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How to write better English

                                       Writing assessment criteria


Your Writing is basically assessed based on four criteria:

  • Task Achievement (TA) = how well you answer the question. ...

  • Coherence and Cohesion (CC) = how well is your text structured. ...

  • Lexical Resource (LR) = how good is your vocabulary. ...

  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA) = how good is your grammar.

Task Response

In this criterion, the type of response that you write for the essay type question is determined. It assesses the main idea of your essay and the way you develop it with relative examples.

To score better:

  • pay attention to ALL issues in the essay question

  • write about the issues rather than just the general topic

  • answer the essay question with relevant main points

  • plan your supporting points so they don’t go off the topic

  • write required number of words


Coherence & Cohesion


This writing criterion determines the proper use of linking words, paragraphing skills and use of cohesive devices (for example, connectors, conjunctions) is determined.

Also, the number of paragraphs is taken into consideration. Dividing your essay into more or fewer paragraphs might lower your score.

To score better:

  • have either four or five paragraphs but not more and not less

  • this means you should have two or three body paragraphs only

  • have just one central topic in each body paragraph

  • organise your ideas logically

  • use a range of linking words

  • avoid errors in linking words



Lexical Resource

Under this criterion, the use of a sufficient range of vocabulary, proper spellings, correct implementation of collocations, and word formation are taken care of while scoring. You must avoid using wrong words and informal language.

To score better:

  • pay attention to collocations

  • paraphrase carefully to avoid errors

  • use a range of words appropriate for the topic

  • spell words correctly

  • avoid making errors

  • avoid using informal language


Grammatical Range & Accuracy


To score this criterion, things taken into consideration include sentence structures, proper use of tenses, putting right punctuations, use of simple as well as complex statements with clear ideas, and control over Grammar.

To score better:

  • use a wide range of grammatical structures

  • pay attention to word order in your sentences

  • use a range of sentence structures

  • use the correct punctuation

  • avoid errors in grammar

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