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Sidr (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Bangladesh is facing a cyclone named Sidr which is one of the severest cyclones that have ever hit this country. Its, named Sidr, severity can be compared with that of 1991.But it is matter of great fortune that the casualties are less this time because the government took earlier measures. Notwithstanding it has claimed over 1000 lives and inflicted injures to thousands of others. The cyclone has caused a 10 feet high tidal surge devastating human habitation of nearly one million people. Wind speed of 220-240 miles kilometers, huge tidal waves and torrential rains has joined together to cause this unforeseen havoc. Kutcha houses of some 15 worst hit districts have been razed to the ground due to effect of the cyclonic storm while thousands of trees have been uprooted, Standing Rabi and Aman crops over lakhs of acres of land have been destroyed and thousands of livestock have been washed away. Communication system has been completely damaged by the storm. People who have escaped Sidr fortunately have lost all of their belongings. Help from all walks of life is needed to face this natural disaster. In the cyclone affected are there are severe scarcity of food, pure water, shelter, medicine other essential commodities. Not only Government but also NGOs and other social bodies should come forward to meet this immediate needs and they should start rehabilitation with in no time otherwise this will cause a human disaster.

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