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informing about your health (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to your mother informing about your health.

April 10, 2021

School Hostel

Dorm No: 2

My dear Mother,

I received your sweet note this morning and I appreciate your concern for my health. Please don't worry, as I'm doing just fine. I'm managing my daily routine smoothly, and I haven't experienced any health issues.

Let me share with you my health routine. I wake up early in the morning and take a brisk walk. Then, I start my daily tasks. In the afternoon, I spend about an hour and a half playing. I make sure to stick to regular meal times, including breakfast and tea. I always drink boiled water and avoid eating out at hostels or restaurants. I strive to maintain a balanced diet consistently. To stay healthy, I follow hygiene rules diligently, especially cleanliness and neatness.

I hope this note eases your worries about me. Please keep me in your prayers.

Give my regards to Father and send my love to Ryan.

With love,

Your caring son,


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