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MY LAST DAY AT SCHOOL(Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Some memories in our life are so painful that they tend to bring tears to our eyes. The memory of my first day at school is one such example. I always look back and call up in my mind the sweet school days. I had to bid farewell to my school as I was going to sit for my SSC examination. For seven long years I was an inseparable part of the institution. Now it exists only in my memory. All the nooks and corners of the big building were intimately familiar to me. To each of them clings some sweet fond memory of days gone by. As I went to receive my admit card of my S.S.C. Examination, all the memories of the past began to crowd over in my mind. The wavy green grasses on the field were alluring and we had walked, sat or played there almost every day during our time at the school. Before departing, we flocked to the Headmaster’s room. With a heavy heart we took leave of him. Some of us touched his feet. He showered blessings on all of us. We went round to other teachers and paid our respect to them as well. When all the formalities were over, we trooped past the gate. Farid Mia, the college gatekeeper, cast us a mournful glance. My eyes became full of tears as I met his moist eyes. Indeed the day was a memorable one which I can never forget in my life.

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