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21st February / International Mother Language Day this year (Letter, Application & Email Writing)

Updated: May 12

Write a letter to a mother how you celebrated/observed the 21st February / International Mother Language Day this year.

5th Janurary, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.


My Dear Mother,

I have received your letter timely. Mum, today I am giving you a description of celebration of 21st February / International Mother Language Day this year.

This year the programme arranged by our school authority was a grand one. Early in the morning many of the students gathered in the school compound. We, organised by our teachers made a rally towards the Saheed Minar. There we offered wreathes and bouquets. Then we came back to school ground. Before we had a plan to arrange a cultural function and accordingly we started it. Some girls inaugurated the programme by singing the song ‘Amar bhaiyer rakte rangano Ekushe February ...’. After that our honourable teacher, Mr. Hasan very beautifully narrated the history of the Language Movement Day. He also let us know the efforts and ultimate declaration of the International Mother Language Day. Mr. Nasiruddin, the Headmaster of our school discussed on the importance of the International Mother Language Day in the national life of Bangladesh. Then started the reciting competition composed by the young poets. The second part of the programme was arranged by different songs composed by the established poets and lyricists. The full audience made the pin-drop silence as some famous new and old singers were performing with superb melody. The third phase of the programme started with a one-act play. At the end it was greeted by an applause. Indeed the day was celebrated with due solemnity.

This is all for today. Best regards to you and father. Love to Ryan.

Your loving son,


Write a letter to a mother how you celebrated/observed the 21st February / International Mother Language Day this year.

5th January, 2022

15, Chanmari Road

Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.

My Dearest Mother,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am writing to share with you the wonderful celebration of the 21st of February, International Mother Language Day, that took place at our school this year.

The festivities began early in the morning as students from all classes gathered in the school compound. Together with our teachers, we formed a vibrant rally that marched towards the Shaheed Minar. There, amidst a solemn atmosphere, we laid wreaths and offered bouquets in tribute to the language martyrs. The significance of the moment was not lost on any of us.

Upon returning to the school grounds, we commenced a cultural program that had been meticulously planned. The event opened with a stirring rendition of "Amar bhaiyer rakte rangano Ekushe February..." by some of our talented classmates. Following this, our esteemed teacher, Mr. Hasan, eloquently narrated the history of the Language Movement Day and shed light on the global recognition of International Mother Language Day.

Next, our beloved Headmaster, Mr. Nasiruddin, emphasized the importance of this day in the fabric of our nation's identity. The program continued with a recitation competition featuring compositions by young poets, which showcased the depth of our literary heritage. The second segment featured performances of songs penned by renowned poets and lyricists, accompanied by melodies that stirred our souls.

The climax of the event was a captivating one-act play that left the audience spellbound. The actors delivered powerful performances that resonated with the spirit of the day, and the play received thunderous applause as it concluded.

Overall, the day was marked with solemnity and reverence, paying homage to the sacrifices made for our mother language. It was a celebration that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

With warmest regards to you and father, and give my love to Ryan.

Your loving son,


Write a letter a pen friend describing your observance of ‘International Mother Language Day’.

5th January, 2022




Dear Smith,

Your sweet note has just anchored the shore of my heart. Meanwhile, you have come to know that the 21st February has been declared as the ‘International Mother Language Day’ by UNESCO. It is indeed a great pride for us, the Bangalees. The declaration by UNESCO has transformed a national event into an international one, and we, being the Bangladeshis, feel honoured and also consider it as a mark of great prestige. This year the nation celebrates the day in high esteem. The day has also been observed in our school with great enthusiasm. I am now going to write all about this.

On the day an attractive function was observed in our school campus to mark this glorious recognition. The ‘Provat Feri’ (an act of singing awakening songs in procession through the streets of a town or village), waving of natural flag, placing floral wreathes at the ‘Saheed Minar’ (the memorial of the martyrs), discussion, poetry reciting and lyrical drama were the part of the programme.

At 6 o’clock students gathered at the foot of the memorial with bouquet of flowers at hand. The Headmaster of the school hoisted the national flag. At 8 o’clock the discussion started and some of our honourable teachers took part in the discussion. The speakers hinted on the importance of the day and they emphasized its influence on our national life. Then started the poetry recitation programme composed by the participants themselves. The students of the school took part in it. Lyrical drama called “Ekush Jugay Jugay” (Ever lasting Twenty First) performed by a cutural group was the most interesting part of the total programme. They tried to glorify those valiant sons of the country who one day sacrificed their own lives to establish the right of the language. At last our Headmaster, who presided over the function paid thanks to UNESCO authorities again. Then he declared the programme end by taking vows to implement the dreams of those martyrs and giving thanks to everybody. Thus the programme came to an end. This is all for today. Hope to hear from you.

With love and best wishes.

Sincerely yours,


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