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MY EXPERIENCE OF A STORMY NIGHT (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Human life is eventful. Some events are full of thrill and some are full of sadness. We derive some sort of pleasure when we recollect them in tranquility. I remember an event, which will remain fresh in my memory. It was a terrible experience of a stormy night. I with my family went to village to join a wedding party. On the wedding day, we were walking along a village path towards the bride’s house. It was a sunny bright May afternoon. Suddenly I could see no sun. Patches of dark, pitch-black clouds were gathering all over the western sky. And soon I couldn’t see anything. I could hear only the deafening roar of the wind. Dust, rain, leaves and branches of trees ----- all were sweeping past so fast that I couldn’t open my eyes. The party too, was scattered and swept along by the wind just like the leaves. I couldn’t even think about the others, about myself, about anything. When the sun hit my eyes, the next morning I found myself between two stay-hacks in a farmer’s yard. Then I returned to my home and found that everyone was waiting for my return. I can still remember the atrocity caused by that monster wind when I think about the experience.

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