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For electrification in our village/ locality (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write an application to the U.N.O. praying for electrification in your locality.

20 June, 2021

The U.N.O.

4shugonj Upazila,

B. Baria.

Subject : Prayer for electrification in our village/ locality.


I, on behalf of the inhabitants of village Bahadurpur under your Upazila, beg most respectfully to state that ours is an old and big village. About ten thousand people live here. The village is rich in cultural activities and education. There are a good number of educational institutions, apost office, a branch of an Agricultural Bank, a branch of a Grameen Bank and a charitable dispensary in our village. But it Is a great regret that still our village has not been brought tinder Rural Electrification Programme In this modern age electricity is a tithing force. Modern life can not be thought of without electricity which is a great of modern science. So our villagers are deprived of comfortable and easy life. Besides, they can not enjoy various interesting and educative programmes on television screen for want of electricity but today television is a great source of enjoyment and So, the supply of electricity is a must in our village immediately.

On behalf of all the residents, I request you to take action to electrify  our village as soon as possible. We would be very grateful to you.


Best Regards

Mohamad Sharif

On behalf of

The inhabitants of Bahadurpur

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