is not regarded (b) — a happy event. She is not welcomed with the deep (c) — of heart. Instead of being delighted, most of the members of the family think that she has come to add to their (d) —. Even the mother of the female child is not welcomed cordially for giving (e) — to a female child. Rather the mother of the female child is (f) — for this. In most cases, women are the victim of gender (g) —. In fact, the life of our women is not smooth (h) — If we want lasting development of the country, we have to (i) — the dignified status of (j) — women of our country. The government is conscious of this matter. 

10.     Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [HSC Exam-Kha Set-2018]

Dream is a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Dream is a (a) — of unconscious wishes, thoughts and imaginations. It (b) — be sweet or horrible. When we dream (c) — pleasant, we call it a sweet dream. (d) — when we dream something extremely bad, we (e) — it a nightmare. Dream is meaningless if (f) — is a day dream. But dream has also (g) — real purpose as it is related to our (h) —, emotional and physical well-being. The main benefit (i) — dream is that it produces new thoughts (j) — ideas in brain and helps to clean up clutter from mind.

HSC Examination -2017 all board questions

11.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2017]

Rabindranath Tagore was a man of (a) — genius. He was (b) — a poet and a novelist (c) — a playwright, a composer, a painter and a philosopher. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for (d) — ‘Gitanjali’ into English. Those translations earned him a great (e) — in the West. As a humanist, Tagore accused the British (f) — and pleaded for the (g) — of India from Britain, Tagore was highly influential in (h) — the best of Indian culture to the West and Vice-versa. He (i) — himself to literature at a very early age. After coming back from England, he began to write (i) — in all branches of literature.  


12.     Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Cumilla Board-2017]

Bangladesh is a land of (a) — beauty. Its beauty is so captivating that a stranger cannot but be (b) — looking at this endless variety. Nature has (c) — showered its blessings on this country. The rivers, hills and forests are rich in natural (d) —. The people of this country feel a strong (e) — for their motherland. They love their motherland from the (f) — of heart. They work hard to (g) — its economic condition and to remove poverty. Most of them toil hard from dawn to dusk to accelerate the pace of (h) —. The progress of this country lies in the (i) — of common people. They are the (j) — of a beautiful and prosperous Bangladesh. 

13.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2017; Cumilla Board-2008,2015, Sylhet Board-2005]
Sincerity is the best way of achieving success. One can go a long way if one does anything with sincerity. People who are sincere in their work are (a) — of making anything successful. The great men are also sincere because they (b) — that sincerity is the (c) — to success. Those who are not (d) — can never (e) — a long way in the world. The poor people are not always sincere, because they do not know the (f) — of sincerity. If they knew it, they would (g) — good use of it. Sincerity (h) — _ not only to do work properly but also with dutifulness, honesty, modesty and good behaviour. The people of our country are not still (i) — of the (j) — of sincerity.

14.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Jashore Board-2017]

Beauty is easy to appreciate but difficult to define. As we look around, we discover beauty in (a) — objects and sights – in nature, in the (b) — of children, in the kindness of strangers. But asked to define, we run into (c) —. Does beauty have an independent objective identity? Is it (d) — or is it dependent on our sense (e) —? Does it lie in the (f) — of the beholder? Thus, we ask (g) —. However, poets, artists, philosophers and thinkers (h) — always in search of beauty in their works and arts. But most of them have a common opinion that where there is beauty, there is (i) — that is a thing of beauty is a joy (j) —.

15.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2004; Barishal Board-2017]

Many events of (a) — importance took place during the last century. Significant advances were made in the (b) — of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) — independence. The movement for democracy become (d) — in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e) — out in this century. It also witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (f) — as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. The Vietnam war and the Gulf war killed (g) — of innocent people. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an (h) — nation was a momentous event. After a bloody (i) — of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we hold our heads (j) — in the comity of nations.


16.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chittagong Board-2017]
There goes a proverb that child is (a) — of the man. Today’s child is the (b) — of a nation. He will (c) — the country. The whole (d) — depends on their proper (e) —. It is our fundamental (f) — to rouse their (g) — talent. A sound environment is (h) — both in the family and society so that a child (i) — up physically, mentally and spiritually. Only then it will be (j) — to build up a beautiful and developed country.


17.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2017; Rajshahi Board-2013]

Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are (a) — from time to time. Most of these events are (b) — by multinational manufacturing (c) — and business firms. They pay for the sports events in (d) — for the right to (e) — their products during those events. These events are (f) — worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them (g) —. As a (h)---, the sponsors’ products (i) — maximum media coverage. Thus sports help the (j) — of trade and commerce.

HSC Examination -2016 all board questions
18.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2016]

Hospitality has long been a part of our (a)---in Bangladesh. Although many other (b)--are changing now, people are still quite (c)-and friendly towards (d)-.They like speaking to foreigners even if they have not been (e) -. It is quite (f)- for Bangladeshis to ask personal (g)-about family, jobs and (h)-which visitors (i) from overseas might find (i). However, it should be understood that no harm is (j)--- by such questions. On the other hand, they express a genuine interest in the foreigner's state of affairs!

19.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap:[Rajshahi Board-2016;Dhaka Board-2007]

Television has become a (a)--- source of entertainment of the present world. A wide (b)—of programmes is (c) — on numerous channels. Almost every family has a television (d) — today. Television (e) — are not only entertaining, they can be highly (f) — too. For example, television is now (g) — used for distance learning. The courses (h) — by the open university are shown on BTV. Several channels like the Discovery Channels and the National Geographic Chanel telecast highly informative and (i) — programmes. However, watching TV (j) — is not permissible.


HSC Examination -2013all board questions

20.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2013, Dhaka Board-2011, Barishal Board-2009, Cumilla Board-2007; Dinajpur Board-2017]
Sports are a popular form of (a) —. Many international (b) — events are organised from time to time. Most of those events are (c) — by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They (d) — for the sports events in exchange for the right to (e) — their products during those events. These events are (f) — worldwide by satellite and people all (g) — the world watch them (h) —. As a result, the sponsors’ products receive maximum media (i) — thus giving companies international (j) —.


21.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Cumilla Board-2013, Sylhet Board-2006]
Air and water are two important (a)--- of the environment. These elements are (b) — for life on earth.  They are often (c)— in many ways. Air is polluted by (d) — If we want to live a (f) — life, and water by different kinds of (e) — and filth. We should (g) — the pollution of the environment. Total prevention may be (h) — but we can certainly (i)---  pollution by raising (j) — among the people.

22.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chattogram Board-2013, Barishal Board-2007]
Bangladesh is a land of (a)---. But nowadays the rivers are (b) ---up. So, (c) ---is an urgent necessity for our country now. The rivers carry (d) ---which makes the land (e) ---to grow crops. Besides, they supply us with plenty of (f) ---. During the dry season, we (g)–river water to the land. At present, the (h) ---of water causes a bad harvest. We can easily (i) ---the use and utility of the rivers in our life and (j---.

HSC Examination -2012 all board questions

23.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2014; Rajshahi Board-2012, 2008, Barishal Board-2008, Jashore Board-2003,2010; Chattogram Board-2009; Sylhet Board-2012]
Man pollutes water, another vital (a) — of the environment by  (b) — waste into it. Farmers (c) — chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. Some of these chemicals, washed away by rain and flood, (d) — mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds. Water is also (e) — by mills and factories when they throw their (f) — chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. Water vehicles also pollute rivers by dumping oil, food waste and human (g) — into them. Unsanitary latrines (h) — on the river and canal banks are also (i) — for further pollution. In this way, various (j) — of waste and filth contaminate water.


24.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Cumilla Board-2012, Dinajpur Board-2012, Chattogram Board-2006]
If we (a) — forests and cut (b) — trees, the effects might eventually (c) — us all. If forests (d) — into deserts, what will (e) — carbon dioxide? Then the weather pattern (f) — change and the world will become (g) —. This is called the greenhouse effect. As a (h) — of this effect the polar ice caps will (i) — and this will cause the flood of (j) — areas of the globe.

25.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chattogram Board-2012, Cumilla Board-2006]

Learning a language is (a) — riding a cycle. The most (b) — thing (c) — any language is communication. You learn to (d) — effectively by using a language, by doing things with it and by experiencing it. You (e) — learn English in the same (f) — as one learns to ride a cycle. Do not (g) — if people laugh at you (h) — you make (i) —. You can certainly learn (j) — mistakes.


HSC Examination -2011 all board questions

26.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap:[Jashore Board-2011]
Rose is a symbol of (a) —. I have a rose garden. The garden looks (b) — when the roses bloom. It (c) — sweet. The (d) — and fragrance of the rose attract all. I pluck roses from my garden (e) — our house (f) —. Nowadays many people (g) — roses. The (h) — of rose is profitable. So we should (f) — roses and only to earn money but also to (j) — our houses


27.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap:[Chattogram Board-2011]
Today women (a) — an important role in all spheres of life. They (b) — no longer within the four walls of their home. They have (c) — out of their kitchens and are (d) — with men in all the development programmes of the government. Many women have (e) — higher education and are (f) — as doctors, engineers, teachers, administrations, judge etc. They have been able to (g) — their worth. However, women still face (h) — discrimination. Many girls are married (i) — at an early age. Many never (j) — to school.


28.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2011]
Returning home can be very difficult. When people (a) — to their home countries, they often find many changes. The (b) — old streets may not look the same. People they remember may not (c) — them. If they go back to their own childhood house, the house may look very (d) —. It may (e) — small and cramped. One woman wrote that she returned to her (f) — and her house was gone. In its (g) —, there was a little, modern grocery shop. No one (h) — her. She was extremely (i) —. It is also possible to return to a place where everyone remembers you. That makes a person feel happy inside; at least you were not (j) —.


HSC Examination -2010 all board questions

29.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2010]
Language plays a very (a) — role in our life. We use language from the (b) — we wake up in the morning (c) — we go to bed at night. We use language not only during our (d) — hours but also in our dreams. We use language to (e) — what we feel and to say (f) — we like or dislike. We also use language to (g) — information. In short, language is (h) — present in our life. It is an (i) — part of what we do, (j) — and believe.


30.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2010, Cumilla Board-2009]

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is a (a) — city. It is a city (b) — traffic jam. A fly (c) — is built at Mohakhali with a view to (d) — the traffic jam. To solve this problem, traffic rules (e) — be enforced. Besides these drivers, passers-by and (f) — should honour and abide (g) — all rules (h) — making the city habitable. Otherwise our life (i) — remain (j) — stake.


31.     Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Comilla Board-2010, Rajshahi Board-2007, Dhaka Board-2005]

Modern life (a) — much on transport. We can very well (b) — how important transport is when it is (c) — by natural calamities or during socio-political crises. In fact, transport has made it (d) — for us to reach places previously (e) —. It has (f) — helped the flourish of trade and commerce and to (g) — new knowledge and ideas. (h) — transport has (i) — friendship and understanding among nations and people (j) — the globe.


32.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chattogram Board-2010]
It is happy news that the (a) — of adopting unfair means in the examination has been (b) — to a greater extent. Our students have now (c) — that passing in the examination is not the only goal of student life. But still this heinous (d) — has not been totally (e) —. When an examinee is caught copying in the examination there is nothing open to authority (f) — to (g) — him /her. This damages not only the concerned examinee but also (h) — a total loss to the whole family of that examinee So, our students must refrain themselves (i) — this bad practice. They should also remember that a building (j) — strong foundation must fall down either today or tomorrow.


33.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Sylhet Board-2010]
One day a fox was very (a) —. It was (b) — for some food to eat. But it could not manage any (c) —. At last, it became very (d) — and sat (e) — a tree. A crow was sitting on the tree with a (f) — of meat in its beak. The fox looked at the crow and (g) — the piece of meat. An idea came to its mind to (h) — the meat from the crow. The fox said loudly “(i) — a beautiful bird it is! But alas! the bird (j) — not sing.”

34.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Barishal Board-2010]
Electricity is (a) — a part of our every day (b) — that we rarely think twice about its importance and necessity. When we switch (c) — the light and the fan or turn on our television and computer, we enjoy (d) — blessing of electricity. Even when we turn off the bedside lamp and are fast asleep, (e) — remains working for us driving our fans, heating or cooling our rooms and running our refrigerators. Unfortunately, we (f) — enjoy the uninterrupted blessings of electricity. There is some (g) — in the generation (h) — electricity in Bangladesh. (i) —, load-shedding or suspension of the supply of electricity has (j) — a regular programme of the Power Development Board.

35.    Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap:[Dinajpur Board-2010] 

Everybody (a) — to live a happy and peaceful life. But what are the (b) — that can assure you of such a nice life? Naturally, people’s opinions are quite different on this point. The factors (c) — be money, power, security, honour, love, health, good family bondage, education, voluptuous pleasures etc.  Most people (d) — money alone can ensure all other elements (e) — for a happy life. It’s partly true. But if you (f) — stick to money, you may start running after money. But you cannot live in two rooms, cannot (g) — two persons’ food etc. at the (h) —  time. You should bear in (i) — that your necessity or desire has a limit. If you exceed the limit and run (j) — money with endless greed, you will be utterly ruined.

                   Without Clues Worksheet-5.0 Answer

1.    Answer: (a) romantic/pleasant (b) nightmare (c) colour (d) silvery (e) day-dream (f) define/say (g) vivid (h) unraveling (i) real (j) dreaming

2.    Answer: (a) strong (b) that (c) warming (d) by (e) around (f) believe/predict (g) cause (h) beings (i) reduce (j) ability

3.    Answer: (a) curious (b) important (c) arts (d) fascinating (e) movie (f) named (g) manic (h) devoted (i) code (j) severity

4.    Answer: (a) father (b) future (c) lead (d) country (e) development (f) duty/responsibility (g) hidden /latent (h) required (i) grow (j) possible

5.    Answer: (a) important (b) gone (c) suffers (d) protect (e) our/the (f) taking (g) vulnerable (h) protect/save (i) lives/ creatures/animals (j) kind

6.    Answer: (a) strictly/duly (b) safety (c) abide (d) prescribed/set (e) that (I) equipped/furnished (g) enforcing (h) strict (i) symbolic (j) road

7.    Answer: (a) depend (b) families (c) learn (d) help/assist (e) pressures/problems (f) childhood (g) of (h) social (i) responsibility (j) effectively

8.    Answer: (a) issue/matter/phenomenon (b) diaspora (c) fled/come/ migrated (d) due (e) accepted (f) ground (g) burden (h) environment (i) migrated (j) safely/easily

9.    Answer: (a) degrade (b) as (c) feeling  (d) suffering  (e) birth (f) condemned  (g) discrimination (h) at all /  (i) ensure  (j) all / the

10.    Answer: (a) representation (b) can/may (c) something (d) but (e) call (f) it (g) a (h) mental (i) of (j) and

11.    Answer: (a) Versatile (b) not only (c) but also (d) translating (e) popularity/ name (f) rulers (g) freedom (h) transporting (i) turned/attached (j) profusely/copiously

12.    Answer: (a) natural (b) overwhelmed (c) generously (d) beauty (e) love/attraction (f) core (g) develop (h) development (i) hands (j) makers

13.    Answer: a) sure/confident b) know c) key d) sincere e) go f) importance/value/significance g) made h) sincerely i) become j) surely

14.    Answer: pleasurable b) laughter c) difficulties d) universal e) perceptions f) eye g) questions h) are i) truth j) forever

15.    Answer: a) happened b) occurred c) for d) momentous e) occurred f) also g) emergence h) was i) bloody j) raise

16.    Answer: a) father; b) future; c) lead; d) nation; e) development; f) duty; g) hidden/latent; h) necessary; i) grow; j) possible

17.    Answer: a) organized; b) sponsored; c) companies; d) exchange; e) advertise; f) telecast; g) live; h) result; i) coverage; j) expansion

18.    Answer: (a) culture/tradition; (b) things; (c) polite; (d) foreigners; (e) introduced; (f) common/natural/ normal/usual; (g) questions/ information; (h) income; (i) awkward/ impolite/unusual/unnatural; (j) meant.

19.    Answer: a) common/ main /prime/ popular / vital /wonderful; b) range/number; c) telecast / televise/shown; d) set; e) programmes; f) educative/informative/instructive; g) being / widely / popularly / broadly /extensively /also/greatly; h) run/conducted; i) educative /useful/entertaining/interesting; j) is

20.    Answer: a) entertainment b) sports c) sponsored d) play e) advertise f) telecast g) over h) receive i) coverage j) recognition

21.    Answer: a) elements b) essential / important /necessary/vital c) polluted d) smoke e) waste/dirt f) healthy g) stop/reduce/control/check h) impossible/ difficult i) reduce / decrease /minimize /control/check j) awareness /consciousness

22.    Answer: a) rivers b) drying c) dredging d) silt e) fertile f) water g) carry h) scarcity i) make j) economy

23.    Answer: a) element; b) throwing; c) use; d) are/get; e) polluted; f) poisonous; g) waste; h) standing; i) responsible; j) kinds

24.    Answer: a) destroy; b) down; c) endanger / harm/affect; d) turn; e) absorb/reduce; f) will; g) warmer/hotter; h) result; i) melt; j) coastal/low-lying/huge

25.    Answer: a) like; b) important; c) of/about; d) communicate; e) can/may/should; f) way; g) hesitate; h) when/while; i) mistakes; j) through

26.    Answer: a) beauty; b) beautiful/nice; c) smells; d) colour; e) for/nicely; f) decoration; g) cultivate/grow; h) cultivation; i) grow/cultivate/plant; j) decorate/beautify

27.    Answer: a) play/perform; b) are/remain; c) come/got; d) working/serving/participating; e) received; f) working; g) prove; h) gender; i) off; j) go


28.    Answer: a) return/come back; b) very/familiar; c) recognize/know/identify; d) strange /unknown/ different; e) appear/seem/look; f) house; g) place; h) knew/recognized; i) shocked/sad/surprised; j) unwelcomed/forgotten

29.    Answer: a) important/vital/significant; b) moment/time; c) till; d) walking; e) express; f) what; g) exchange/get/obtain/collect; h) ever/always; i) inseparable/inevitable/important/indispensable; j) perceive

30.    Answer: a) populous/big/large; b) of; c) over; d) decreasing.easing; e) must/should; f) all/others; g) by; h) for; i) will; j) at

31.    Answer: a) depends; b) know/understand/realise/perceive; c) disrupted; d) possible/easier; e) impossible /difficult; f) also; g) gain/gather/acquire/earn/attain; h) besides/moreover; i) developed/promoted; j) around/across

32.    Answer: a) practice; b) checked/controlled; c) realised; d) crime/act; e) stopped/removed; f) but; g) punish; h) causes; i) from; j) without

33.    Answer: a) hungry; b) searching/looking; c) food; d) tired; e) under; f) piece; g) wanted; h) get/have; i) what; j) can

34.    Answer: a) now; b) life; c) on; d) the; e) electricity; f) can't; g) crisis; h) of; i) therefore; j) become

35.    Answer: a) wants/desires/likes/wishes; b) factors/things; c) may; d) think; e) essential/necessary; f) only; g) eat; h) same; i) mind; j) after

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