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MY NEIGHBOURS/ MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Feb 22

Paragraph Writing

My Neighbour

Man is a social being. He lives in the society with his family and there are neighbours all around him. I live at Lalkhan Bazar in the city of Chittagong. I have my neighbours too. Our neighbours are gentle and amiable people. Most of them are government officers. All of them are highly educated. Some of my neighbours are businessmen, a few of them are doctors, some are day labourers, some are teachers and the rest of them are engaged in other professions. My neighbours are all peace-loving people. We live in complete peace and harmony with one another. When any of us falls ill or into any difficulty, others go out of their way to help him. Most of my neighbours are Muslims. There are some Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. No problem arises among different communities. In different social occasions we co-operate with one another. Of my neighbours there are two school teachers. Now and then, I go to their houses and talk about my studies. They help me willingly. On the whole, our environment is of peace and happiness.

Model Answer-2


Very few people are blessed with good neighbours. I am lucky to have such good neighbour. I live in a town. I have a number of neighbours. Of them all, I like one most. The neighbour I like most is my next-door neighbour. His name is Mr. ‘X’. He is a young man of twenty eight years. We have known each other for about five years. He is endowed with many good qualities. He is a good student. He has a sound health. He is by nature, amiable and cheerful. He always considers the good to his neighbours. He is co-operative and friendly without getting into any kind of quarrels with them. Courtesy goes a long way and even if any of his neighbours is the quarrelsome kind, his pleasant manner changes the disturbing one. He visits us on every happy occasion and expenses his joy. If any neighbour is in trouble and needs help, he doesn’t wait for extending his helping hand. In my distress, he is always the first man to offer his services. He guides me too. He also has great affection for me. I do not find any blemish in his personality. After all, that is what being a good neighbour is all about. I am really proud of having such an ideal man as my neighbour.

Model Answer-3


The word ‘neighbour’ means a person who lives in houses, streets etc. near another. My neighbours are the people who live close to my house. I have a number of neighbours. Most of them are very kind-hearted and progressive minded. A few of them are conservative. My neighbours are of different occupations. Some are businessmen; some are service holders, some doctors and teachers. We live side by side as a unit of a single family. We live in collaboration with one another. When one of my neighbours falls in danger, we all extend our helping hands to him. Sometimes the difference of opinion arises among ourselves. It creates a temporary misunderstanding with some of my neighbours. It is a matter of happiness that it does not last long. We feel sorry for the misunderstanding and compromise it honourably. We share our joys and sorrows among ourselves. Whenever we become ill, our good neighbours come to nurse us back to health. We often consult our problems. My neighbours are not my relatives but more than my relatives. On occasion of different ceremonies and religious festivals we become a family. I am very proud and happy to have such neighbours.

My Next-door Neighbour

A next-door neighbour is a person living (residing) adjacent to our house or flat. I have got a next-door neighbour named Mr. Abdul Hakim. He is about 45. He is an B. A. (Hops), M.A. M-Ed. He is a reputed Principal of a college. He is well-educated, well-behaved and well-dressed. He is very sociable, social, amiable kind, helpful, co-operative and friendly. He is very dutiful and responsible too. In a word Mr. Hakim is a very nice man. He always remains cheerful . He is never rude to anybody. He is highly respected and loved everywhere. Yet he has no pride (wkzai4 He Is a very good friend of my father. He often visits our house and asks me about my progress in studies. This noble man always advises me what I should do and what I should not do. When any members of our family fall ill, he comes first. Again, when our family faces any problem, he tries hard to solve it. He has a younger son named Jabiaryer. He is of my own age. He is very friendly and modest. We go to school and play together. Mr.Hakim is fond of fishing in the lake and canals and Jabiayer is fond of playing football and gardening, The kind-hearted next-door neighbour hardly thinks of his own betterment and interest . Now-a-days such a noble next-door neighbour is seldom found in our society. Thanks Allah! I such a nice next-door neighbour. It can be said that a social life can not be successful and fruitful without a good next-door neighbour. So a next-door neighbour plays a vital role in making our life happy and comfortable.


The Neighbour I Like Most

Neighbours are the people who live near us, and in my village, I am fortunate to have some wonderful neighbours with various professions. Among them, Mr. Hasan stands out as my favourite due to his kind and helpful nature. He is a doctor and lives right next door. Mr. Hasan is always ready to lend a hand whenever we face troubles or difficulties. Whenever someone in our family falls ill, he generously offers his medical expertise and even provides us with necessary medicines. He never hesitates to assist, even if it means being called in the middle of the night. Mr. Hasan is incredibly sociable and interacts warmly with everyone in the community. His friendly demeanor and willingness to help make him a trusted figure in our village. He harbours no ill will towards anyone and treats everyone with respect and kindness. Whenever I visit him, he greets me warmly and makes me feel welcome. Moreover, Mr. Hasan's generosity extends beyond his own family, as he offers free treatment to those in need, regardless of their social status. He is truly an exemplary individual, and I am proud to have such a compassionate and supportive neighbour like him.

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