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The Postman (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 24

Paragraph Writing

          The Postman

Postman is a person who delivers letters, money orders, post cards, parcels and other postal articles to the proper addressees. He is a familiar figure both in the towns and in the village. He usually wears a khaki dress and carries on his soldiers a bag. Though a postman is a low-great employee of the postal department, he performs a responsible job. His daily work begins with the sorting out of letters, parcels, money orders etc. in the post office. After having finished this job in the post office, he goes out on his beat to deliver them to their addressees. A town postman often drops letters into letterboxes or pushes them through some opening of the door. A village postman generally goes on his beat twice or thrice a week. A postman is really good man and a good friend to us. The postman is a very important person in our society, though he does not enjoy a good social status. When he brings letters of good news, we become happy. He renders and great service to the society. He is such a great friend to us that everybody we expect his nock on the door. He behaves amiably with all. The economic condition of a postman is very miserable. Though he works very hard he gets a very small salary. With it, he cannot maintain his family decently. So he leads a miserable life. No doubt he serves the society as well as the country greatly in the field of postal communication. He should be given good salary so that he can lead a better life and serve us well.


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      The Postman

A postman is a noteworthy figure in both urban and rural areas, who is responsible for delivering a range of postal items, such as letters, money orders, postcards, and parcels, to their rightful recipients. Donning a khaki attire and carrying a bag on his shoulder, this seemingly humble employee of the postal department is entrusted with a task that is highly crucial. Despite the relatively low stature of his profession, a postman is vested with considerable responsibility. He commences his daily routine by sorting letters, parcels, and money orders at the post office, before setting out to deliver them to their intended recipients. While an urban postman typically deposits letters into letterboxes or pushes them through door openings, a rural postman undertakes his duties twice or thrice a week. The postman is a benevolent and dependable figure who often doubles up as a friend to many of his clients. His arrival with letters that bring good news can usher in joy and cheerfulness into a household. The postman provides a crucial service to the society and is deserving of recognition and respect. Despite his crucial role in the postal communication system, a postman is not accorded a high social status. To make matters worse, the economic condition of a postman is woeful. Even though he works tirelessly, he earns meager wages that are inadequate to support his family. Consequently, a postman's life is one of hardship and misery. It is imperative that we address the issue by offering postmen a decent salary so that they can lead a dignified life and continue to serve us efficiently.

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A Postman

One who delivers letters, parcels, money-orders, telegrams etc. from door to door is called a postman. He generally puts on a khaki uniform. We know him from a distance. He always carries a bag full of letters, money-orders or parcels. He is a very reliable person. The duties and responsibilities of a postman are many. He has to work in his area from door to door as well as in his office. He sorts the letters according to the locations of the houses of the recipients. After that he puts them in his bag in a planned way. Then he goes out to deliver them from door to door. He has to maintain a record in case of registered letters, parcels and money-orders. He has to take the signatures of the addressee. He is a messenger of fate. He brings us both good and bad news. Yet he is welcomed by all. In fact, the life of a postman is miserable. He passes his days in a very simple way. Still he has to be honest and responsible. We should take care of a postman and his honesty should be rewarded. In fact, the postman is a real friend of our society.

Composition / Essay Writing


Introduction - A familiar figure: The postman is to us the most eagerly awaited person who brings news from our dear ones living in distant places. He with his khaki dress and a turban on his head is a very familiar figure. Everyday at a particular time he is seen passing through the streets. Sometimes he walks wearily with a bag weighing heavy under his arms. Sometimes he looks energetic and trips lightly the long distance with a light bag and a light heart.


His importance in our life: our hearts are full of expectations as soon as we see the familiar figure of the postman approaching our house. He comes to our houses to deliver letters, money orders, telegrams, parcels, etc. He plays an important part in our daily life. Sometimes he brings letters containing good news and sometimes he causes us sorrow and grief by delivering bad news. But we thank his for all that and he is always welcome to us. When we live far away from home we are anxious for the news of our relatives. Sometimes we are much more anxious for money from our parents and guardians. The postman comes to us with the postal money order and thus relieves us of our anxiety. He also brings us important books or other articles which are sent to us by postal parcels. Sometimes he fills our heart with joy by carrying to us valuable presents or gifts from friends and relatives who live far away from us.


Nature of his duties: The postman has various duties to perform. His daily duty begins in the post office. He sorts letters, parcels and makes separate bundles out of them for different localities of his beat. Then he goes out on his beat. Whenever he delivers money orders, parcels, registered letters, he takes signatures of the persons concerned and of witness. Those who are illiterate give their thumb impression. He realises postal dues from the addressees of bearing letters. All these mean heavy labour for him. Moreover, his daily round of duty covers a wide area and he has to walk a long distance laboriously to finish his duty without complaint.

Dutiful and friendly, though ill-paid: The postman is an ill-paid Government employee. Yet he is responsible, punctual and dutiful. His failure in duties may cause great loss or harm to people. He is, therefore, required to be very prompt and punctual in his duty. Very strict rules have been laid down to regulate his conduct and he is severely dealt with for any breach of discipline. In spite of all these, he is friendly with all in the rural areas and shares the joys and sorrows of the villagers. In urban areas, he is no less friendly but he keeps something of an official air and mixes with people with some reservations.

Conclusion: Though the postman has to do a heavy duty, his pay is very low. He always remains in want and poverty. In consideration of the responsibilities and the arduous nature of the work of the postman, he should be given a good salary. In recent days steps have been taken by the Government to improve his fate and it is hoped that these measures will enable him to get, at least, what is necessary to maintain himself and his family and to live a decent life.


                                                     THE POSTMAN

The postman is a humble employee of the Government. The department to which he belongs is the postal department. He is a familiar figure in every nook and corner whether it is a town or a village. He brings news from our dear ones living in distant places. He is the courier of happy and sad news.


The postman is easily recognised by the people. He wears a “khaki” dress with a turban on his head and carries a letter bag on his shoulders. Now-a-days he is seen in ordinary dress. It is his bag or the letters in his hand that reveal his identity.


The daily duty of the postman begins in the post-office. He opens the mail-bag and sorts letters, money-orders, registered or insured letters, parcels etc and makes separate bundles for different localities. He also makes the out-going mail ready for despatch. Then he goes on his round. The postman in the town usually carries more letters than a postman in the country. He has, however generally fewer miles to walk than a village postman because he can ride a bicycle. The postman in the country has often to walk many miles a day. He delivers letters, parcels and other postal articles to the addressees. If there is any letter -box in front of the house, he drops the letter into the box or he lets down the letter through some openings of the doors. He has to call out and get in touch with those for whom he brings parcels, registered letters and money-orders. This done, he passes on. He has no time to wait and gossip. He has to take great care to avoid mis-delivery of letters and parcels.


The postman plays an important role in our life. He is the part and parcel of the society. He is an ill-paid government employee but he does a responsible job. His holidays are limited. When other people are enjoying their holidays, he is busy in delivering letters to the people and is more hard pressed. He is punctual and dutiful. He always wears a smile on his face. Sometimes we are anxious for news of our relatives. Bringing us letters and news, he relieves us of our anxiety. Sometimes he brings news of joys and sometimes of grief. But he is always welcome to us for this important service.


The postman links the world through letters. In consideration of the responsibilities and the laborious nature of his job, he should be given a good salary so that he can lead a better life. Besides, he should never be neglected and at least he should be greeted with a name.

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