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IELTS Speaking Part-2 Some Good News you Recently Received

Describe some good news you recently received.

You should say:

  • what the news was

  • how you received the news

  • who gave it to you

  • and explain why this was good news.

Recently, I was over the moon to receive the news that I had been accepted into my dream university. I found out about it when I received an email notification on my phone. The email was from the admissions office, and it contained the subject line "Congratulations on Your Acceptance!" To be honest, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I had been eagerly awaiting the decision, and the news brought an overwhelming sense of joy and relief.

The person who gave me this fantastic news was the admissions officer at the university. In the email, they outlined the next steps I needed to take to complete the enrollment process. It was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn't expecting to hear back from them so soon. I had been anxiously checking my email for days, and when I finally saw that acceptance message, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

This news was particularly good for me because getting into this university has been a lifelong goal. I've worked hard throughout my high school years to meet the academic requirements, and being accepted feels like a validation of my efforts. Additionally, this university is renowned for its excellent programs in my chosen field of study. This acceptance opens up new opportunities for learning and growth, and it marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in my academic journey. I am genuinely thrilled about the prospect of studying at such a prestigious institution and pursuing my passion.

In conclusion, receiving the news of my acceptance into my dream university via email from the admissions office was a moment of pure happiness and accomplishment. The unexpected nature of the news and the relief it brought, coupled with the significance of achieving a long-held aspiration, made it a truly memorable and joyous experience for me.

Model Answer:

I'd like to share a piece of good news that really brightened my day recently. It was about my job promotion, and I got to know about it through a phone call from my manager. It was a typical Monday morning, and I was sipping on my coffee when my phone rang. To my surprise, it was my manager on the other end, and with a cheerful tone, he informed me about my promotion to a higher position in the company.

The news came at a perfect time, especially considering the challenging year we've all had. It was truly unexpected, and I couldn't help but feel a rush of joy and gratitude. My manager explained that I had been recognized for my hard work and dedication to the team, and they believed in my potential to take on more responsibilities. This not only boosted my confidence but also brought a sense of accomplishment and validation for the effort I had put into my work over the past few years.

Receiving such positive news from my manager was particularly meaningful. It wasn't just about the promotion itself, but the fact that my efforts had been acknowledged by the higher-ups in the company. It made me appreciate the supportive work environment and the opportunities for growth that the company provides. The news not only marked a milestone in my career but also served as a motivation to continue striving for excellence in my professional life.

In conclusion, the recent news of my job promotion delivered through a phone call from my manager was genuinely uplifting. It brought a sense of accomplishment, validation for my hard work, and motivation for future endeavors. It was a delightful surprise that positively impacted not only my professional life but also my overall well-being.

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