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Your mother (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Feb 21

Paragraph Writing

Your mother

My mother, a remarkable woman of extraordinary strength, has had an indelible impact on my life. Her unwavering determination, unselfishness, and compassionate nature have served as a model for my own personal growth and development. Throughout my formative years, she offered unyielding support, guidance, and counsel, always with a keen understanding of the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead. Her vast knowledge and intellectual acumen were further complemented by her inimitable nurturing spirit, a quality that has left a profound imprint on my character.As a mother, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her children, deftly navigating the complexities of parenthood with both grace and authority. Through her teachings, she instilled in me the values of respect, kindness, and empathy, urging me to embrace the differences that define us as human beings. Her boundless love and selflessness remain an enduring source of inspiration, reminding me to approach life's challenges with a spirit of resilience and optimism.Beyond her role as a mother, my mother is a respected scholar and academic, renowned for her erudition and contributions to the field of education. Her tireless efforts to further knowledge and advance the field of learning have earned her a place of great esteem within the academic community. In all aspects of her life, my mother serves as a beacon of excellence, inspiring those around her to reach for their highest potential and to strive for excellence in all that they do.In sum, my mother is a truly extraordinary individual, a paragon of virtue and a source of great pride and inspiration. Her legacy of compassion, intellect, and selflessness will continue to shape my life and the lives of those who have had the privilege of knowing her.

Model Answer-2

Your mother

My mother is an incredible woman with amazing strength, and she has had a huge impact on my life. Her determination, kindness, and caring nature have been a guiding light for me as I've grown up. She's always been there for me, offering support, advice, and understanding whenever I've faced challenges. Her wisdom and nurturing spirit have shaped who I am today. As a mother, she has shown unwavering dedication to her children, balancing love and discipline with grace. She's taught me important values like respect, kindness, and empathy, encouraging me to embrace our differences. Her love and selflessness continue to inspire me, reminding me to stay strong and positive in tough times.

But my mother isn't just a mother – she's also a respected scholar and educator. Her hard work and dedication to learning have earned her admiration in the academic world. She's a shining example of excellence, motivating others to strive for their best in everything they do. In summary, my mother is an extraordinary person who sets a high standard for kindness, intelligence, and generosity. Her influence will always be a part of me, guiding me to be the best person I can be. I'm proud to have her as my mother, and I'm grateful for all she has taught me.

Model Answer-3


The sweet word that is mixed up with our existence and feeling is ‘mother’. Every young child starts its life just uttering this very word. The same thing happens to me. My mother is dearest to me in the world. She loves me dearly. My mother is a woman of thirty/thirty five/ forty. She is gentle, amiable, patient and loving. Her heart always yearns for me. She is always anxious to see me happy. Since my birth I have always been with her. I have grown up under her affection and care. Without her loving care, my existence on earth would be impossible. She loves me more than anybody else on earth. Her joy knows no bounds if she finds me happy. If I fall ill, she becomes very anxious. When I come round, her face beams with smile. Her calm and gentle look is a source of hope and inspiration to me. If I am to write anything about her, I feel inclined to write a big volume and not a paragraph. Thank the Almighty that He has blessed me with such a mother.

Composition / Essay Writing

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