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Acid Violence​ (Paragraph / Composition / Essay on )

Updated: Feb 23

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The Danger of Acid Violence

Acid throwing on human bodies is the worst deed of all. Acid violence is the most inhuman act in this civilized society, (4W Today it is the most heinous and brutal crime in this modern world. When anything is damaged by throwing acid, it is called acid violence. It is one of the most merciless and unpardonable crimes. It is a panic news that acid violence is increasing in our society wonderfully day by day. Mainly women and girls are the worst victims of' this cowardice violence. A young man having no moral sense usually commits this brutal act. Having failed to win the love of girls, some senseless and unwise young people throw acid on. '. bodies. Illiteracy is the root cause of acid throwing in our society. Gender discrimination is another root cause of it. Dowry-hunter husbands also mainly cause acid violence on their wives. Some hunters throw acid on their enemies to take revenge . Social unconsciousness is greatly liable for this brutal act. The effect of acid throwing is very panic and painful. In most cases the acid victims lose their invaluable eves. Acid violence makes their beautiful appearance very ugly as like as ghosts. Some victims become fully paralyzed forever. Those who survive lead a very miserable and sorrowful life. They lose their status and dignity in the society. They are deprived of love and affection of near and dear ones. Developed social consciousness is a must to stamp out this inhuman act. Illiteracy and gender discrimination must be eradicated to stop this cowardice deed. It is high time we started a strong campaign against acid violence in order to build up a happy and 'decent society.


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Acid violence

Acid violence is a deeply disturbing crime that has unfortunately become increasingly common in our society. Perpetrated by a few individuals, this crime primarily targets women, making them the most vulnerable victims in our male-dominated society. Women often face severe consequences for rejecting advances or proposals from men, with acid violence being one of the most extreme forms of retaliation. In some cases, acid violence stems from disputes over dowry payments or other personal conflicts, exacerbating the already dire situation. The repercussions of acid attacks are devastating, not only causing physical harm but also leaving victims in a state of perpetual fear and psychological trauma. The effects of acid attacks are life-altering, leaving victims scarred both physically and emotionally. To combat acid violence, collective action and awareness are essential. Women must remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings, while law enforcement agencies must rigorously enforce laws to deter perpetrators and hold them accountable for their actions. Additionally, providing proper treatment and support to victims is imperative, and government initiatives must be strengthened in this regard. It is heartening to see the government's determination to impose harsh penalties, including the death sentence, on acid throwers. However, our efforts must extend beyond punitive measures to address the root causes of this heinous crime and create a society where such violence is unthinkable. Ultimately, it is only through sincere and united action that we can eradicate acid violence and ensure a safer and more just society for all.

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