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house you live in and whether you are happy (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to your friend describing the type of house you live in and whether you are happy or not living in such a house.



08-03-2021 My Dear ‘A’

Your letter of the 2nd instant reached me only yesterday. Going through your letter, I came to know about your mingled feeling regarding the house you live in. Now let me describe my one.

As I feel, a house is a bare necessity to live a decent and enjoyable life. Without a house to live in, no man, in whatever station he might be placed, can be happy. Rabindranath, the great poet, felt the need of a house as is expressed in his poem ‘Asha’. I am a social being and I live in a healthy society with good neighbours. My house is a one-storeyed bungalow pattern house, situated in an open place with good space on all sides. It has as many as eight rooms --- three bed rooms for the member of the house and one for guests, one reading room, one store room, one drawing room and one dining room. The reading room is furnished with glass-fitted almirahs containing books on different subjects and arranged in rows on all sides with a good space in the middle. In the centre of the reading room a table is placed with chairs on all sides. The drawing room of my house is furnished with comfortable modern furniture. Some wall pictures, photographs and handiworks will be hung from the walls. The rooms are simple and arranged in different ways. Two bathrooms with sanitary facilities and a kitchen are at a considerable distance from the bedrooms because smoke and damp are not congenial to health. The chief attraction of my house is a flower garden with plants of various seasonal flowers and with a wide and circular green lawn in the middle. The garden looks very beautiful and adds to the charm of the homestead. In the garden we sometimes pass our leisure time. The path that leads out of my house is beautified with evergreen trees planted on both sides. The house is always kept neat and clean. This is my house where I live in. I am really happy to live in such a house where I get a happy healthy and enjoyable life. The house gives me an environment to have a sound mind in a sound body, fit for work, mental and physical. In fact it has taught me more than a school or an academy.

I think you will be pleased having the description of my residence. That’s all for today. Hope you are in sound health and joyful time. With good wishes.

Yours ever,


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