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Female Education (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 9

Paragraph Writing

Female Education

Female education is an indispensable component of the holistic advancement of any nation. Given that half of a country's population is female, failing to educate and employ women is detrimental to any nation's success. Consequently, female education is an urgent need of the present era. For a long time, women were constrained to domestic chores and lacked access to education due to prejudice, ignorance, superstition, social backwardness, discrimination, and obstruction by fundamentalists. However, attitudes have since changed, and women are gradually gaining access to education. Despite this progress, a significant proportion of women are still falling behind in terms of education. This state of affairs is alarming because satisfactory development is unattainable without the education of women.As Napoleon Bonaparte astutely noted, "Give me an educated mother, and I will give you an educated nation." This remark encapsulates the importance of female education. Women need education for various reasons, including being an informed citizen, an active member of society and the family, a good mother or wife, and achieving self-reliance. Moreover, educated women have higher income potential than those without schooling. Despite the prevalent view that women are inferior to men, this is an erroneous perception. Besides the biological difference, a girl possesses every capacity to succeed in life and work, just like her male counterparts. Educated women are aware of their rights, responsibilities, and duties.Therefore, it is crucial to take every necessary step to create an environment that encourages the education of women. Parents should be motivated to send their daughters to school, and the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should support the education of girls to enable them to become educated and contribute significantly to the nation's development.



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Female Education

Female education is crucial for the progress of any nation. Ignoring the education and employment opportunities of half the population can hinder a country's development. In the past, women faced many obstacles to education due to societal biases and discrimination. However, things are changing, and more women now have access to education. Yet, there is still a gap between men and women in terms of education. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Give me an educated mother, and I will give you an educated nation." This shows how important female education is. Women need education to be active members of society, good mothers or wives, and financially independent. Educated women also have better job opportunities and can contribute more to the economy. Despite some people thinking women are not as capable as men, this is not true. Women have the same potential for success. Education helps women understand their rights and responsibilities. To improve female education, parents should be encouraged to send their daughters to school, and the government and NGOs should support girls' education. By investing in female education, countries can make progress and ensure a brighter future for everyone.

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Female Education: A great stride towards development

Female education is very essential for the overall development of a nation. More or less half of the population of a country is female. Leaving the female uneducated and unemployed, no nation can prosper. That’s why female education has been a crying need of the day. Once women were confined within the four walls of the house and were used to doing only household chores. At that time, they were deprived of the light of education because of the prejudice, unconsciousness, superstition, social backwardness, prejudiced outlook, social barrier, obstacle by the fundamentalists and so on. But now it has changed a lot and women are getting educated gradually. In our country about 7 crore people are women out of 14 crore in total. But most of the women are lagging far behind in education. The rate of female literacy is about 20%. This rate of female literacy is alarming because without their education, our satisfactory development is impossible. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation”. From this line we can easily realise the importance of female education. Women need to be educated for different reasons. To be a conscious citizen of the country, to be an active member of the family and society, to be a good mother or wife and to lead a self-reliant better life, a woman should be educated properly. Besides, educated women have higher income potential than those who have had no schooling. Many people consider women inferior to men. But it is their wrong concept. Except the biological difference, a girl has every capacity to work and to achieve high position in life as a man can. An educated woman is conscious of her duties, rights and responsibilities. So, we should take every necessary step to ensure an environment to educate our female force. Parents ought to be encouraged to send their daughters to school. The govt. and NGO’s should patronise the education for girls in order that they can be educated and can play a vital role in the development of our country.


Female education

Education is the birth right of everybody. It makes a harmonious development of one’s mental faculties. So, facilities for education should be held open to everybody. In this respect, no discrimination should be made between man and woman. In fact, education must be universal. Some people are opposed to female education. They opine that women are intellectually inferior to men. So they are mainly meant for hearth and home. They should deal with the kitchen. They should perform the household duties, bring up the children and yield comforts to their male partner. On the whole, their duties are totally confined to the inner apartment. The arguments stated above do not hold water. It is true that they have some special tasks to perform inside the household. But these special tasks also cannot be properly done by an uneducated woman. An educated husband cannot put up with an uneducated partner. An uneducated mistress is not in a position to do her household duties in sound lines. It is impossible for an uneducated mother to bring up their children in an appropriate manner. We can expect the women to acquit themselves well even in their special tasks only when they are given proper education. Women are found equal to men in all respects except in physical strength. The question of their intellectual inferiority lays bare a negative answer. So there should not be any distinction between men and women in respect of education. Many women are now successfully competing with men in many active branches of life. Thus there cannot be any ground to deprive women of the benefits of education. Women also have their social responsibilities. Half of the people of our co untry are women. No development can be brought about in our society without participation of half of its members. And development work cannot be carried out successfully with uneducated women. Thus our women should be educated at the earliest. It may be advisable to modify the old system of education for our girls. Subject like Home Economics, Domestic Science, Cooking, Sewing and Nursing should be included in their course of study. It is a good sign that there is a general awakening among the women. The United National Charter provides for removal of discrimination between men and women. The women of our countries are also coming out of their domestic walls and working side by side with men in every walk of life. Our government is making all-out efforts to pave the way for female education in our country. We should remember that education is one of the fundamental rights of everybody male or female.

The Importance of Female Education

Female education is the precondition of the development of a nation. Both men and women are the members of a society. So it is true that both men and women should receive proper education in order to build up a happy and progressive society. Education is the back bone of a nation. It is compared to light and focus of a society. No development and progress is possible without proper and true education. Without proper education a society or a nation is deaf. dump and blind. About half of the population of our country is female. Only education can make women conscious of their rights and duties. So female education is a must. A mother is the best teacher of their.children. In all advanced countries majority of school and college teachers are women. Generally they are more friendly, careful and laborious than men. In the meantime the government of Bangladesh has introduced stipend for female students which encourage female students to get proper education. By getting proper education women can learn well about child care, sanitation. the value of family planning and the rules of health. An educated woman can also play an important role in improving national economy like a man. All necessary and proper steps should be taken to encourage female education for the betterment of our country. Finally. Napoleon says, "Give me an educated mother; I shall give you an educated nation.

The Importance of Female Education

The importance of female education is a pressing issue in developing countries today. As members of a civilized society, we recognize that a nation's strength lies in the education of all its citizens. Neglecting the education of females hinders a nation's prosperity. Education is a basic human right, and while progress has been made in increasing female education rates, especially in urban areas, rural regions still lag behind. Social prejudices in rural areas often discourage parents from sending their daughters to school. Early marriages and family restrictions further impede girls' education. Poverty, illiteracy, and social biases are significant barriers as well. However, it's essential to recognize that educated women play crucial roles in a country's development. As future mothers, they influence the upbringing and education of future generations. To address these challenges, the government has implemented various initiatives such as providing stipends, meals, and learning materials to encourage female education. Additionally, free education for girls up to graduation has been introduced. These efforts are crucial in overcoming the obstacles faced by female students.

Composition / Essay Writing

Female Education

Female education is a vital aspect of a nation's overall progress. With half of the population being female, neglecting their education and employment opportunities can severely hamper a country's advancement. Thus, prioritizing female education is essential in today's world.

For a long time, women faced numerous barriers to education due to societal biases, ignorance, superstitions, and discrimination. However, attitudes have gradually shifted, and more women now have access to education. Yet, there remains a significant gap in educational attainment between men and women, posing a serious challenge to development.

As Napoleon Bonaparte wisely observed, "Give me an educated mother, and I will give you an educated nation." This statement underscores the crucial role of female education. Women need education to become informed citizens, active participants in society and family life, nurturing mothers or spouses, and financially independent individuals. Educated women also have greater earning potential, contributing to economic growth.

Despite misconceptions about women's capabilities, they possess the same potential for success as men. Education empowers women by making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and duties.

Therefore, it is imperative to create an environment that promotes female education. Parents should be encouraged to prioritize their daughters' education, and governments and NGOs must provide support to ensure girls have access to quality education. By investing in female education, nations can unlock the full potential of their population and achieve sustainable development.

                                                                    FEMALE EDUCATION

Introduction: Education means mental and moral training. It is the light that clears off the darkness of ignorance from our mental horizon. It opens wide to our vision the vastness of God’s creation and enables us to think about the merciful Creator of this universe. It is a blessing. It ensures a perfect and harmonious development of our innate qualities and makes us worthy of the name ‘Ashraful Makhlukat’.

Education should be universal: Education is a light to which everybody has the equal right. When God created man and woman, he drew no hard and fast line of distinction between them. He endowed them all equally with the bright and noble faculties. So education cannot be an exclusive possession of any class or sect or sex. So God made the pursuit of knowledge compulsory for every man and woman. So education should be universal. It should be imparted to both man and woman, who form one-half of the population. They should not be refused the benefits of education.

View against female education: there are, however, some people who are strongly opposed to the female education. They say that it is useless to impart education to women whose duties are confined to household affairs, rearing of children and ministering to the comforts to their male partners.

Reasons for educating women: It is true that women have many special tasks in life and their spheres of duties are different from those of men. But we should remember that these tasks also need training and education. Unless women get proper education, all their prospective faculties get crippled. It is only by imparting proper education to them that we can expect them to discharge the duties nicely and decently. Secondly, education of children depends a great deal upon mothers. Childhood is the most impressionable stage and anything good or bad, taught to child makes an indelible mark on his mind. Can we have educated and ideal citizens when the mothers themselves are foolish and ignorant? No, we cannot. Thirdly, every woman is a potential mother. The future of a child depends on how it is brought up and educated in childhood. An educated mother is naturally expected to bring up and educate her children better than an uneducated mother. Fourthly, social responsibilities should also be shared by men and women. In domestic life a woman can lend a helping hand to her husband. When a husband returns home extremely tired after the day’s hard toil in the outside world, it is for her to cheer him up and to make his life easy and comfortable. She serves as the best and truest friend and her words go a long way towards influencing her husband for what is good and noble. These are the strongest points in favour of female education. However, opinions may differ in respect of the nature of education to be imparted to women.

Traditional system of education for girls to be changed: Our main subject is to educate our women systematically and carefully. By education we do not mean the winning of different Degrees of the university. The traditional system of education for girls should be changed. Cooking, sewing, Child rearing, Home Economics and Nursing should be introduced in the curriculum of their studies. Some are under the impression that education makes women foppish, weak and quite incapable of discharging their domestic duties. But they must know what makes them so is not education at all.

Early marriage should be abolished: early marriage is one of the hindrances to female education in our country. It is a custom among the Muslims to get their daughters and sisters married before they attain puberty. They are married before they understand well their duties as wives and often they become mothers before they pass their girlhood. So the system should by all means be abolished from our society.

Conclusion: All steps necessary should be taken to encourage universal female education for the survival of our nation. It is heartening to note that the Government has recently declared free and compulsory education for rural girls upto class VIII.

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