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Our College / School Common Room (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

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Our College Common Room

A college common room is a place where the students of a college get together and spend their free time by reading books and magazines or by playing indoor games or by gossiping. It is an important part of education. Every school or college belongs to a common room, big or small. A college common room is' one which belongs to a college. Ours is a very old and big college in the district. It has a good reputation throughout the country. There is a big common room for the students in our college campus. It is located on the ground floor of the main building of our college. It is decorated nicely. It faces to the south. So it is well-airy and well-lighted. There is a nice arrangement for indoor games in our college common room. In a word, the students of our college enjoy all recreational facilities in the college common room during leisure hours and off periods. The room has chairs, desks and table and other necessary tools for the students. We spend our leisure hours and off periods in the common room by playing indoor games, by reading newspapers and magazine and by watching educational programmes on the TV screen. The female students usually spend their free time by playing indoor games in our college common room. It is a great attraction for us. We always keep it neat and clean. We abide by the rules and discipline of the common room. A lively atmosphere `f) exists in our college common room. No outsider or smoker is allowed here. It is free from all kinds of pollutions. Without a nice common room, the college life becomes dismal and gloomy. It removes the monotony of hard studies of the student. So a college common room is a must for each and even, college.

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  Our School Common Room

The school common room serves as an essential component of our educational institution, offering a hub for recreation and relaxation. Situated on the ground floor with ample ventilation and south-facing windows, it provides a welcoming environment for students seeking respite from their academic routines. The common room boasts a well-appointed interior, furnished with desks, chairs, and tables for communal use. A selection of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals are readily available for leisurely reading, enriching students' knowledge during free periods. Additionally, the room is equipped with various indoor gaming facilities, including carom boards, table tennis, and chess sets, facilitating moments of enjoyment and camaraderie among peers. A color television and radio set further enhance the entertainment options available. Beyond recreational activities, the common room serves as a venue for engaging in spirited political discussions and social interactions, fostering a sense of community among students. While conversations and gossip are commonplace, smoking is strictly prohibited, ensuring a healthy and conducive environment for all. In essence, the school common room holds significant allure for students, playing an integral role in shaping their school experience and fostering a sense of belonging within the institution.

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