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Insufficient water supply (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about insufficient water supply in your locality.

25 March 2024

The Editor

The Independent



I would greatly appreciate it if you could publish the following lines in the esteemed columns of your newspaper.

Yours faithfully,

Aminul Hoque

(on behalf of the residents of Rampura, Dhaka)

Insufficient Water Supply

We, the residents of Rampura, have been grappling with water scarcity for a considerable period. Officially, 25 percent of our water supply has been cut, causing significant inconvenience. With the onset of summer, the demand for water has intensified. People require water for drinking, bathing, and even basic household chores like washing clothes. Unfortunately, due to the shortage, many are unable to bathe daily, and washing clothes has become a challenge. This scarcity has made life exceedingly difficult.

Residents are forced to queue up at roadside taps in hopes of accessing water, but most of these taps are non-functional. With no alternative sources available, the situation is dire. Without immediate intervention, there is a risk of disease outbreaks. We implore the relevant authorities to take urgent measures to address our concerns and restore regular water supply.


Aminul Hoque

(on behalf of the residents of Rampura, Dhaka)

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