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THE PROPER USE OF TIME /The Value of Time (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )  

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Introduction: The secret of success in life lies in the proper use of time. Many of us are apt to forget that every moment is precious. Life is short but the art is long. Time is uncertain. We do not know when we shall be called away from this world by death. During this limited and uncertain period we have to build up our body and mind, and apply them to useful activities. If we waste the precious minutes of our life in idleness or frivolities, we reduce the hours of work available to us. Work will suffer and success will be difficult to achieve; at least, it will be postponed. It is only by utilizing every minute that we can hope to achieve success in our endeavour.

Time once lost is lost for ever: Time once lost is lost for ever. Time and tide wait for none. The boy who is unmindful of his lessons will find to his sorrow, when he becomes a man, that he has lost the opportunity of making himself learned. The young man who is afraid of work and idles away his time, is sure to find himself in later years a burden to himself and to others. “Take time by the forelock” is a piece of wise advise. When you are engaged in gossips you should know that you are spending your time without any benefit to yourself. This time could be profitably employed in improving your health or mind. The time you spend in speaking ill of others, in aimless occupations is a sheer waste of time.

The punctual find time for everything: There are some people who say that they have no time for reading books or for otherwise improving their body or mind. They only deceive themselves. If they are punctual and industrious, they will find time for everything, the busiest man has, in fact, the greatest amount of leisure, because he does his work regularly and what he can do today, he does not put off till tomorrow.

Lesson from Vidyasagar’s life: The life of the great Iswarchandra Vidyasagar is an objective lesson to us. He achieve greatness in life because he made a wise use of his time. When a boy, he had to do household duties. But though a mere child, he knew the value of time and made the best use of it. When he grew up to be a man, famous for his vast learning, liberality and strength of character, he had to attend to many duties. But still, he found time to write a large number of books that are our priceless possessions today.

Conclusion: History tells us that ‘men who have left their footprints on the sands of time’ were all men who made proper use of their time.


Time is a precious resource that, once spent, cannot be regained. Therefore, it is essential to use it wisely and effectively. Proper time management can lead to increased productivity, reduced stress, and a greater sense of fulfillment in life.

Firstly, setting clear goals and priorities is crucial in making the most of one's time. By identifying what is most important and aligning activities with these priorities, individuals can ensure that their time is spent on tasks that truly matter. Whether it's completing work assignments, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing personal interests, having a clear sense of purpose helps in making informed decisions about how to allocate time.

Moreover, creating a schedule or to-do list can help in organizing tasks and maximizing productivity. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps can make them feel less overwhelming and more achievable. Additionally, setting deadlines for each task can provide a sense of urgency and motivation to stay focused and on track.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid procrastination, as it can lead to wasted time and increased stress. Procrastination often occurs when individuals postpone important tasks in favor of less important or more enjoyable activities. By practicing self-discipline and tackling tasks promptly, individuals can prevent unnecessary delays and ensure that deadlines are met.

Another aspect of proper time management is learning to say no to activities or commitments that do not align with one's goals or priorities. While it can be tempting to take on additional responsibilities or attend social events, overcommitting oneself can lead to feelings of overwhelm and burnout. Therefore, it is important to set boundaries and prioritize self-care by allocating time for rest and relaxation.

Additionally, it is essential to minimize distractions and interruptions in order to maintain focus and concentration. This may involve turning off notifications on electronic devices, finding a quiet and clutter-free workspace, or establishing designated times for checking email and social media. By minimizing distractions, individuals can optimize their productivity and make the most of their time.

In conclusion, the proper use of time involves setting clear goals and priorities, creating a schedule or to-do list, avoiding procrastination, learning to say no to unnecessary commitments, and minimizing distractions. By implementing these strategies, individuals can effectively manage their time, increase productivity, and achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in life. 


Time is invaluable. It flows ceaselessly on without any consideration for the conveniences of any, however important or high placed he may be. And time once gone is gone forever. Lost wealth may be regained by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance but lost time cannot be recovered by any means.

Human life is the sum total of moments, hours, days and years. Human life is transient. So the value of time in human life is immense. Time passes away without stopping for a moment. It listens to no one’s request and never comes back. So, to kill time is to shorten life.

It is said that time waits for none. It goes on quickly. Many of us are apt to forget that every moment is precious. They waste their time thinking that they would make up the loss in future. But the hope may be never realised. Every moment of our time has its particular duty. Putting off our works, therefore, means over-burdening us, that is, making out tasks heavier and more difficult in future. Besides, some unforeseen obstacles may arise; we may be suddenly taken ill, there may be some family calamity; financial difficulties may fall upon us; and then we shall find that the task has become much harder. Moreover, if we begin to put off things, we shall soon get into the habit of indolence and thus slowly bring about our own ruin. Those who fail to make proper use of time can neither acquire knowledge, nor build up character and suffer all their life in consequence. A wise man takes time by the forelock. He who makes proper use of time never comes to grief. Those who are not idle, work day and night prosper in life.

If we consider the case of a student we find that time is very valuable to him. Student life is a period of preparation for the future. Students should, therefore, makes the fullest use of their time. They must not while away their life in idle pursuits. Their chief duty is to learn their lessons and they must devote their time mainly to that duty. They must set apart sometime for games and physical culture and also for amusements.

For other people also, time is equally precious. A businessman should use his time in such a manner that he may prosper in business. An officer should make use of his time in doing his office work properly. This will prove his ability and bring him prosperity. A doctor should timely attend his cases. Time means money, if properly used. It also gives pleasure and contentment. If waste, it brings ruin. If we look around, we see that the successful men everywhere are those who have made proper use of every moment of their time. The most prosperous nations are those that do not waste their time.

Only the idle sit idly and make no attempt to do a work which they must do. They meet failure in life and suffer in the end. An idle student when becomes a man, he has lost the opportunity of making himself learned. An idle person cannot even earn his livelihood. He either passes his days in wants or depends upon others for his maintenance. He is sure to find himself in later years a burden to himself and to others. The idle suffer much and become useless to the society.

The present day struggle of life requires everybody to be careful about time. One should realise the value of his youth or he will suffer in old age. If we want prosperity and happiness in life, we must give up the idleness. Time flies fast. One should catch it before it flies and make the best us of it.

Value of Time

Our life is nothing but a collection of moments. So every moment of our life is very precious. Life is very short but uncertain. We do not know when we shall die. Within the short period, we are to build-up our life.

In order to make good use of time, we must follow a routine for work strictly. We know that the secret of success in life lies in the proper use of time. In our student life, we should be very much careful about the use of time. According to the poet

Time you old gipsy man, Will you not stay? Put up your caravan,

Just for one day?


(Time, You Old Gipsy Man / Ralph Hodgson)

Time flies fast. It never stops. That is, time once lost is lost for ever. If a student spoils time through evil company, he must suffer in the long run. The duties and responsibilities of students must be done in student life. These can not be done in old age. It will help us to reach the goal. Active and conscious people know the value of time. They do not waste their time in vain. As a result, they become successful in life.

An idle brain is the devil's workshop. If we waste our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will come to our mind. Besides, people become unhealthy if they remain idle all the time. Idle people can not achieve anything. They are nuisance to the society.

If we study the life of the great men of the world, we find that they made proper use of time. The life of the great prophet, the saints, the political leaders and social leaders teach us to make right use of time. By following their examples, we may also be able to prosper in life in future.

As we are the best creation of God, we should not neglect time. If we neglect our time, it makes our life barren like the desert. If we fail to perform our duties in proper time, we shall be liable to our next generation. Their future, of course, depends on how we utilise our time. In fact, proper utilization of time brings not only money but also peace, happiness and prosperity. Therefore, we should utilise time properly in every sphere of life.


The value of time is limitless; it cannot be measured. The value of time arises from the fact that human life is short but he has to do a lot of works within the short span of time. Each work requires some time. If the work is not finished in time it may not be finished at all. That explains why time is so valuable, and it should not be lost for nothing.

Time goes on like the tide of a river and it never waits for anybody. Lost time can never be found again. Misuse of time is a great crime, and it makes life barren like a desert. He is really great who makes the most of every moment in useful works. Success is bound to come to his doorstep.

Man should utilize time properly. He should be prepared to spend some time for reading, writing, taking rest and recreation. If he becomes forgetful of time he is sure to lose and fail. No great work can be done without a strong sense of time.

The children should learn the value of time from their childhood. They can learn it at home or at school from their parents, teachers and superiors. This can be better learnt from examples of their superiors. It is a part of discipline- discipline that makes life worthwhile and meaningful.

Of course, to be loyal to time does not mean that one has to be a slave of time. Value of time ennobles a person and gives him fame. Slavery is blind subservience, and should be abandoned. Value of time indicates that a person should not waste time; rather he should spend every minute in useful works. This will make his life worthliving and glorious.


The Value of Time

Introduction : The value of time means doing proper work in a proper time. Time is invaluzble in human life.


Every moment is very important and useful. It is more valuable And useful than any other earthly possession. There is a wise saving. "Time and tide-wait for none." It is restless and always onward march. None -can stop the onward march of time. We can regain lost knowledge by studying hard, regain lost wealth by hard labour and lost health by medicine. But time on& gone is gone for ever. There is no certainty or guarantee that we will live tomorrow and do our today's work tomorrow. This is why, present time is the most valuable moment in our life. Time and life : Our life is nothing but sum total of moments, hours, days. weeks, months and years. So time is life. To kill a moment is to shorten ,our life. Our life is very short but our art is very long. We have to do many things during this short period. Spoiling time means killing our life as well as our all hopes and aspiration'.

Proper utilization of time : For the success of our life, we should know the value of time. Our success and prosperity in life fully depends,on the right use of time. By making the best use of time, we can shine in life, overcome any difficulty and challenge and reach our desired goal of our life. We should do the right thing at the right moment. We should not put off any work for tomorrow, because tomorrow is uncertain. If we do not do a thing at the right moment, we may not be able to do it at all. By showing good seeds in time, a farmer can expect good


harvest, a student can make a good result, a player can win the game by utilizing time properly. It can be clearly said that success in life depends on the best use of time.

How, to make the right use of time : To make right use ' of time, we must follow a routine/a time-table. There should be time for study, time for other work, time for exercise, time for rest. time for sleep, time for play, time for prayer, time for eating and so on. By following a proper routine, we can lead a bright, prosper, decent, successful and happy life. Even the lower animals like ants, bees etc follow a routine. They do not kill a single moment in vain. They collect their food for the rainy days.

The result of wastage of time : Wastage of time is a great crime, curse and sin. Those who waste time can never prosper in life. The idle waste their time in vain. They make no attempt to do their work in time. There is a proverb. "An idle brain is a devil's workshop." They depend on the charity of others. Everybody hates them. They -are the burden and curse to the society. 'They live in misery and dies of misery. They can enjoy no interest and joy of life. In a word, they lead their lives like a dead soul. It can be clearly said that they are the persons of double death. None respect, love and like them in any society. All who became great and immortal on earth made the right use of their time.

Conclusion : Making the right use of time is the source of all success and happiness ss in life. All the advanced and rich nations of the world make the proper use of time. They never waste their time in vain. So time is the most valuable and

useful for all.-He who realises the value of time and does his works in time becomes

happy and successful in life; Therefore, making the correct use of time wisely, we will be able to face the battle and the struggle of life successfully.


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