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TOURISM IN BANGLADESH(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )  

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Introduction: Tourism is a source of joy and pleasure. Being tired of the cares and monotony of life at home, a man wants to get away for a few days. When he makes a tour just for pleasure, he is called a tourist. So the place a tourist visits must abound with such pleasures and comforts as would make him feel really happy.

Prospect of tourism in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is very much rich in natural beauties and abounds in sites of historical interest. She can be one of the world’s finest attractions for the pleasure- seekers.

Places of tourism in Bangladesh: Bangladesh has some places, with uncommon scenic beauties which always attract the tourists. Cox’s Bazar, Kaptai, Sylhet, the Sundarbans, the Chittagong Hill Tracts, among others, are blessed with enchanting natural beauties. Cox’s Bazar has the world’s largest natural sand beach. The wide beach at low tide is the pleasure-seekers’ paradise. The silvery beach with an evergreen picturesque background is the tourist’s ideal dream land. The Kaptai lake is famous for its charming scenic beauty. Sylhet is famous for her evergreen tea gardens on the sloping hills. So Sylhet is known as the land of ‘two leaves and a bud’ and of saints and pirs. It is also a happy resort of migratory birds. The Sundarbans, with their attractive flora and fauna, present an unforgettable scene to the tourists. There are many other beautiful things in Bangladesh. Nature seems to have lavishly bestowed on this land all her beauty and bounty. The grassy plains and hills, rivers and streams and the evergreen trees and plants present a panoramic view. All these make the land a romantic resort for the tourists.

Dhaka-its own attractions: Dhaka, the capital, has its own attractions. It is specially famous for its mosques and monuments, both old and new. Among the old ones, the Lalbag Fort, Bara Katra, Chhota Katra, Hossaini Dalan, the Tara mosque have special attraction for the tourists. Among the new ones, the Baitul Mukarram, the central Shahid Minar and the National Museum are worth seeing.

Places of historical interest and spiritual heritage: Besides, there are a good number of places of historical interest in Bangladesh. Mahasthangarh in Bogra, Paharpur in Rajshahi and Mainamati in Comilla can satisfy the tourists deeply who are interested in archaeological and cultural history of Bangladesh. The Darghas of Shah Jalal at Sylhet, Bayazid Bustami in Chittagong, Shah Makhdum in Rajshahi and Khan Jahan Ali at Bagerhat are no less attractive to the tourists who are interested in our spiritual heritage.

Local people: The people of a place with their distinct manners and customs can easily attract the tourists. The ways of lie of the tribal people in Bangladesh such as the Garos, the Chankmas and others are no less attractive. Any tourist who is used to drinking tea will be delighted to see the local woman picking tea leaves in the tea gardens with bamboo baskets on their backs. The tribal dances and songs are always attractive to the tourists.

The Parjatan Corporation of Bangladesh: Bangladesh has a good prospect in tourism but she is yet to be developed in this field. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has been trying to develop tourism and to attract more and more tourists. The Parjatan Corporation has already set up some motels at Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati and Bogra for the convenience of the tourists. It has been trying to take such other steps as would encourage more and more tourists to visit our country.

Conclusion: Though Bangladesh is an ideal land for the tourists, much is yet to be done to develop tourism in Bangladesh. More comfortable and inexpensive motels and rest houses have to be built for the tourists. Above all, our tourists attractions have to be given wider publicity at home and abroad. We must make a tourist’s visit to our country rewarding and worth remembering. Then tourism will turn into a profit-earning industry for our country.

Tourism In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a treasure trove of riat.ure. It is also called that the darling child of nature. There are many beautiful places in Bangladesh. Nature seems to have lavishly bestowed on this land all her beauty and bounties. In fact, Bangladesh is one of the world's first attraction for the tourists.

•               tourist is a person who makes a tour not only for pleasure but also for education.

•               visitor is a known person but a tourist is an uncommon person. A visitor visits a place to see his friends and relatives. But a tourist visits an unknown historical or interesting place for sights seeing and for knowledge.

In Bangladesh there are so many historical and natural tourist spots. Some of these are:-

The world's largest sea-beach Cox's bazar, is famous for his charming natural scenery. Green hills and blue water of the Bay of Bengal make there a charming C; scenery. There are many tourist hotels and restaurants which serve the tourists. The natural sights of the Kaptai lake are also beautiful. The lake is surrounded by dense forests. It abounds with fish. It has been made by constructing a dam across the river Karnaphully. Many tourists visit there to see and for enjoyment. The world's largest mangrove forest Sundarbans, the house of famous Royal Bengal Tigers and charming deer. The, famous Sundarbans is now included into the World heritage Sight. Various kinds of birds, crocodile and mostly bees are found there. The Mahasthan Garh of Bogra, the Paharpur of Jaipurhat and the Mainamati of, Comilla were seats of Bhuddist culture. Many interesting relics have been found there. Tourists interested in history visit these places.

he Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat, the Dargah of Hazrat Shah JaIal in Sylhet and Bayazid Bostami in Chittagong are sacred places. Devotees from far and near come to visit these places.

There are other tourist spots in Bangladesh. Our government isn't so much concerned about this* sector. We earn a lot of foreign exchange from the tourists. So, it is very important to pay attention for the development

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