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early rising (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Write a letter to your younger brother/sister the value/ utility of early rising/walking early in the morning.

5th Janurary, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.

My dear Bakul,

Thanks a lot from the core of heart for your sweet note. Hope you are getting well with your studies. I am also fine. I have come to know that you do not rise early at morning. Really, I am very sad hearing this. Now I am telling you about the utility of rising early at morning.

There is a wise saying, 'Early to bed and early to rise makes a person happy, wise and wealthy,' It is admitted that sound health is the root of all happiness. The precondition of sound health is rising early. Rising early is one of the best forms of exercise, Our body is like an engine. An engine easily gets rust without regular service. Similarly, a person easily gets sick without rising early. Only an early riser can get enough time to finish his lessons or work in time. He leads a happy life. On the other hand, a late riser is always unhealthy and makes a poor result. So you must rise early regularly in order to be successful in your life. No more today.

With my best wishes to you.

Yours loving brother,


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