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Prepositional Phrases for Examination

Above and beyond: To exceed expectations or go the extra mile.She went above and beyond to help her coworkers.

Across the board: Including everyone or everything; applying universally.The pay raise was given across the board to all employees.

Across the Ocean: On the other side of the ocean.They live across the ocean in Europe.

Across the Street: On the opposite side of the road or street.The park is across the street from my house.

After all: Considering everything; in spite of doubts or reservations.I decided to go to the party, after all.

After the Movie: Following the conclusion of the film.Let's grab dinner after the movie.

Against the Wall: In contact with the wall; often used metaphorically.She stood with her back against the wall.

Ahead of time: In advance; before a scheduled event or deadline.Please submit your report ahead of time.

All of a sudden: Suddenly; without warning.He left all of a sudden without saying goodbye.

Along the Road: Parallel to the road; next to the road.There are beautiful trees along the road.

Along with: Together with; in addition to.I'll have the salad along with the steak.

Apart from the rain, it was a beautiful day.

Apart from: Besides; in addition to; except for.

Around the Corner: In the nearby area; close by.The grocery store is around the corner.

As for: Regarding; with regard to; concerning.I have no plans, as for tonight.

As if: As though; in a way that suggests something is true, even if it's not.She acted as if she didn't care, but I knew she was upset.

As of: Starting from a specified time or date.The new rules will be effective as of next month.

Aside from: Apart from; excluding; other than.Aside from her, no one else knew the secret.

At a Discount: For a reduced price.I bought the shirt at a discount.

At a Distance: Far away; not nearby.The mountain range was at a distance.

At a Fraction of: A small portion or percentage of.I got it at a fraction of the cost.

At a Glance: With a quick look; briefly.I understood the concept at a glance.

At a Guess: Estimating without precise information.I would say it's 30 years old, at a guess.

At a Loose End: Having free time; not busy.I found myself at a loose end on the weekend.

At a Loss: Confused or uncertain about something.I'm at a loss to explain the situation.

At a Low Ebb: At a point of weakness or decline.His confidence was at a low ebb.

At a Price: For a cost; with a negative consequence.She achieved success, but at a price.

At a Rate of: At the speed or frequency of.The car was traveling at a rate of 100 miles per hour.

At a Speed of: Moving with a certain velocity.The rocket reached a maximum speed at a speed of 25,000 miles per hour.

At a Standstill: Completely stopped; not moving.Due to the traffic jam, we were at a standstill for hours.

At All Costs: Regardless of the expense or effort required.They were determined to win at all costs.

At All Events: In any case; regardless of what happens.I will attend the meeting at all events.

At High Speed: Moving rapidly.The car raced at high speed down the highway.

At Issue: In question; being discussed or debated.The topic at issue is of great importance.

At Large: Free; not captured or confined.The fugitive is still at large.

At Least: A minimum or lowest amount.You should get at least eight hours of sleep.

At Length: In detail; thoroughly.He explained the process at length.

At Liberty: Free to do as one pleases; not restricted.She's at liberty to choose her own path.

At Most: A maximum or highest amount.The journey will take at most two hours.

At Night: During the nighttime hours.The city comes alive at night.

At Noon: At midday; 12 o'clock in the daytime.The meeting is scheduled for at noon.

At odds with: In conflict or disagreement with; not in harmony with.

At One Time: In the past; during a particular period.This building was a hospital at one time.

At One’s Leisure: In one's free time; when convenient.Read the book at your leisure.

At One’s Request: Because someone asked for it.I'm here at your request.

At One’s Side: Beside someone; next to someone.He was always at her side.

At Peace: In a state of calmness or tranquility.She found at peace in the countryside.

At Risk: In danger; exposed to potential harm.Your health is at risk if you don't exercise.

At Sight: Upon seeing; immediately upon view.He recognized her at sight.

At the Double: With great speed; quickly.We need to get there at the double.

At the End: When something is finished or concluded.They lived happily ever at the end of the story.

At the expense of: To the detriment of; causing harm or disadvantage to.His success came at the expense of his personal life.

At the hands of: By the actions or treatment of; often in a negative context.The painting was damaged at the hands of vandals.

At the Office: In the workplace or office.I'll meet you at the office tomorrow.

At the Outset: At the beginning or start.I mentioned it at the outset of our discussion.

At the Store: Inside or within the store.I left my wallet at the store.

At War: Engaged in armed conflict or warfare.The two countries were at war for years.

Back and forth: In a to-and-fro motion; repeatedly between two points.They argued back and forth for hours.

Because of the Rain: As a result of the rain.The game was canceled because of the rain.

Because of: Due to; as a result of.The game was canceled because of the bad weather.

Before the Concert: Prior to the musical performance.Let's meet before the concert begins.

Behind the Curtains: Hidden from view; not visible to the audience.The actors are preparing behind the curtains.

Behind the Scenes: In private; not visible to the public.She works behind the scenes to make things happen.

Below the Surface: Beneath the top layer; not easily seen.There's a lot happening below the surface.

Beneath the Surface: Below the exterior; not obvious.His true feelings were hidden beneath the surface.

Beside the River: Next to the body of water.They set up their picnic beside the river.

Between the Houses: In the space separating the buildings.There's a small garden between the houses.

Beyond the Horizon: Further than the visible horizon.The ship sailed beyond the horizon.

By Accident: Without intention; unintentionally.I stumbled by accident and dropped the glass.

By Air: Using aircraft as a mode of transport.They traveled to Europe by air.

By All Accounts: According to what is generally said or believed.By all accounts, the restaurant is excellent.

By All Means: Certainly; definitely; without hesitation.You can borrow the book by all means.

By and large: Generally; mostly; on the whole.The project was successful, by and large.

By Any Standard: According to any measure or criterion.He is a successful musician by any standard.

By Appointment: Arranged or scheduled in advance.You can visit the doctor by appointment only.

By Birth: Because of one's birth; due to one's family or heritage.She is a princess by birth.

By Chance: Happening unexpectedly or accidentally.I met her by chance at the coffee shop.

By Check: Using a written financial instrument.You can pay by check or credit card.

By Coincidence: Happening simultaneously without planning.It was by coincidence that they both arrived early.

By Courtesy Of: As a gesture of politeness from someone.This event is sponsored by courtesy of the mayor.

By Definition: According to the meaning or nature of something.Freedom is, by definition, the absence of oppression.

By Degrees: Gradually; step by step.He improved his skills by degrees.

By Design: Intentionally; with a purpose or plan.The changes were made by design.

By Dint Of: By means of; through the force of.He succeeded by dint of hard work.

By Far: By a great margin; significantly.She is by far the best player on the team.

By Force: Through physical coercion or pressure.The door was opened by force.

By Hand: Done manually or without the use of machines.She crafted the gift by hand.

By Heart: From memory; without reading.He knows the poem by heart.

By Land: Over land; not by sea or air.They traveled by land to reach their destination.

By Law: According to the law or legal regulations.Smoking is prohibited by law in public buildings.

By Luck: Through chance or fortunate circumstances.I found the rare coin by luck.

By Marriage: Through marriage; as a result of marriage.She's my cousin by marriage.

By means of: Through the use of; with the help of.He communicated with them by means of email.

By Means Of: Using; with the help of.They communicated by means of a translator.

By Mistake: Accidentally; in error.I took your bag by mistake.

By My Watch: According to my timekeeping device.It's 3:30 by my watch.

By Nature: Inherent; as a natural characteristic.He is by nature a kind and caring person.

By No Means: Absolutely not; in no way.She is by no means an expert on the topic.

By Request: Upon someone's request or demand.They played the song by request.

By Rights: According to what is morally or legally expected.By rights, she should be the leader.

By Sea: Using a sea route or method of transportation.They traveled by sea to reach the island.

By Sight: Based on appearance or visual identification.I recognized him by sight.

By the Name Of: Known as; identified by a particular name.The author by the name of Mark Twain wrote many famous books.

By the Ocean: Next to the sea or ocean.Their house is by the ocean.

By the Window: Next to the window.She sat by the window to enjoy the view.

By virtue of: Because of; by reason of; due to a specific quality or situation.She gained her position by virtue of her experience.

Down the Hill: Descending a slope or incline.We'll go down the hill to the park.

During the Day: Throughout the daytime hours.I work during the day and rest at night.

For a Change: As a variation or deviation from the usual.Let's have pizza for a change instead of burgers.

For a Good Cause: In support of a charitable or worthwhile purpose.They organized the fundraiser for a good cause.

For a Reason: With a specific purpose or justification.There must be a for a reason for this decision.

For Certain: Definitely; without a doubt.I know for certain that he will be there.

For Fear Of: Because of the fear of; to avoid something unpleasant.She didn't speak up for fear of being criticized.

For Good: Permanently; without the possibility of return.He left the city for good.

For Granted: Assuming something is true without questioning it.Don't take your health for granted.

For Hire: Available to be hired or rented.The hall is for hire for events.

For Lack Of: Because of the absence or shortage of something.He failed for lack of proper preparation.

For Life: For the rest of one's life; permanently.They are committed to each other for life.

For Love: Out of affection or deep caring.He did it for love of his family.

For My: As a personal choice or preference.I bought this gift for my wife.

For Real: Genuine; not fake or pretend.Is this offer for real?

For the Benefit (of): In a way that helps or advantages someone or something.The fundraiser is for the benefit of the local school.

For the Good Of: In the interest of; for the welfare or advantage of.He made sacrifices for the good of the company.

For the Party: In preparation or celebration of a party.She bought balloons for the party.

For the Sake Of: For the purpose or benefit of; for the reason of.They made compromises for the sake of peace.

For Want Of: Due to a lack or absence of something.The project failed for want of proper funding.

From the Airport: Originating or starting at the airport.Our journey begins from the airport.

In accordance with: In agreement with; following a particular rule or guideline.We must act in accordance with company policy.

In addition to: Besides; also; furthermore.He can play the guitar in addition to the piano.

In an Uproar: In a state of chaos or confusion.The news caused the town to be in an uproar.

In Answer To: As a response to a question or statement.He spoke in answer to her inquiry.

In Anticipation Of: Expecting or preparing for something.They arrived early in anticipation of the event.

In Arrears: Behind in payment; overdue.He was in arrears with his rent.

In charge of: Responsible for; having authority over.She is in charge of the marketing department.

In common with: Shared by; having something in common with.They both have a love in common with art.

In comparison to/with: When comparing two things or ideas.This city is small in comparison to/with New York.

In contrast to/with: To show differences between two things or ideas.Her calm demeanor was in contrast to/with his anger.

In danger of: At risk of; likely to experience something negative.The village is in danger of flooding.

In Danger: At risk of harm or danger. - They are in danger if they stay there.

In Debt: Owing money; in a state of financial obligation. - He's been in debt for years.

In Decline: Experiencing a decrease or reduction in quality or quantity. - The company is in decline.

In Defense Of: To protect or support something. - He spoke in defense of his friend.

In Demand: Wanted or requested by many people. - Her skills are in demand.

In Detail: With comprehensive information or explanation. - She explained the process in detail.

In Disgrace: In a state of shame or disgrace. - He left the party in disgrace.

In Disguise: Concealed or hidden under a false appearance. - She traveled in disguise to avoid attention.

In exchange for: In return for; as a trade or compensation.He gave his bicycle in exchange for her skateboard.

In Fact: In reality; actually. - I'm not joking, in fact, I'm serious.

In Fairness To: To be fair or just to someone. - In fairness to her, she did her best.

In Favor Of: In support or approval of. - He voted in favor of the proposal.

In favor of: Supporting; in agreement with; in a positive manner.Most people are in favor of the new policy.

In Fear Of: Because of fear; out of anxiety. - He acted in fear of his safety.

In Flames: On fire; engulfed in flames. - The building was in flames.

In Flower: In bloom; covered in flowers. - The garden is in flower during spring.

In Front of the Mirror: Positioned facing a reflective surface.She practiced her speech in front of the mirror.

In front of: Located before or ahead of something.The car is parked in front of the house.

In Full: Completely; to the maximum extent. - He apologized in full for his mistake.

In Future: In the time to come; from now on. - Please be more careful in future.

In Gear: Functioning or operating correctly. - The machine is now in gear.

In General: Usually; as a rule; typically. - In general, I prefer tea over coffee.

In Good Condition: In a state of good repair or health. - The car is in good condition.

In Good Faith: Sincerely; with honest intentions. - They negotiated the deal in good faith.

In Hand: In one's possession or control. - I have the documents in hand.

In Harmony (With): In agreement or accordance with something. - Their actions are in harmony with their beliefs.

In Haste: Quickly; without careful consideration. - He made the decision in haste.

In Hiding: Concealed; not visible to others. - He is in hiding from the authorities.

In High Spirits: Feeling happy and enthusiastic. - They were in high spirits after the victory.

In Honor Of: As a tribute or recognition of someone or something. - The statue was erected in honor of a great leader.

In Horror: In a state of shock or extreme fear. - She watched in horror as the accident happened.

In Ink: Written or printed with ink. - The document was signed in ink.

In lieu of: Instead of; in place of; as a substitute for.She received a bonus in lieu of a salary increase.

In light of: Considering; taking into account; because of.We canceled the event in light of recent developments.

In line with: Consistent with; following a similar path or direction.His actions were in line with our expectations.

In of Focus: Not in focus; blurry or unclear. - The photograph is in of focus.

In order to: For the purpose of; with the intention of.I studied hard in order to pass the exam.

In place of: As a replacement for; instead of.He took her seat in place of her.

In relation to: Concerning; regarding; in connection with.Let's discuss your question in relation to the project.

In search of: Looking for; seeking; trying to find.He traveled the world in search of adventure.

In spite of: Despite; without being affected by.She continued her work in spite of the obstacles.

In terms of: With regard to; concerning; in relation to.In terms of sales, we're doing well.

In the Car: Inside the vehicle.We'll eat our lunch in the car on the way.

In the event of: If something happens; in case of.Call me in the event of an emergency.

In the face of: When confronted by; despite opposition or difficulties.She remained calm in the face of criticism.

In the form of: With the shape or appearance of; as a specific type.He received a gift in the form of a book.

In the middle of: During; at a point during a period of time.They met in the middle of the night.

In the Middle: Positioned between two or more things.He sat in the middle of the room.

In the midst of: In the middle of; while something is happening.He spoke in the midst of the chaos.

In the Morning: During the early part of the day.I like to have coffee in the morning.

In the name of: Using the authority or identity of; as a representative of.He acted in the name of the president.

In the presence of: While being watched or observed by someone.He proposed in the presence of their friends.

In the process of: While something is happening or being done.We are in the process of renovating our house.

In the shape of: Having the form or appearance of; resembling.The clouds were in the shape of animals.

In the wake of: As a result of; following closely behind.The cleanup began in the wake of the storm.

In Time: Eventually; at some point in the future. - You will understand in time.

In view of: Considering; taking into account; because of.They made changes in view of the feedback.

Instead of: In place of; as an alternative to.I'll have tea instead of coffee.

Near the Park: Close to the park's location. - Our house is near the park.

Next to: Beside; immediately following or adjacent to.Her office is next to mine.

Off the Grid: Not connected to public utilities or services. - They live off the grid in a remote area.

On a Diet: Following a specific eating plan to control weight. - I'm on a diet to lose a few pounds.

On a Journey: Traveling from one place to another. - They are on a journey to explore new destinations.

On a Large Scale: Involving a significant magnitude or scope. - The project is being executed on a large scale.

On a Pension: Receiving regular payments after retirement. - He lives comfortably on a pension.

On a Regular Basis: Consistently and at fixed intervals. - She exercises on a regular basis.

On a Small Scale: Involving a limited magnitude or scope. - The experiment was conducted on a small scale.

On a Spree: Engaging in a wild or excessive activity. - They went shopping on a spree.

On a Trip: Currently traveling or away from home. - They are on a trip to Europe.

On Account Of: Because of; as a result of. - The event was canceled on account of bad weather.

On account of: Because of; due to.The event was canceled on account of bad weather.

On An Expedition: Engaged in a journey or adventure. - They are on an expedition to study wildlife.

On An Island: Located on an island. - Their cottage is on an island in the Caribbean.

On Approval: Subject to being accepted or approved. - You can take it home on approval.

On Average: Typically; as an average or typical result. - On average, it takes about an hour to commute.

On Bail: Released from custody while awaiting trial. - He was let out on bail.

On Balance: Considering all factors; taking everything into account. - On balance, it's a good decision.

On behalf of: As a representative of; in support of.I'd like to thank you on behalf of the team.

On Behalf Of: Representing someone or something. - I'm speaking on behalf of the committee.

On Board: Aboard a ship, aircraft, or vehicle. - All passengers are on board the plane.

On Business: For work or official purposes. - He's traveling on business.

On Oath: Swearing to tell the truth; under oath. - He testified on oath in court.

On Order: Requested or purchased for delivery. - The supplies are on order and will arrive soon.

On Pain Of: With the risk of suffering a penalty or punishment. - He was told to stay away on pain of arrest.

On Remand: Detained in custody while awaiting further legal proceedings. - He was held on remand until the trial.

On Schedule: According to a planned timetable. - The project is proceeding on schedule.

On Show: Displayed or exhibited for public viewing. - The artwork is on show at the gallery.

On Strike: Engaged in a work stoppage as a form of protest. - The workers went on strike for better wages.

On Suspicion Of: Under suspicion of; accused of a crime. - He was arrested on suspicion of theft.

On the Agenda: Included as a topic for discussion or consideration. - The budget is on the agenda for today's meeting.

On the Air: Currently broadcasting on radio or television. - The show is on the air right now.

On the Brink Of: On the verge of; very close to. - They were on the brink of success.

On the Dot: Exactly at the specified time; punctually. - The train departs on the dot at 9 AM.

On the Edge Of: Positioned at the outer or extreme part of something. - Their house is on the edge of the forest.

On the Floor: Positioned on the ground or floor. - The toy was lying on the floor.

On the Phone: Engaged in a telephone conversation. - She's on the phone with her friend.

On the Record: Officially stated; publicly acknowledged. - She made the statement on the record.

On the Road: Traveling or touring from place to place. - The band is on the road for their concert tour.

On the Table: Placed on a table; available for discussion. - The proposal is on the table for review.

On the Way: In the process of coming or arriving. - They're on the way to the party.

On Top of the World: Extremely happy or successful. - Winning the championship made him feel on top of the world.

On top of: In addition to; over and above.She has a lot of work on top of her regular duties.

On Watch: Responsible for monitoring or guarding something. - He's on watch for any suspicious activity.

Out of Breath: Having difficulty breathing due to exertion. - He was out of breath after running a mile.

Out of Context: Without the surrounding information; not in the right setting. - The quote is meaningless out of context.

Out of Control: Not manageable; in a state of chaos. - The situation is out of control.

Out of Curiosity: Out of a desire to know or understand. - She asked out of curiosity.

Out of Date: No longer current or relevant. - That information is out of date.

Out of Doors: Outside; in the open air. - They prefer to eat out of doors.

Out of Duty: Acting based on one's sense of responsibility. - He did it out of duty as a parent.

Out of Fashion: Not in style or not currently trendy. - Those clothes are out of fashion.

Out of Hand: Beyond control; uncontrollable. - The party got out of hand.

Out of Ideas: Having no more creative or innovative thoughts. - I'm out of ideas for the project.

Out of Jealousy: Motivated by envy or resentment. - She acted out of jealousy.

Out of One’s Mind: Insane or mentally unstable. - He was out of his mind with worry.

Out of Order: Not functioning correctly or according to the rules. - The elevator is out of order.

Out of Pity: Because of sympathy or compassion. - She helped him out of pity.

Out of Place: Inappropriate for the situation or location. - His comment was out of place.

Out of Practice: Not having practiced or used a skill recently. - She's out of practice on the piano.

Out of Print: No longer available for sale as a book. - That book is out of print.

Out of Reach: Beyond one's physical or metaphorical grasp. - The goal seemed out of reach.

Out of Respect For: As a sign of respect or consideration. - We remained silent out of respect for the deceased.

Out of Sight: Not visible; hidden from view. - The treasure is out of sight.

Out of Spite: With the intention of causing harm or annoyance. - She did it out of spite.

Out of Step: Not in harmony or agreement with something. - His actions are out of step with our values.

Out of Stock: Not available for purchase; sold out. - The item is out of stock.

Out of the Box: Unconventional; not following traditional rules or norms. - Their innovative approach is out of the box.

Out of the Ordinary: Unusual or not typical. - The meal was out of the ordinary.

Out of the Question: Not possible or acceptable. - Hiking in this weather is out of the question.

Out of Work: Currently unemployed; without a job. - He's been out of work for months.

Out of: Away from; not in possession or inside something.He took the cat out of the box.

Outside of: Excluding; beyond the boundaries of; not inside or part of.Outside of work, she enjoys painting.

Outside the Country: In a foreign nation; abroad. - They are traveling outside the country.

Over the Moon: Extremely happy or delighted. - She was over the moon when she got the job.

Over the Rainbow: Beyond one's wildest dreams or expectations. - Her success was over the rainbow.

Owing to: Because of; as a result of.The delay was owing to technical issues.

Past the Bridge: On the other side of the bridge. - The town is past the bridge.

Prior to: Before; preceding in time or order.Please submit your application prior to the deadline.

Regardless of: Without being affected by; in spite of.She continued her work regardless of the challenges.

Their opinions were at odds with each other.

Through the Woods: Moving within a forest or wooded area. - They took a hike through the woods.

Throughout the Night: Continuously during the nighttime hours. - The party lasted throughout the night.

To an Extent: To some degree; partially. - His theory is true to an extent.

To Date: Up to the present time; until now. - I've received no complaints to date.

To Excess: To an extreme degree; excessively. - He ate to excess at the buffet.

To One’s Astonishment: To someone's great surprise. - To her astonishment, she won the award.

To One’s Credit: Deserving praise or recognition. - He finished the project to his credit.

To One’s Dismay: To someone's great disappointment or sadness. - To her dismay, the party was canceled.

To Someone’s Face: Directly confronting or speaking to someone. - He criticized her to her face.

To the Accompaniment Of: With music or sounds accompanying. - They danced to the accompaniment of the orchestra.

To the Beach: Heading in the direction of the beach. - Let's go to the beach for some sun.

To the Best Of: To the greatest degree or extent possible. - She did the job to the best of her ability.

To the Contrary: In opposition to what has been stated or expected. - His actions are to the contrary of his words.

To the Detriment Of: Harming or causing a disadvantage to something. - The new policy is to the detriment of small businesses.

To the Exclusion Of: Excluding all others; without including. - He invited her to the exclusion of everyone else.

To the Full: Completely; to the maximum extent. - He enjoyed the meal to the full.

To the Satisfaction Of: Meeting someone's expectations or requirements. - The work was completed to the satisfaction of the client.

To This Day: Even now; up to the present time. - People still talk about that incident to this day.

Towards the Future: In the direction of the future; with a focus on the future. - We should plan our investments towards the future.

Under Age: Below the legal age limit; not old enough. - He is under age and cannot vote yet.

Under Arrest: In custody; detained by the police. - He was taken under arrest for shoplifting.

Under Consideration: Being thought about or reviewed. - Your proposal is under consideration.

Under Construction: In the process of being built or developed. - The new building is under construction.

Under Cover Of: Using the protection or guise of something. - He made the escape under cover of darkness.

Under Discussion: Being discussed or debated. - The topic is currently under discussion.

Under Lock and Key: Securely locked and protected. - The valuable documents are kept under lock and key.

Under One’s Protection: Being cared for or guarded by someone. - The orphaned children are under his protection.

Under Orders: Acting in accordance with someone's instructions. - They carried out the mission under orders.

Under Pressure: Experiencing stress or urgency due to external factors. - She performed well under pressure.

Under Regulations: In compliance with established rules or guidelines. - The company operates under regulations.

Under Repair: In the process of being fixed or restored. - The bridge is closed under repair.

Under Strain: Experiencing stress or tension. - The relationship is under strain.

Under Stress: Subjected to intense pressure or stress. - He's been under stress at work.

Under Suspicion: Being regarded with distrust or as a possible culprit. - He's under suspicion for the theft.

Under the Bed: Positioned beneath a bed. - She found her missing book under the bed.

Under the Circumstances: Considering the present situation. - She did the best she could under the circumstances.

Under the Command Of: Being led or controlled by someone. - The soldiers were under the command of the general.

Under the Impression That: Believing or thinking something based on information received. - I was under the impression that the event was canceled.

Under the Influence (Of): Affected by alcohol, drugs, or another substance. - He was arrested for driving under the influence.

Under the Misapprehension: Holding a mistaken or incorrect belief. - He was under the misapprehension that it was a holiday.

Under the Radar: Without being noticed or detected. - They operated under the radar to avoid attention.

Under Treatment: Receiving medical or therapeutic care. - She's currently under treatment for her illness.

Up the Stairs: Moving in an upward direction on a staircase. - Let's go up the stairs to the second floor.

With My Friends: In the company of my friends. - I like to spend time with my friends.

With regard to: Concerning; in relation to; with respect to.Let's discuss your question with regard to the project.

With the exception of: Except for; not including; apart from.Everyone passed the test, with the exception of John.

Within the City: Inside or located within the city limits. - Their new office is within the city.

Without a Break: Continuously; without interruption. - She worked without a break for hours.

Without a doubt: Certainly; unquestionably; definitely.He is without a doubt the best candidate.

Without a Hitch: Without any problems or difficulties. - The event went off without a hitch.

Without Delay: Immediately; without waiting. - Please respond without delay.

Without Doubt: Definitely; unquestionably. - He is, without doubt, the best in his field.

Without Exception: In every case; without any exclusions. - Everyone, without exception, attended the meeting.

Without Fail: Always; consistently. - He visits his parents every Sunday, without fail.

Without fail: Always; consistently; with certainty.He arrives at work at 8:00 AM without fail.

Without Foundation: Lacking a basis in fact or evidence. - His accusations are without foundation.

Without My Phone: In the absence of my phone. - I feel lost without my phone.

Without Precedent: Unprecedented; never seen or done before. - The level of success achieved is without precedent.

Without Question: Undoubtedly; beyond doubt. - Her dedication is without question.

Without Respite: Without a break or relief; continuously. - The storm raged without respite for hours.

Without Warning: Happening suddenly and unexpectedly. - The earthquake struck without warning.

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