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Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh / Problems and Prospects of Employment (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 9

Paragraph Writing

Causes and Effects of Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment is a persistent challenge in Bangladesh, driven by various causes and resulting in significant societal effects. One of the primary causes is the rapid growth of the population, outpacing the creation of job opportunities. The education system often fails to equip the workforce with the necessary skills and qualifications demanded by the job market, contributing to a skills gap. Moreover, the limited diversification of the economy, heavily reliant on agriculture, adds to the unemployment problem. The absence of proper labor market information and efficient job-matching mechanisms further exacerbates the issue. Additionally, economic shocks, political instability, and the global economic situation also influence unemployment rates in the country. The effects of unemployment are widespread and profound. It leads to income inequality, as those without jobs struggle to make ends meet, while others enjoy secure employment. Unemployment often results in social unrest, as frustrated individuals may engage in protests or other forms of civil disobedience. Moreover, the economy suffers, as a large pool of unemployed individuals represents untapped potential and lost productivity. The mental and emotional well-being of the unemployed deteriorates, leading to stress, anxiety, and depression. Families and communities are impacted, as they bear the burden of supporting unemployed members. To address the unemployment problem in Bangladesh, a multifaceted approach is necessary, including investments in education and skills development, economic diversification, job creation, and better labor market information systems. Policies that foster economic stability and encourage investment can also contribute to reducing unemployment rates and improving the overall well-being of the population.

Problems and Prospects of Employment

Employment in Bangladesh presents both challenges and opportunities. One significant problem is the high population density, which results in fierce competition for jobs, especially in urban areas. As a result, many job seekers struggle to secure stable and well-paying positions. The country also grapples with a skills gap, where the skills of the workforce often do not match the demands of the job market. Additionally, the prevalence of informal and low-wage labor remains a concern, leading to economic vulnerability for many workers. However, there are prospects for improvement. Bangladesh has experienced robust economic growth in recent years, driven by industries like the garment sector and information technology. This expansion has the potential to generate more job opportunities. Furthermore, the government has taken steps to address employment challenges, with initiatives such as skill development programs and support for entrepreneurship. The younger population of Bangladesh can also be a valuable asset, as it provides a potentially dynamic and innovative workforce.In conclusion, while Bangladesh faces obstacles related to employment, it also has the potential to create a more favorable job environment. Strategies aimed at enhancing skills, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering economic growth are crucial in addressing the problems and harnessing the prospects of employment in the country.

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Composition / Essay Writing


Employment  is  an  occupation  which  is  productive  of  wealth .  Unemployment  is  the  opposite  of  employment .  When  a  man  is  out  of  any  kind  of  productive  work ,  he  is  said  to  be  in  a  state  of  unemployment .                                                                                                                                          


Unemployment  is  a  great  social  evil .  For  the  peace  and  prosperity  of  social  life ,  it  is  imperative  that  all  the  able – bodied  persons  in  a  society  should  be  engaged  in  one  or  the  other  occupation  and  earn  money  to  maintain  themselves  and  their  families .  An  unemployed  man  has  to  lead  a  vagabond  life .  Life  becomes  a  curse  and  burden  to  him .  Moreover  an  unemployed  person  has  an  idle  brain  which  very  soon  becomes  the  devil’s  workshop .  An  analysis  of  social  evils  show  that  many  of  them  have  unemployment  at  their  root . Unemployment  is  a  world – wide  problem .  No  country  of  the  world  can  boastfully  claim  that  she  is  absolutely  free  from  the  problem  of  unemployment .  But  nowhere  in  the  world  this  problem  is  so  acute  as  in  our  country .  Why  is  the  problem  so  acute  in  our  country ?  The  reasons  are  not  far  to  seek .  In  the  first  place ,  our  country  is  industries  are  not  in  a  flourishing  condition .  The  mills  and  factories  that  we  have ,  can  give  employment  to  a  limited  number  of  people .  Similar  is  the  case  with  agriculture .  As  the  supply  of  land  is  limited  it  cannot  employ  a  large  number  of  people .

Secondly ,  what  with  our  system  of  education  and  what  with  the  attitude  of  our  average  students  and  youths ,  there  is  limited  employment  opportunity  in  our  country .  Our  system  of  education  fails  to  give  a  student  an  independent  start  in  life .  It  has  little  provision  for  vocational  training .  Our  students  and  youths  have  a  false  sense  of  dignity  and  prestige  in  being  officers .  They  think  that  service  is  more  honorable  than  an  independent  business .  So  run  madly  after  jobs  the  opportunity  of  which  is  necessarily  very limited……………………………… .                                                                                                                                       


Thirdly ,  inequitable  distribution  of  national  wealth  and  abnormal  growth  of  population  work  jointly  or  separately  to  intensify  the  problem  in  our  country .

Unemployment  problem  is  a  very  difficult  problem  which  defies  almost  all  solution .  Many  ways  have  so  long  been  devised  to  root  it  out  but  complete  success  has  not  yet  been  attained .  However ,  the  first  thing  necessary  for  the  solution  of  this  problem  is  the  industrialization  of  our  country .  A  large  number  of  mills factories  and  firms  should  be  established  throughout  the  country .  These  industries  will  than  be  able  to  give  employment  to  a  large  number  of  people .  Secondly ,  vocational  education  should  be  introduced  and  students  should  have  some  training  in  it . After  the  academic  career  this  will  help  them  in  earning  a  living Thirdly ,  our  students  and  youth  should  be  made  to  change  their  attitude  to  life .  They  must  give  up  their  false  sense  of  dignity  in  becoming  officers  and  snake  of  their  mania  for  jobs .  They  should  learn  to  choose  an  independent  career  having  due  respect  for  manual  labor .  Last  of  all ,  steps  should  be  made  to  increase  our  national  income  to  the  maximum  and  distribute  it  equitable .  But  all  attempts  will  be  fruitless  if  the  population  is  not  kept  within  reasonable  limit .

The  problem  of  unemployment  is  getting  more  and  more  acute  in  Bangladesh  day  by  day .  Whatever  may  be  its  cause  or  causes ,  timely  and  proper  steps  should  be  taken  to  eradicate  its  menace .  But  for  timely  and  effective  steps  it  may  assume  so  alarming  a  dimension  as  to  corrode  our  economy  and  ultimately  ruin  our  nation .                                                                        




Unemployment is a societal scourge, antithetical to the productive pursuit of wealth through employment. The lack of any productive work leads to a state of unemployment, a state that deprives individuals of the means to support themselves and their families. Those who suffer from unemployment lead a life of vagabondage, a curse that can manifest in many social evils, as idleness is the devil's workshop.


Unemployment is a global problem, with no country immune to its reach. However, in Bangladesh, the problem is particularly acute. The reason for this is multifaceted. Firstly, the country's industries are not in a flourishing condition. The limited mills and factories available cannot provide employment to a substantial number of people. Similarly, the supply of land for agriculture is limited and cannot employ a large number of people.


Secondly, the education system and the attitudes of the average student and youth limit employment opportunities. The current education system does not provide students with the necessary vocational training, nor does it give them an independent start in life. Students and youths are more interested in pursuing honorable officer positions, leading to a job scarcity situation.


Thirdly, inequitable distribution of national wealth and the abnormal growth of the population exacerbate the problem of unemployment in Bangladesh.


Solving the problem of unemployment is difficult and defies almost all solutions. However, industrializing the country by establishing mills, factories, and firms throughout the country can provide employment opportunities. Introducing vocational education and training for students can help them earn a living after their academic career. Changing the attitudes of students and youths toward life, having due respect for manual labor, and choosing an independent career path are necessary steps.


Finally, increasing the national income to the maximum and distributing it equitably is crucial. But all attempts will be fruitless if the population is not kept within a reasonable limit. The problem of unemployment in Bangladesh requires a concerted effort to solve, but it is a necessary step for the peace and prosperity of social life.

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