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WHAT I WILL DO AFTER MY S. S. C. EXAMINATION  (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )  

Paragraph Writing

Composition / Essay Writing


I am an S. S. C. Candidate. My examination is going on. I hope to perform well in the examination. If everything goes on smoothly, I have a desire to spend my time after the examination nicely. For that I have already taken some sort of mental preparation which will help me onward. Meanwhile, I have been advised by my superiors to take some short courses on computer training and get prepared for the college admission test. This may be helpful for me in future. But I have planned the programme according to my own way. I must give importance on the advice of my superiors. At the same time I have thought to spend the time in an effective way with some of my friends so that I can have some recreation after my long exhaustion of examination.

At first I shall go to my maternal uncle’s house at a village in Khulna. I shall go there after long three years. So their joy to have me in their midst will know no bounds. I shall happily enjoy a week or two there. Next I shall pay a visit to my sister’s house at Rampal in Khulna. My brother-in-law has already proposed to take me on a hunting expedition to the Sundarbans. You know that I take keen delight in hunting. On the occasion I shall have an opportunity to visit the wonderful flora and fauna of the Sundarbans.

Then after, I hope to go to my village home soon after visiting my sister’s family. I hope that I shall pass a few days at my village home and do something with my fellow mates for the welfare of the villagers. In my village home there are many people who are illiterate. Meanwhile we have thought about the matter. We will start a night school and raise a fund. We will get many students. They are all farmers. We will purchase books from them. If they join the class regularly, they will acquire three R’s knowledge very soon. We will also teach them the modern method of cultivation. They will know about the use of modern appliances in cultivation. Then we will try to teach them about the health, sanitation, family planning etc. We think that this will help them in the development of their family and individual life. We decide to devote a few hours everyday for the purpose. Again, I have the plan to have visit to some of the historical places of the country with some of my friends. This visit may broaden our practical knowledge. Thus I hope that I will spend part of this long vacation with my friends in happy mood performing social work and travelling.


After returning to my urban home, I will fully devote myself to the preparation for the ensuing college admission and other academic purposes. I think this programme will enable me to spend the long vacation in a fruitful way and will give me intense joy.

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