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Our National Flag (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

Updated: Feb 22

Paragraph Writing

Our National Flag

The flag which denotes the freedom and sovereignty of a nation is known as a national flag. The national flag of Bangladesh is bottle green in color and rectangular in size with the length to width ratio of 10:6. It bears a red circle on the background of green. The color in the background represents the vitality, youthfulness and greenery of Bangladesh while the red circle symbolizes the rising sun and the sacrifice of lives in our freedom fight in the Liberation War of 1971. The national flag was designed by painter Kamrul Hasan. Its size is confined to10:6. It was first hoisted on the March 3, 1971 by ASM Abdur Rab at the historic ‘Bat tala’ in Dhaka University  campus. It is hoisted at govt. offices, semi-government, self-autonomous buildings, educational institutes etc every day. But it is kept at half-mast on any national or international mourning days. Our glorious national flag was purchased at too great a price at the cost of a sea of blood. The national flag of Bangladesh is our pride. Our feeling about the flag is very sensational and respectful. When we see our national flag, our heart is fulfilled with joy and respect. We bow down our heads towards it. Our duty towards it should be responsible and sacrificial. We should take an oath that we must save the honor and dignity of this flag even instead of our lives. The flag is the source of spirit, hope and inspiration.


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Our National Flag

A national flag is a symbol of a country's independence and sovereignty. The national flag of Bangladesh, designed by painter Kamrul Hasan, is a rectangular shape with a length to width ratio of 10:6 and is colored bottle green with a red circle in the center. The green represents the youthful and vibrant nature of Bangladesh, while the red circle represents the rising sun and the sacrifices made during the Liberation War of 1971. The national flag was first raised on March 3, 1971, at the historic 'Bat tala' in the Dhaka University campus by ASM Abdur Rab. It is hoisted every day at government offices, semi-government and autonomous buildings, educational institutes, and other important locations. However, the national flag of Bangladesh is not merely a symbol; it represents the sacrifices of those who fought for the country's independence. As a result, it is not just a source of pride but also of great respect and honor. It is our duty to treat the flag with reverence and to protect its honor at all costs. When we see the national flag, we feel a sense of hope and inspiration. It reminds us of the sacrifices that were made to gain independence and inspires us to work towards a better future for our country. In times of national mourning, the flag is flown at half-mast to honor the memory of those who have passed away.In conclusion, the national flag of Bangladesh represents the pride, honor, and dignity of the country. It serves as a source of inspiration and hope for the people of Bangladesh and reminds us of the sacrifices made for the country's independence. We should treat the national flag with the utmost respect and protect its honor at all costs.

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A national flag is not merely a piece of cloth but is a symbol of the love we have for our country. When the national flag is hoisted full mast, we feel proud of it. To the outside world, the national flag carries the identity of our nation. Our national flag has a proportion of 5:3; that is the width of the flag must be three fifths of the length. The design of our flag is a two-colour combination ---- red and green. The green colour is the background in the middle of which is pasted a red circle. The red circle indicates a burning sun and the green background suggests the lush green of our nature. The red sun also suggests the blood sacrificed by our people in achieving the independence. The green colour on the other hand shows the energy of our people. A great sense of honour is attached to the national flag. It is never to be desecrated. The more a country prospers, the more a national flag gains in dignity. It is our hope and aspiration that our national flag will earn a global recognition in future.

National Flag

Every free country has its own National flag. Bangladesh is also a free country. So we have our own national flag. The proportion of the length and breadth is 10 : 6 and the radius of the flag is one fifth of its length. It symbolises our sovereignty, integrity and freedom. It has a grass-green background with a red sun placed at the centre. The green background means the eternal green of Bangladesh. The red sun is the symbol of a new born nation. It depicts the bloody war of independence. The sun also means a rising nation. Everyone pays respect to his national flag. A national flag can be a great inspiration to everyone who loves his country. The national flag is sacred. It represents our country's honour. It is hoisted on solemn occasions. But unfortunately, we are using this flag on trivial occasions. Consequently, most people do not show due respect to It. They disrespect their own country. So, the Government should protect it and we should honour our motherland by showing proper respect to our national flag.

National Flag

A national flag serves as a powerful emblem of a country's sovereignty and distinctive identity on the global stage. It is a visual representation that introduces a nation to the world, symbolizing its pride and heritage. Bangladesh, like all independent countries, boasts its own national flag, which holds significant historical and cultural significance. The creation of Bangladesh in 1971 marked a momentous milestone in its history, accompanied by the unveiling of its national flag. Our flag features a vibrant green background adorned with a bold red circle at its center. The green color embodies the youthful vitality and serenity of our nation, while the red circle represents the sun of freedom that illuminates our path towards progress and prosperity. Designed by the renowned artist Quamrul Hassan, our national flag adheres to specific proportions, with a length-to-width ratio of 10:6 and a red sun with a radius equal to one-fifth of the flag's length. The flag holds great significance and is proudly displayed on government office buildings, Bangladesh High Commissions abroad, and even at the United Nations. Additionally, our national flag serves as a symbol of honor for our armed forces, proudly borne by our personnel during peacekeeping missions abroad. It adorns the vehicles of our esteemed leaders, including the President, Prime Minister, and Ministers, symbolizing their commitment to upholding our nation's integrity and values. As citizens of Bangladesh, it is our collective responsibility to preserve the honor and dignity of our national flag, ensuring that it remains a source of pride and inspiration for generations to come.

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