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Dream (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Paragraph Writing

Write a paragraph on "Dream" based on the answer to the following questions.

(a) What is a dream? (b) What are the characteristics of a dream? (c) Why do we dream? (d) Do you have any dream in your life? (e) What do you do to fulfil your dream?           (C8 '22)


Dreams are a mix of pictures, thoughts, and feelings that people experience in their minds while they sleep. They can be clear, beautiful, or fuzzy, and they can bring joy or fear. For centuries, philosophers have been captivated by dreams, which have prompted scientific study. However, scientists haven't fully grasped their purpose yet. Some researchers think dreams don't serve a real purpose, while others believe they're crucial for mental and physical health. One idea is that dreams reveal our hidden desires and motivations, acting as a way to fulfill wishes we repress. Another theory suggests dreams are meaningful; they allow our brains to create new ideas while we sleep. Yet another theory proposes that dreams work like a type of therapy for our minds. But it's important to remember that dreams are personal and based on our brain's signals during sleep. Some people, like me, also dream while awake, with their eyes open. I'm one of those people, and my dream is to become a social worker. To make my dream come true, I've been participating in various social activities.

Model Answer-2

Dreams are complex experiences that occur during sleep, consisting of a combination of images, thoughts, and emotions. These experiences can vary greatly in their clarity, intensity, and emotional content, ranging from vivid and joyful to vague and frightening. While dreams have captivated the interest of philosophers for centuries, their scientific study remains ongoing. Despite significant research efforts, the purpose of dreams continues to elude researchers, with various theories attempting to explain their significance. One prevalent theory suggests that dreams may serve as a manifestation of subconscious desires and motivations, providing a means of fulfilling repressed wishes. Alternatively, some researchers propose that dreams play a role in cognitive processes, allowing the brain to generate new ideas and insights during sleep. Additionally, there is speculation that dreams may serve a therapeutic function, aiding in the processing and integration of emotional experiences. However, it is essential to acknowledge that dreams are subjective experiences, influenced by individual psychology and personal experiences. Moreover, while dreaming typically occurs during sleep, some individuals report experiencing vivid dreams while awake, blurring the boundaries between waking and dreaming states. Despite ongoing scientific inquiry, the true nature and purpose of dreams remain a topic of fascination and debate in academic circles.

Model Answer-3


Composition / Essay Writing

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