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Early Marriage (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Feb 23

Paragraph Writing

Early Marriage/ Premature Marriage/Child Marriage

Early marriage is an act of getting married at a tender age when the individual is not fully mature to take responsible or not reaching the proper adult age. In Bangladesh the legal age for marriage is 21 for boys and 18 for girls. Despite this legislation, the average age for marriage of girls is 16.4 years. We find that illiteracy, poverty, selfish attitude, unconsciousness, religious misinterpretation, superstitions, social customs, discriminatory attitude towards girls, wrong idea about girls education, dowry system, etc. are some of the causes of premature marriage. Early marriage is seen as a way to “protect” a girl’s sexuality in an unsafe environment. The effects of premature marriage are, no doubt, harmful for health and mind of a female child. The girls cannot adjust with the new environment of their in-law’s house. They cannot serve their husbands’ families properly. In such a condition of their health, weak baby is born with different complications. As a result, it leads to family conflict and misunderstanding. Sometimes, premature marriage leads to divorce, suicide, and unnatural death. To encourage female education and to discourage early marriage our government has taken some positive steps, such as giving stipends to girls, recruiting more female teachers etc. To prevent thispunishable offense, the conscious people should come forward. The parents should be made aware of the bad effects of premature marriage. Different mass media can play an important role in solving the problem. Early marriage perpetuates an unequal society, increasing female vulnerability, powerlessness and assetlessness, as well as restricting personal and psychological development and having hazardous health effects. To sum up, because of negative effect on young people’s development as well as marriage itself, people should not get married early.


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Early Marriage/ Premature Marriage/Child Marriage

Early marriage, defined as marrying before reaching maturity, remains a prevalent issue in Bangladesh, particularly in rural areas where illiteracy rates are high. Often, decisions regarding marriage are made without considering the long-term consequences, driven by factors such as poverty and societal norms. In many villages, guardians view daughters as burdens and seek to marry them off as soon as possible to alleviate financial strain. However, early marriage poses significant risks, especially for young girls who are not physically or emotionally prepared for marriage and childbirth. Pregnancy at a tender age can lead to complications, including maternal mortality, and children born to young mothers may suffer from health issues. To address early marriage, it is crucial to raise awareness about its harmful effects and empower communities to make informed decisions. Campaigns should focus on dispelling the notion that daughters are burdens and highlight the importance of education in improving their prospects. Educating parents about the health risks associated with early pregnancy and advocating for access to reproductive healthcare can also help mitigate the impact of early marriage. Furthermore, efforts should be made to provide support and resources to families, particularly those living in poverty, to alleviate economic pressures that contribute to early marriage. By promoting gender equality, empowering girls through education, and fostering community dialogue, we can work towards ending the practice of early marriage and ensuring a brighter future for all.

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Early Marriage in Bangladesh

Early marriage in Bangladesh remains a deeply rooted social issue, with complex causes and wide-ranging effects. One of the main factors contributing to early marriage is poverty. Many families, particularly in rural areas, marry off their daughters at a young age to reduce the financial burden of their upbringing. This practice is often driven by the belief that daughters are the responsibility of their parents until they are married. Traditional and cultural norms also play a significant role, as some communities value early marriage as a way to maintain family honor and control female sexuality. Additionally, limited access to education and economic opportunities for girls can perpetuate the cycle of early marriage, as families may view marriage as the only viable option for their daughters. The consequences of early marriage in Bangladesh are far-reaching and often detrimental. Young brides face numerous health risks, including early pregnancies and childbirth, which can lead to maternal mortality and infant mortality rates. Early marriage can hinder a girl's education, limiting her opportunities for personal and economic development. Moreover, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated, as young brides often lack the skills and resources to improve their economic status. The practice also perpetuates gender inequality, as girls are married off before they can make informed choices about their own lives. Early marriage can lead to domestic violence and mental health issues, as young brides are often ill-prepared to navigate the challenges of married life. Breaking free from this cycle requires multifaceted efforts, including providing better access to education for girls, raising awareness about the negative consequences of early marriage, and challenging traditional norms that perpetuate this practice. Empowering young girls with the skills and knowledge to make informed choices about their futures is crucial for breaking the cycle of early marriage in Bangladesh and promoting gender equality and women's rights.

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