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STREET CHILDREN (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Street children are constantly seen by us. They are the abandoned children coming from broken homes. Since they have little scope for schooling, they are seen doing this or that on the street or on the way-side. In search of a handful of rice or anything to eat, they loiter from one place to another. Their parents even if they have, do never care to bother about them. They have no permanent shelter to lay their head. Their long-day occupation ranges from begging to stealing and from collecting different waste materials from wayside to selling betel leaves, cigarette to the passers-by. Their education is left to the street. And the streets teach them to swear, to smoke freely and to keep his fist always ready for fight. They seem to bear a scorn for everyone crossing their path. They are neglected in the society and nobody cares for them. They like to lead a care-free life completely putting of all thoughts of living a meaningful life until they are matured to think for themselves.


Street children are a common sight in our society, representing a heartbreaking consequence of broken homes and abandonment. These unfortunate children, deprived of the opportunity for education, are often found engaged in various activities on the streets and roadside. They roam from place to place in search of a meager meal, struggling to make ends meet. Regrettably, their parents, if they even have any, seem indifferent to their well-being.These children lack a stable shelter, spending their days engaged in activities ranging from begging and scavenging waste materials to selling items like betel leaves and cigarettes to passers-by. Their education is largely acquired through their experiences on the streets, where they learn undesirable behaviors such as swearing, smoking, and resorting to violence when necessary. They often harbor a sense of resentment towards everyone they encounter.In our society, these street children are marginalized and neglected, with no one extending a helping hand. They prefer a carefree existence, unconcerned about leading meaningful lives until they mature and can begin making decisions for themselves. This issue is a reflection of the broader challenges faced by vulnerable children in society, emphasizing the need for intervention and support to break this cycle of neglect and hardship.

The Street Children in Bangladesh

Street children are youngsters who wander aimlessly along city streets and roads, lacking a fixed place to call home. They roam the streets, scavenging for food in discarded bins and finding rest on sidewalks. The street becomes their makeshift dwelling, and they are often referred to as "street children" because they lack a stable residence. Many of these children are orphans, without any guardians or guidance, while some are born into unlawful circumstances.They typically earn their living through various means, such as begging, stealing, selling inexpensive goods, collecting discarded items from roadsides, pulling rickshaws, or working at places like railway stations, bus stops, and riverbanks. Some may find employment in hotels and restaurants. These children often face illiteracy, inadequate nutrition, shabby clothing, and low wages. They are deprived of basic human and social rights and live without social security and dignity.These marginalized children lead challenging lives, lacking joy and happiness, and often meet their end in sorrow and misery. They receive little love or respect from society, even though they are citizens of our nation and deserve the same rights and privileges as others. Providing street children with proper education and essential training can transform their lives and turn them into skilled and productive individuals. It is the responsibility of both the government and the broader community to extend a helping hand and change the fate of these street children for the better.

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