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Acid Rain (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Feb 19

Paragraph Writing


Nowadays environment pollution is one of the most talked of topics all around the world. Because, environment pollution causes various disasters to human life. Acid rain is one of them. Acid is a chemical compound, usually a liquid. Acids are usually sour and can burn or damage things they touch. Acid corrodes things. Acid pollution spoils the colour of paint, weakens leather and washes away building materials. Acid pollution can cause damage to trees, lakes, wildlife, buildings etc. When acid instead of water falls from the sky, it is called acid rain. Acid rain contains harmful chemicals. Substances called acids have a sharp taste known as acidity. Ordinary rainwater is slightly acidic. But in severely polluted areas rain can be as acidic as the acids of lemon juice or vinegar. This rain which is very acidic can cause damage to trees, lakes, wildlife, buildings and human health. There is a link between acid rain and damage to human health. Breathing in the chemicals can harm people causing chest illness. Also, when acid rain causes the release of chemicals and metals into drinking water it can damage people’s health. The acid rain that falls on earth mingles with natural water. We get our drinking water from this natural water. Thus our drinking water is affected by acid rain. The acid rain has an adverse reaction on stained glass windows because it fades the colour of glass. In a word acid rain is very harmful. We should take all necessary steps to keep our environment sound and health.    

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                     Acid Rain

Rain water that pours down mixing with acidic substances is known as a acid rain. Acid rain contains various harmful chemical elements created by mills, factories, brick fields, power houses, buses and rail-engines. Acid rain has a sharp taste of acid. The indiscriminate use of toxic chemicals in mills. factories and power houses is the root cause of acid rain. Our ignorance regarding our duties to the environment and main kind is another root cause of acid pollution. The bad effect of acid rain is very dangerous/severe/alarming. Today it has become the global problem. It is very harmful to wild life, trees and forests. As a result it causes imbalance in the environment. It also does a great harm to buildings. It damages the building materials and washes any colour of paints of the building. Owing to acid rain the buildings lose their straight and they gradually collapse. Acid rain also harms the world famous Taj Mahal and the costly buildings which are mainly made of glass. In order to control acid rain, developed awareness must be created, the random and the wide-spread use of various toxic chemicals must be checked. If we fail to control the wide-spread use of toxic chemical, the wild life, trees and environment will be endangered seriously. In a word, our exist on earth and many other historical structure are the victim of acid pollution will be hampered surely

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Composition / Essay Writing

   Acid Rain

In today's world, environmental pollution has become a topic of global concern due to its detrimental effects on human life. Among the various forms of pollution, acid rain stands out as a significant threat. Acids, chemical compounds typically in liquid form, possess corrosive properties that can damage whatever they come into contact with. Acid pollution manifests in several ways, including discoloration of paint, deterioration of leather, and erosion of building materials, leading to widespread environmental degradation.

Acid rain, a consequence of acid pollution, occurs when acidic substances fall from the sky instead of water. This phenomenon is particularly harmful as it contains harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on ecosystems. In severely polluted areas, rainwater can be as acidic as lemon juice or vinegar, causing extensive damage to trees, lakes, wildlife, buildings, and even human health. The acidity of rainwater is especially concerning as it can lead to respiratory issues when inhaled and contaminate drinking water sources, posing significant health risks.

Moreover, the adverse effects of acid rain extend to cultural and architectural heritage, such as stained glass windows, which can fade in color due to exposure. Overall, the impact of acid rain underscores the urgent need for comprehensive environmental protection measures to safeguard both the planet and human health.

In conclusion, acid rain represents a grave threat to ecosystems, human health, and cultural heritage. Mitigating this phenomenon requires concerted efforts to reduce acid pollution and preserve the integrity of our environment. By taking proactive steps to address this issue, we can ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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