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Physical exercise (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 9

Paragraph Writing

Physical exercise

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body according to rules. It helps to develop the growth of different organs of the body properly. Without physical exercise no one can enjoy a good health. It makes a man strong and active and keeps him free from diseases. He who takes physical exercise can build up a good health. On the other hand, he who does not take physical exercise regularly cannot build up a good health. There is a proverb in English that a sound mind lives in a sound body. In order to have a sound mind in a sound body we should take physical exercise. It helps proper circulation of blood in out body and increases the power of digestion. But all sorts of exercise are not suitable for men and women of all ages. Walking is the best kind of exercise for all. Walking in the morning and evening refreshes our body and mind. There are many people who do not take physical exercise. They fall victim to many diseases. Physical exercise enables us to build a good health which is the key to success. In fact physical exercise is very essential for all. To lead a happy and healthy life we all should take regular physical exercise.



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Physical exercise

Physical exercise encompasses various activities aimed at developing and maintaining physical fitness and overall well-being. These activities include walking, swimming, running, cycling, as well as engaging in team sports such as cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, and various forms of gymnastics. However, not all forms of exercise are equally suitable for everyone, as different activities cater to different age groups and genders. For instance, games such as cricket, football, hockey, and badminton are recommended for the young, while women may find badminton and table tennis more appropriate. Walking, on the other hand, is beneficial for the weak and the elderly. Physical exercise is essential for maintaining good health, and confers many other benefits as well. It helps prevent diseases and makes us physically strong and healthy, which is crucial for leading a fulfilling life. In fact, a sound body is a prerequisite for a sound mind, as the ancient Greeks famously said: "Build up your body if you want to build up your mind." Physical exercise provides a much-needed break from the monotony of work, and fills us with joy and fresh energy. It rejuvenates the mind and helps us return to work with renewed vigor.In addition to improving our physical and mental health, regular exercise can increase our longevity and ensure a healthy and happy life. It also instills in us the values of discipline and reliability. Therefore, it is crucial to make physical exercise a part of our daily routine. It is important to note, however, that exercise should not be taken on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. The best times to exercise are in the morning and evening.In conclusion, physical exercise is an indispensable component of a healthy and fulfilling life. It not only enhances our physical well-being, but also has a positive impact on our mental health, work productivity, and overall quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to make exercise a priority and incorporate it into our daily routine.

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Physical exercise is regulated exertion of the limbs for their balanced development. It is as much important as nourishing food and recuperative rest. By taking regular physical exercise a man can invigorate his body and refreshes his mind. It makes a man strong and stout. It keeps the body and mind sound. A man with sound health is really happy. He can enjoy the world. He can take part in any work with happy mood. Physical exercise makes a man active, energetic and free from diseases. It brings all the muscles into play and strengthens them all. There are many kinds of games and sports, each of which is a good form of physical exercise. Some of them are cricket, football, walking, racing, rowing, riding on horseback, gymnastics and drills. Some people don’t take care of taking physical exercise because they cannot appreciate the importance of this. They should know that physical exercise helps a man possess sound health. They are not to suffer from various diseases if they are take physical exercise. So, we must realise the importance of physical exercise in our life.

Physical Exercise

Exercise of different parts of the body is said to be physical exercise. This is essential for keeping the body fit. There is a glaring proverb, "A sound mind in a sound body". That is, if the body is unsound, the mind must be unsound too. Indeed it is not possible to keep good health without proper physical exercise. It makes our muscles strong and active. It gives us immense pleasure and energy. It increases the power of digestion. It also keeps the body free from manifold diseases. In order to maintain good health, we have to take regular physical exercise. But physical exercise must be well regulated, systematic and balanced. Again, exercise after food is not suitable for health. There are different types of exercise, such as - walking, swimming, riding, rowing and jogging are the most common form of exercises. Games and sports particularly, outdoor games like Football, volley-ball, basket ball, badminton, and cricket meet the demand of physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps our body fit as well as offers ample opportunity for our longevity in this world. So, everyone should take physical exercise regularly.

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise offers numerous benefits for both our physical and mental well-being. Engaging in regular exercise helps to keep our body active and our muscles strong, while also enhancing digestion and blood circulation. Furthermore, exercise has a positive impact on brain function, leading to improved mental clarity and cognitive abilities. Individuals who maintain a consistent exercise regimen are less prone to diseases and illnesses, enabling them to work harder and achieve greater success in their endeavors. Additionally, exercise plays a crucial role in promoting mental health by reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and negativity, while simultaneously boosting self-esteem and cognitive function. Moreover, physical activity has been shown to alleviate symptoms associated with various mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, by improving physical fitness levels and overall well-being. In summary, the benefits of physical exercise extend beyond the physical realm, positively impacting our mental health and overall quality of life.

Composition / Essay Writing

Physical exercise


Physical exercise means the regular exertion of all the limbs which help the proper blood circulation for muscles full of energy and strength. It is a sort of physical activity designed to keep us fit. A sound health which is one of the great blessings of life cannot be enjoyed without taking physical exercise. So, a man should take regular exercise to keep in good health.


We must have seen that we can keep a machine in perfect working condition if we work. If we do not set it in motion for a long time, the parts take rust and the machine goes out of order. Similar is the case with the machine that our body is. If it is not is motion for a certain period of time everyday, it ceases to be in perfect condition. If again, it is denied rest, it becomes exhausted and ceases to be of any use. In fact, both exertion and relaxation are important. Good health means a sound body with a sound mind. It is regular physical exercise which makes us physically strong and mentally sound. 


Physical exercise is of many kinds. All forms of exercises are not, however, suitable for everybody. One can take up the cheapest and the simplest. Walking is an excellent exercise. It is within the reach of all. Riding is another kind of exercise, though the majority cannot afford to take this expensive exercise. The football game is also an interesting physical exercise, provided it is not overplayed. There are many other outer games and sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Running, Swimming etc that can be taken as physical exercise. Gymnastics is the best way to take physical exercise but it is quite expensive in our country. So, everyone can at least take walking as exercise at morning and at evening. Walking is the mildest from of all and it is suitable to every age.


Physical exercise is very useful to us. It is necessary for the preservation of health. It builds a strong body and a confident mind to face the challenge of life. It brings all the muscles into play and strengthens them all. A man who takes regular physical exercise would enjoy a good digestion. His daily works too, can be done by him satisfactorily and with perfect ease. Regular games and sports can develop the spirit of team-work, fellow feeling, group-loyalty and self-discipline. By doing physical exercise one can enjoy a disease-free, sound life and all the pleasures of the world.


There is a close and vital connection the mind and the body. One cannot go without the other. If the physical condition becomes weak, the condition of mind cannot be strong. Education, we know, develops all the faculties of the mind and physical exercise develops all the parts of the body. It is, therefore, incumbent on everyone of us to take some sort of physical exercise everyday.


Everybody needs physical exercise, and as each individual’s need is different, one set of physical exercise cannot be prescribed for all. Each must ascertain his need and choose the types that are suitable for him. And he must take them regularly, because occasional exercise or exercise by fits and starts does not bring the desired result. One should take exercise strictly following the rules with proper diet and proper rest.



Physical exercise


The regular exertion of all the limbs is what characterizes physical exercise, and it is intended to stimulate proper blood circulation and impart strength and vigor to the muscles. Indeed, physical activity is a vital ingredient in keeping us fit and healthy, as a sound state of health is one of the most precious blessings in life. Consequently, it is imperative that we engage in regular physical exercise to ensure optimal physical and mental health.


As we may have observed, we can keep a machine in excellent working condition if we use it regularly. Conversely, if we let it sit idle for an extended period, its parts will rust, and it will eventually break down. The same can be said of our body, which is, in essence, a machine. If we fail to use it for a certain period each day, it will no longer be in perfect working condition. Furthermore, if we deny it rest, it becomes fatigued and unable to function correctly. Therefore, both exertion and relaxation are essential, and good health requires a sound body with a sound mind, which is what regular physical exercise provides.


There are several types of physical exercise, but not all of them are suitable for everyone. While some can afford expensive exercises like riding or gymnastics, walking remains an excellent option that is readily accessible to all. Similarly, games and sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, and swimming provide exciting physical activities. However, it is crucial to avoid overplaying these sports to prevent injuries. Gymnastics remains the best way to engage in physical exercise, but it may be too expensive for some. Therefore, everyone can take up walking in the morning and evening, which is the mildest form of physical exercise and appropriate for every age.


Physical exercise offers numerous benefits to the body and mind, and it is necessary for maintaining good health. It helps build a robust body and a confident mind that can face the challenges of life. In addition, physical exercise engages all the muscles and strengthens them, resulting in improved digestion and easier completion of daily tasks. Regular participation in games and sports instills the spirit of teamwork, fellow feeling, group loyalty, and self-discipline. Engaging in physical exercise also provides a disease-free, sound life, and enables one to enjoy all the pleasures the world has to offer.


The mind and body are intimately connected, and one cannot function optimally without the other. If the physical condition becomes weak, the mind's condition will be correspondingly affected. Education develops all the faculties of the mind, while physical exercise develops all parts of the body. Consequently, it is incumbent upon each of us to engage in some form of physical exercise every day.


Everyone needs physical exercise, but individual needs vary, and no single set of exercises is suitable for all. Each person must determine their requirements and choose appropriate activities accordingly. Regularity is crucial, as occasional or intermittent exercise does not produce the desired results. Proper diet and rest must also be observed while engaging in physical exercise, adhering strictly to the prescribed rules.


In summary, physical exercise is a critical aspect of maintaining optimal physical and mental health. It offers numerous benefits to the body and mind, strengthens muscles, improves digestion, and provides a disease-free, sound life. Everyone needs physical exercise, but individual needs may vary, and proper diet and rest must be observed. Therefore, it is crucial to engage in physical exercise regularly, strictly following the rules and adhering to proper diet and rest.

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