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Problems of Higher Education in Bangladesh(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Problems of Higher Education in Bangladesh

Higher education refers to education beyond the secondary level especially education provided by a college or university. Accessibility to higher education implies that students get the opportunity to get university education and sufficient support from educational institutions. Increasing enrolment at the secondary and higher secondary level puts pressure on higher educational institutions. There are only handful universities in our country. Due to limited capacity, only a small number of students may be enrolled in universities. Thus, each year a large number of students are denied access to higher education. Also, due to poverty and increase in educational expenses, students of the lower middle class do not get easy access to higher education. Only about 12 percent of graduates enter higher educational institutions. More than 80 percent of these students are admitted to NU affiliated colleges. Others are absorbed by the public and private universities. Most universities cannot offer a wide range of subjects. Library, laboratory, Internet and research facilities are not satisfactory. Seminars, symposiums, lectures, workshops, debates, and exhibitions are hardly held in these institutions and there is not much scope for national and international exposure for promising young knowledge seekers. This problem may be impossible to solve overnight but it can be lessen gradually. The number of universities must be increased in this regard. The poor students should have the accessibility like others. Moreover, the facilities of educational sectors should be increased and upgraded. The govt. should take the responsibility steps to solve the problems. Besides, we all should be aware of this.


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