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The thing we do regularly for enjoymentrather than work is called pastime. In other words, pastime means one's activities in one's leisure. It differs from place to place. In our country pastime varies in respect of locality.-In the village, we see men pass their leisure by chatting. They also indulge in some games and sports, namely ha-du-du, boat race, kiting etc. Some village people have their pastimes by doing social activities. Some take part in cultural activities like 'Jatra', 'Jari-gan' etc. In the town, we see people have their pastimes by taking part in the discussion on political issues at tea-stalls. In this scientific era, their pastimes have changed. They are fond of spending their leisure before television. They watch programmes of different satellite channels. The younger generation are very much fond of cricket and hence they prefer sports channels. The women in the city area are fond of watching drama and films on television. The Chinese spend their time with their family members in parks. The Japanese love sports and spend their time in playing baseball, golf and practising martial arts. Students spend their leisure in English clubs or art clubs or doing skate boarding. Thus pastimes vary from region to region. The pastimes which are common all over the world are watching television, reading novels, collecting stamps, sight seeing, gardening, walking, gossiping, fishing, going on picnics etc. I have a keen interest in photography. That is why it is my favourite pastime.


Pastime refers to one's hobby or work during one's free time. It is not one's main business. Pastimes vary from person to person, society to society and country to country. In our country the village people pass their leisures by gossiping, playing outdoor and indoor games, fishing, boating, swimming, gardening, visiting neighbours and relatives and joining village cultural functions and by watching 'IV programmes. The city dwellers spend their free time by joining clubs, visiting parks, zoos, museums, international fairs and historical spots. They also enjoy their free time by swimming, boating and fishing in the big lakes, by reading magazines, newspapers and books, 1.y watching international sporting events at the stadium and travelling and gardening. Our children and the young community have a great fondness and interestfor band and pop music. The Chinese enjoy their pastimes by visiting parks and watching TV programmes at evening. Playing baseball, golf and practising martial arts are the popular pastimes in Japan. The Germans are fond of passing their leisures by travelling, walking, hiking, dancing, visiting families and friends. In Canada skiing, hiking, snow boarding, hunting, camping, bird watching, fishing, boating and swimming in large lakes or sea-beaches are common pastimes. Today watching TV programmes is the most common pastime all over the world. The value of pastimes is very great in our life. It helps to remove the monotony of routine life and keeps our mind cheerful and playful. I am a college student. I pass my leisures by travelling and by reading magazines and newspapers. One's life become dismal and cheerless if one does not enjoy one's free time and holidays properly.


Man’s life is usually bound by routine. Pastime affords an opportunity to escape out of the prison or routine and breathe the tonic air of freedom. This, therefore, is always a source of joy whenever it comes. . Pastime is the sweetest of moments when a man has nothing to do. . Pastime is also important for the progress of civilisation. It is the basis of all culture. During pastime a person is his own master and can dispose of his time according to his own sweet will. In other words, it is a time when the mind is relaxed, and the body is at rest. Sometimes it becomes a problem to find out the way to get leisure. As a remedy for this, it is necessary for all of us to cultivate some hobby. Some people like to play cards, some to watch films, others to go shopping or visiting friends. Those who love the air of the countryside may surrender to the joy of standing out in the open and feed their sense with the sights and sounds that create beauty and music all around them. Yet there are others who just like to settle down with a good book. Whatever the concept of pastime is, one must derive enjoyment and happiness from it. Practising the hobbies during pastime time our minds may have rest and relaxation. Thus leisure is the essence of life.

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