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Street Children / Tokai  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Street Children/Tokai 

The children who live in the street are called street children. Street children are familiar figure in our country. The street children or the tokais are he abandoned children of their parents. Street children live a very miserable life. They do not have any particular residence. They do not get any proper food or health care like the familial ones. They pass the whole day wandering here and there in search of food. They can not get a square meal a day. Many of them work as child labours while others works as garbage collectors, porters and rickshaw pullers. Sometimes they are found sleeping in the market places at night. They do not get a square meal a day let alone any education or health care. Street children are a major problem of our country specially in our towns. They commits various crimes like stealing, mugging, pick pocketing etc. Everybody should come forward to resolve this problem. The rich people can help these rootless children with food, healthcare and abode. The government can take steps to train these children with some vocational and practical hand skills to engage themselves in jobs. Thus the street children should be given scopes to come out of their miserable and inhuman lives. Street Children/Tokai Street children, often referred to as "tokais," are a familiar sight in our country. These are children who live on the streets and have been abandoned by their parents. Their lives are incredibly challenging and filled with misery. Unlike most children, they lack a stable residence and access to proper food and healthcare. Street children spend their days wandering aimlessly in search of food, and many of them are unable to secure a square meal each day. Some of them are forced to work as child laborers, while others take on jobs like collecting garbage, working as porters, or pulling rickshaws. At night, they can sometimes be found sleeping in marketplaces.Sadly, these children not only lack basic necessities like food, education, and healthcare, but they are also exposed to various dangers. Many resort to criminal activities such as stealing, mugging, and pickpocketing to survive.Addressing the issue of street children is a significant challenge in our country, particularly in urban areas. To tackle this problem, it requires collective efforts. Wealthy individuals can contribute by providing food, healthcare, and shelter to these vulnerable children. The government should take steps to provide them with vocational training and practical skills to help them secure jobs and lead better lives.It is crucial that we offer these street children opportunities to escape their harsh and inhumane circumstances. By working together, we can help them build brighter futures and break the cycle of poverty and hardship.

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