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TRIBALS OF BANGLADESH (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

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Bangladesh has been a melting pot of peoples and cultures for a very long time. The tribal population of Bangladesh numbers almost one million. They live generally in the hilly regions, i.e. north of Mymensingh, the Sylhet area and more than half a million are concentrated in the wooded Chittagong Hill Tracts. Others live in urban areas such as Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. The tribes living in the Hill Tracts of Chittagong include the Chakmas, Moghs, Murungs, Lushais, Kukis, Bams, Tripuras, Saks, Tangchangyas, Shandus, Banjugis and the Pankhars. The tribes in the Sylhet Hills are Khasis, Pangous and the Manipuris. The Garos, Hanjongis, Hadis, Dahuis, Palais and the Bunas live in the hilly regions north of Mymensingh in Haluaghat, Sreebardi, Kalmakanda and the Garo Hills and some live west of Mymensingh around the Madhupur forests. Other tribal groups, such as the Santals, Oraons, Hus, Mundus and Rajbansis are scattered in urban settlements in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Bogra, Rajshahi, Noakhali, Comilla and Bakerganj. The tribal groups have their own distinct cultures, art, religious beliefs, superstitions, farming methods and attire. Many of the tribes are Buddhists, though some still retain their animist religion. Rice and wine are the staple food of these hill people, but included in the tribal men are snakes, beetles, crabs, fish, snails, pigs, dogs, buffaloes, deer, ants and chickens. The dwellings of the hill people are usually bamboo huts, either on stilts or flat on the ground and their farming methods are ancient. Many of the tribes still have very little contact with the outside world, but as modern civilisation begins to encroach on their territories, more and more of the younger villagers are moving to the urban areas for employment. In this way, the tribal people in Bangladesh pass their life with peace and amity.

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