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Experiences of night safari (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Imagine that you are Neela. You went on the night safari tour and had wonderful experiences. Now write a letter to one of your friends telling her thrilling experience you had during the tour.

5th Janurary, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.

Dear ‘A’,

I received your letter timely. You wanted to know about my experiences visiting Singapore. I have enjoyed and experienced a lot of things. You know I went on night safari there arranged by a tourist company. Today I am writing to you about that.

The journey started at 6:30 pm. It took three and a half hours and cost me S$40. In the zoo, I saw many nocturnal animals which started moving for hunting at dusk. Using the faint lighting we could watch the animals without disturbing them. In the zoo there were 1200 animals from 110 exotic species. Tigers, striped hyenas, golden jackals, cape buffaloes, blue sheep and the rare grater one-horned rhinoceros were remarkable. The total voyage covered an area of 40 hectares of secondary jungle. Riding a tram, I arrived at the zoo and discovered large grounds. At the end of the ride, I enjoyed a sumptuous international buffet dinner in the midst of nature. After dinner I took a leisurely walk and took a closer look at the animals. It was a memorable experience for me to watch tigers and hyenas feasting upon antelopes. Really the journey gave me ample scope to enjoy the beauty of Nature from a closer view. The evening breeze, the setting sun and peace and quietness of the Nature --- all were wonderful experiences to enjoy. After the journey we, at length came back to our starting point and my memorable visit to Night Safari came to an end.

This is all for today. I think this will somewhat satisfy your curiosity about my visit. I will write more in the next letters. With best wishes.

Yours ever,


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