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Adult Literacy (Paragraph / Composition / Essay on)

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Illiteracy is a curse for a nation. It is a serious problem for the overall development of the country. So the necessity of adult literacy programme arises in Bangladesh. To educate the illiterate mass is called adult literacy. This programme views to giving knowledge of letters to the illiterate people. Its main aim is to make them aware and responsible citizens capable of reading, writing and doing necessary calculations which are very much needed in practical life. Illiterate people do not know what is right and what is wrong and are not conscious of their rights and duties. So, to make responsible citizen adult literacy is necessary. Without adult literacy we are unable to control population explosion. In order to develop our country in all respects adult literacy is a must. To remove this illiteracy steps should be taken by the government. Opening night schools at every village should be made compulsory. The poor people should be supplied with all the items which are necessary for learning. For this all of us have come to come forward and to work in collaboration with the government.

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Illiteracy poses a significant challenge to any nation, hindering its overall development. In Bangladesh, the need for adult literacy programs is apparent. Adult literacy refers to the education of those who lack basic reading and writing skills. The primary objective of these programs is to equip individuals with the ability to read, write, and perform essential calculations, essential skills for functioning effectively in society. The aim is to cultivate awareness and responsibility among the illiterate population, enabling them to become informed and conscientious citizens. Without literacy, individuals struggle to discern right from wrong and lack awareness of their rights and responsibilities. Therefore, adult literacy is crucial for fostering a sense of citizenship and contributing to the control of population growth. In order to advance our nation comprehensively, adult literacy initiatives are imperative. The government must take proactive measures to address this issue. Establishing night schools in every village should be mandated, ensuring accessibility to education for all. Additionally, providing necessary resources to facilitate learning for economically disadvantaged individuals is essential. It is imperative for all stakeholders, including citizens, to collaborate with the government in tackling illiteracy. By working together, we can effectively combat this challenge and pave the way for a more educated and prosperous society.

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