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Bad effects of smoking (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Suppose, you came to know that your friend has addicted to smoking. Smoking is a dangerous thing. It causes many diseases.

Now, write a letter to your friend describing the bad effects of smoking and to avoid the same immediately.

5th January, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.

My dear Rahad,

I hope this letter finds you well. It's been quite some time since we last communicated, and I must admit, your prolonged silence has left me feeling quite disheartened. I would greatly appreciate it if you could write to me more frequently; hearing from you would bring me much joy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Rahim, who shared with me some concerning news about your habit of smoking cigarettes. As someone who respects your intellect and awareness, I feel compelled to address this matter with you. Smoking is a habit with grave consequences, and I trust that you understand the harmful effects it can have on your health.

It's essential to recognize that smoking not only damages our lungs gradually but also impairs cognitive function, morality, and longevity. Many individuals are unaware of the full extent of its detrimental effects, which can include severe conditions such as cancer, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. Therefore, I urge you to prioritize your well-being and consider giving up smoking altogether to safeguard your precious life.

Remember, no one is born a smoker, and with determination and effort, you can break free from this habit. I sincerely hope that you will take this advice to heart and choose to prioritize your health and longevity.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please convey my warm regards to your parents, and I send my love to you all.

Yours ever,


Write a letter to your younger brother describing him the bad effects of smoking.

5th Janurary, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.


My dear ‘S’,

I received your letter of the 3rd instant. I was glad to learn that you are taking necessary preparation for the ensuing annual examination. But at the same time I was very sorry to know from father’s letter that you have recently been addicted to smoking at such a young age. Don’t you think how shocking it would be for us? I am sure that you are too considerate to understand the bad effects of smoking. Smoking can be dreadful as poison. There is a poison like nicotine in it. Only a single puff of cigarette smoke contains 15 billion injurious particles! Its nicotine, carbon monoxide, benzopyrene and other several elements can ruin your life. Smoking causes lungs cancer, bronchitis, heart disease and other respiratory diseases. It can be said that smoking is as like as committing suicide.

So, I earnestly request you to give up this habit in no time. I do believe, you will give up smoking altogether from the moment you receive this letter. I like to see you a studious boy aloof from all bad habits. Tender my best regards to parents. With love.

Affectionately yours,





Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking.

5th Janurary, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.


Dear ‘S’,

Take my very best wishes in the beginning of the letter. I was very glad to hear about your brilliant result in the annual examination but on the contrary I became very disappointed when I came to know that you have recently adopted a dangerous habit, you have been addicted to smoking.

Dear brother, you can’t even imagine how dangerous smoking is! It is no less harmful than poison. It contains nicotine which can cause lungs cancer, bronchitis, heart disease etc. it ruins the vitality of life and hastens death. It is a fact that smoking is like committing suicide. That is why; I would like to advise you to give up smoking without any more delay. I do believe you can easily give up this bed habit if you are determined enough.

No more today. Tender my best regards to parents. With love and best wishes, Your elder brother


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