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For introducing the computer course (Letter, Application & Email Writing)




Write an application to the Principal of your college praying for introducing the computer science/ computer course in your college.

January 10, 2021

The Principal

Hobigonj Bindha Bon Govt. College,

Hobigonj, Bangladesh.

Subject : Prayer for introducing the computer course.


With due respect and humble submission, I, on behalf of the students of our college, beg to state that ours is an old and ideal college in the district. It has earned a good reputation all over the country for good results and standard education. -More than 2000 students both male and female are studying here. We enjoy almost all modern academic facilities in our college. To-day is the age of computer which is known as an electric brain. Computer is one of the greatest gifts of modern science. It has brought about a radical change in our life. It has tremendously conquered diseases, the space, the sea, time and distance. Modern life can not be thought of even a few minutes without the blessing of computer. It is expected  that computer will do all human brain works in future. To keep pace with the outside world, we must learn computer well.

Computer course has already been introduced in many colleges in our country. But we are deprived of this facility. So many students of our college are very much interested in studying on computer science.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly take proper steps to introduce computer science in our college from the next academic year so that (Vs) we can gain

perfect knowledge on computer to shine in life by studying on Computer


I remain , Sir,

Yours obediently,

Md. Rafiqul Islam,

Class : XI,

On behalf of the students of

Hobigonj Bindha Bon Govt. College,

Hobigonj, Bangladesh.

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