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                     REPORT WRITING

Report is a types of composition. Usually a report is written for newspaper or television.

There are several types of report

  1. Voluntary report- a person writes this kind of report by taking initiative by himself/herself.

  2. Authorized report- this type of reports is written by being told or authorized by someone else.

  3. Routine report-this type of report is written for newspaper or other media regularly on a specific topic.

  4. Special report- on any special situation this type of report is written.

  5. Internal report-   this type of report is written for any internal use by an organization

  6. External report- this type of report is written to let other people know what is going on in an organization. It is more formal than an internal report.

  7. Informational report- this report only concentrates on a specific information.

  8. Analytical report- in this type of report there might be analysis, explanation and conclusion on a topic.


How to write a good report

A report might be on incidents, events, occasions, ceremonies or festivals.


Format of writing a report




Name, Place, Date:

Introductory paragraph/Lead



Main Body







 Criteria for writing report

  1. A report might be written in several paragraphs

  2. It should be written in easy and lucid language

  3. A writer will describe what really has happened

  4. You can include what you have heard, seen or done

  5. It should be written in  formal impersonal style.

  6. The heading of the report should be attractive and catchy.

  7. In introduction or lead you should write about time, place and necessary information about the event/incident. Basically introduction gives the answers of Who, where, when, what, and why.

  8. In the main body you should give the detail description of the event/incident in one or more paragraphs.

  9. In the ending or concluding portion the views of the people or taken initiatives might be included.



What you should do

  1. Give sufficient information

  2. You should not give your own opinion in the report

  3. To include the opinions of the people you can use passive voice, direct/indirect speech.

  4. Don’t use a word or phrase repeatedly .




An example


                                                                  A Devastating Fire at Agrabad

Staff Correspondent, Chittagong, 12April 2021: A devastating fire broke out at midnight at Agrabad completely gutting the house of a local businessman.


It is learnt from the locals that the fire originating from the kitchen, engulfed the adjoining rooms including the dwelling room. Hearing the hue and cry of the domestic help, the inmates of house woke up and somehow managed to save their lives leaving all the belongings that were burnt to ashes. Three persons sustained serious burn injures and properties worth Tk 5 lakh were damaged when a fire broke out at a house. Sources said the fire originated in the kitchen from a gas burner at about 11.30 pm and soon engulfed the house injuring three members of the house. All the inmates of the house were sleeping when the fire broke out. On information, fire brigade came to the spot and extinguished the fire within two hours. The injured were identified as Solaiman Ali, 55, his son Sohel, 17 and seven-year old nephew Raju. Neighbours took them to Chiitagong Medical College Hospital. As the condition of Raju was deteriorating, he was immediately shifted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for better treatment.

 However, the local people rushed to the spot but failed to bring the fire under control. On information, the fire fighters came to the spot and succeeded in extinguishing the blaze with the help of the people after two hours of frantic efforts. Some people sustained injuries while trying to douse the fire. The extent of loss caused by the fire was estimated at taka ten lakh.

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