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Superstition (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Superstition means irrational belief in unknown agencies and imaginary evils. It exists in various forms. Belief in magic and miracles and blind observance of some social customs and ceremonies may also be regarded as superstitions. These superstitions have grown up through centuries and they are still with us. Even the civilized Greeks and Romans were not free from superstition. Europe was full of superstitions during the middle ages. It was the cruelest act of superstitions which put John of Arc on the pyre. Witch - hunting was a peculiar superstition in England during the reign of Elizabeth. Every age had thus its peculiar superstitions, and so had every country. To be free from such superstition the remedy is education. Education alone can make that possible. We must, therefore, spread education and start a war against superstition.

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