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MY GARDEN (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Man was first placed in a garden on his creation. Man’s first home before his fall was a garden and a garden will be his final abode if he is pure. Garden is, therefore, the place where the innocent live. Man’s love of garden is, however, quite evident. Many changes have taken place in the world. Man’s tastes, too have changed, but his love of garden has remained undiminished despite all these changes. My garden is a fenced area in our front yard. It is rectangular in size, 20 feet in length and 15 feet in width. I have been working on the garden for the last three months. In the first month I dug up the earth well. Soon a nice flower bed took shape. My father watched me doing the hard work and said that I was becoming a floriculturist. He helped me to show the right seeds of various flowers. I planted ‘dalia’, ‘lily’, ‘sandhamalati’ and ‘jui’ in a row and in another row two types of roses. As spring came, my flower plants bloomed into a dazzling array of flowers. Such a display of colourful flowers pleases not only me but also others. This garden also enables me to do some manual labour which is good for health. My garden is a source of great pleasure and joy to me.

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