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historical mosque / Shat Gambuj Mosque (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to your friend telling him / her about your visit to a historical mosque.




My Dear ‘Abid’

Your sweet note anchored my heart. I am getting on well with my studies. Today I am going to write to you about the excursion which we have recently made from our school. Our school authority has decided to make a short trip to Bagerhat. Accordingly we did it.

It is a place of historical in Bangladesh. By train I reached Bagerhat. I hired a rickshaw and went to visit the Shat Gambuj Mosque. During our visit to that historical place, we have come to know about many interesting things. The mosque was built in 1440 by Khan Jahan Ali, a preacher of Islam. The area of Shat Gambuj Mosque is very big. The mosque is beautifully decorated with terracota flowers, foliage and plain architecture. It stands on sixty pillars. It was 77 domes instead of 60 domes. The inside walls are very thick and flowers are painted on it. It is a work of great art and engineering skill of the period. There is a prayer house which is beautifully decorated. I also visited the largest tanks known as Dargadighi and Ghoradighi near the mosque. I was wondered at the sight of all these activities of human beings in the days long past. I think this description will tempt you to pay a visit the place.

No more today. Please write to me soon. With love.

Yours ever,


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