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My Favourite Teacher / The Teacher I like Best (Paragraph / Composition / Essay on)

Updated: Feb 22

Paragraph Writing

My Favourite Teacher / The Teacher I like Best

An ideal teacher is one of the most important and invaluable assets of a society or a country. He can build-up, change and reform a society or a nation according to his own dream and philosophy . I have got many good teachers. Mr. Abdur Rasheed is my favourite teacher of all. He comes of an educated Muslim family at Durgapur, Ashugonj, B. Baria. He is an English teacher. He is about 54. He is a B. Com. B-Ed. He has some special qualities . He is well-educated, well-experienced well-trained up, well-behaved and well dressed. He is very dutiful, responsible, punctual, persevering kind, Sociable,amiable polite, gentle, friendly, co-operative, helpful and sympathetic He is always truthful and cheerful . He is never rude to none. He is always cheerful. His teaching method is very nice. He has/possesses a good command over English. His voice is very sweet and clear. He always makes any lesson very interesting. easy and simple to his students. We never feels bored in his class . He always maintains discipline strictly and he teaches us the value of discipline and the importance of a good moral character which is the best ornament of our life . He advises us to be an ideal citizen . He never thinks of his own comfort and happiness. Such an ideal teacher is seldom found in society. He is my best teacher, guide and friend.

My Favourite Teacher / The Teacher I like Best

An ideal teacher represents an invaluable asset within society or a nation, possessing the potential to construct, transform, and reform the very fabric of their environment in alignment with their vision and philosophy. In my personal educational journey, I have been fortunate to encounter several exemplary educators; however, Mr. Abdur Rasheed stands out as my most esteemed mentor. Hailing from a distinguished and erudite Muslim family in Durgapur, Ashugonj, B. Baria, Mr. Rasheed specializes in English instruction and boasts an impressive academic background, holding qualifications of a B.Com and B.Ed. His exceptional attributes encompass a profound reservoir of knowledge, extensive pedagogical experience, refined etiquette, and a sartorial elegance that is emblematic of his professionalism. Mr. Rasheed's commitment to his vocation is remarkable, exemplified by his unwavering sense of duty, punctuality, perseverance, kindness, sociability, amiability, politeness, gentility, friendliness, cooperativeness, helpfulness, and an innate capacity for empathy. His moral compass is unwavering, characterized by a commitment to truthfulness and an ever-present cheerfulness. As an educator, he possesses an extraordinary aptitude for disseminating knowledge, employing a teaching methodology that captures the attention and interest of his students, rendering even the most complex subjects accessible and comprehensible. His mastery of the English language is unmistakable, accentuated by a melodious and articulate voice that adds a melodious cadence to his lessons. Beyond imparting academic content, Mr. Rasheed serves as a paragon of discipline, underscoring the importance of this virtue in our lives. He instills in his students the significance of a virtuous moral character as the most valuable adornment one can possess. His guidance extends beyond the classroom, nurturing us to aspire to be model citizens who prioritize the collective good over personal comfort and happiness. In the realm of education, individuals of Mr. Rasheed's caliber are indeed a rare and cherished find, making him not only my preeminent teacher but also a trusted guide and cherished friend.

Model Answer-2


A good teacher is a blessing upon the students who have the fortune to get acquainted with. I have an experience of having close touch with such a teacher. He is our English teacher, Mr.-----. He is a man of about 30/32/35. He is really a man of intellect and intelligence. He is the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. I wonder how he has acquired so much of knowledge and learning. He teaches us sincerely and enthusiastically. He explains till every student is satisfied. His sound arguments, easy explanations and well-knit thoughts make the students listen to him most attentively. He keeps the class lively and in good humour. He does not allow any kind of boredom or idleness to descend upon the class. His witty remarks are really pleasing and delightful. He has mastery over various subjects. But his study of English literature is so deep and vast that he is held in high esteem by the students and the staff alike. He is an industrious teacher and takes pains while teaching. His lucid language, sound knowledge and a good background of the subject make him one of the most admirable teachers of the institution. He makes his students grow the qualities of discipline, punctuality, perseverance and self-reliance. Above all, I can say that he is a great philosopher, friend and guide as well. So, I like him most.

Model Answer-3


My favourite teacher is Mr. -------------------. He is about 35 years old. He is a tall man with a slim figure. He teaches us English. He is a brilliant teacher and has an impressive command of English. His pronunciation is good and he speaks English with a foreign accent. He has got a lot of qualities. He is very gentle, polite and well-behaved. He is never rude to his students. He is very considerate and co-operative too. He helps the students when they have any problem. His technique of teaching is also impressive. In his class he creates an English environment which helps us hear English and think and interact in English. He makes his lesson interesting and keeps his students active in the class. He also makes them confident and proves clever. I am impressed by his towering personality, efficiency, devotion to duty and his affection for his students and so I like him most.


Throughout my childhood, I've been fortunate to encounter many excellent teachers, but Mr. Omar Chowdhury stands out as the best and my personal favorite. He is a highly experienced and enthusiastic individual who teaches us English. His positive and optimistic demeanor towards students is truly inspiring, making him a beloved figure not only to me but also to most of the students. Mr. Chowdhury is renowned for his exceptional ability to explain English grammar rules and principles in a way that is easy to understand. I admire his skill in capturing our attention and keeping us focused during his lessons. His clear and pleasant voice immediately draws us in, making everything he teaches appear straightforward and clear. Moreover, Mr. Chowdhury demonstrates genuine care for the weaker students by delivering his lectures in an accessible and enjoyable manner. He is respected and admired not only by students but also by our parents, other teachers, and the school principal. In his class, he frequently motivates us by instilling the belief that we have the potential to become valuable contributors to society in the future. Overall, Mr. Omar Chowdhury's unwavering optimism about our future is truly commendable, and we deeply appreciate his dedication to nurturing our growth and potential. He is not just a teacher but also a mentor who leaves a lasting impact on our lives.

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