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My Idea About Leisure (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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My Idea About Leisures

Leisure refers to free time which is free from routine works of one's life. The works done during one's free time are known as leisure pursuits, or pastimes. A life can not be fruitful and successful without leisure persuits or pastimes. In our country most village men usually spend their free time by gossiping in tea-stalls,by playing village out door games, by fishing in canals, rivers, haors and beels and by joining rural cultural functions. The village women usually pass their leisures by gossiping and by visiting their neighbours and villagers. The village children spend their free time by flying kites, by plucking flowers and by swimming in ponds, canals and rivers. Today village people watch television programmes at evening and at night. But the city people/dwellersusually enjoy their leisures by visiting parks, zoos, various international fairs, historical places and by joining different clubs. They also pass their free time by swimming, boating and fishing in the big lakes. Besides, many city dwellers enjoy their free-time by reading story books. newspapers and magazines and by watching international sports and games on n7 screen. Today the most common pastime is watching various TV programmes. Travelling, gardening, painting, drawing pictures etc are also the popular leisure pursuits Nowa¬days the young society is very fond of listening to band and pop-music. Inwinter football, ha do- do, cricket and various village games are held inour country. The people of Bangladesh are fond of making picnic to the important spots in winter. The value of a leisure pursuit is very great in our life. It helps to wipe out the monotony of routine works and keeps our mind cheerful. I am a college student and have a great interest in travelling and reading magazines and story books during my off time. It is travelling which helps one to broaden one s outlook and knowledge.

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