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about your school (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

A letter to your friend about your school .

April 10, 2021

Mirpur, Dhaka

My dear ‘Abid’,

Your sweet note has anchored the shore of my heart. In it you have mentioned about your school. I wish I could visit your school once. I feel very much delighted to tell you about my school. Well, here it is.

Our school is situated in the centre of the city. The name of my school is .......................... .

. It is a boys’ school. I am fortunate enough to study in such a school because it is one of the biggest and most famous schools in our town. It has an area of 4 acres. There are three buildings and a large field in our school. I should say that we are lucky to have ample space both classes and at field. The buildings house the classrooms, the laboratories, the teachers’ lounge and the office. We also have a canteen in one building. In the field we have space for hide and seek and handball.

Our school remains very busy all through the day. The morning shift begins at 8 in the morning and runs till 12 in the afternoon with a break at 10 o’clock. The day shift starts at 12.30 in the afternoon and continues till 4.30 with a break at 2.30. We have about two thousand and five hundred students in 25 sections of 10 classes. In class nine we have 8 periods everyday. The teachers of our school are very friendly with us. We can depend on our teachers not only for study matters but also for matters related to our other interests. Some of them run activity clubs in school. Among these, debate club, musical club are remarkable. The recreational clubs also arrange musical programme, drama etc. Besides they regularly participate in different indoor and outdoor games. There are some other extra-curricular activities clubs, such as B.N.C.C, Girl’s Guide, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society. Most of the students join in all these clubs and can learn many other things which they don’t get in their text books.

In short I can tell you that studying in this school is a great experience. Along with the regular study we can develop our other abilities as well. This is all for today. Please write to me soon. With best wishes.

Yours ever,


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