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IELTS Speaking Part-2 A Sports You Would Like to Learn

Describe a sports you would like to learn.

You should say:

  • what it is

  • what equipment is needed for it

  • how you would learn it

  • and explain why you would like to learn this sport.

One sport that I've always been keen on learning is rock climbing. Rock climbing is an exhilarating outdoor activity that involves ascending natural rock formations or artificial climbing walls. The equipment required for rock climbing includes a harness, a helmet, climbing shoes, carabiners, and ropes. Additionally, chalk is often used to improve grip, especially when climbing indoor walls.

To begin learning rock climbing, I would enroll in a local climbing gym that provides introductory courses. These courses typically cover the basics of climbing techniques, safety protocols, and equipment usage. Instructors guide beginners through the fundamental skills, such as belaying and knot tying, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. As I progress, I would gradually advance to more challenging routes and outdoor climbing.

The reason I'm drawn to learning rock climbing is the unique combination of physical and mental challenges it offers. Climbing demands strength, flexibility, and problem-solving skills, making it a full-body workout that keeps both the body and mind engaged. Moreover, the sense of accomplishment when reaching the summit or completing a challenging route is immensely satisfying. Rock climbing also allows individuals to connect with nature, as outdoor climbing often takes place in scenic locations, providing a refreshing break from the routine.

In essence, the allure of rock climbing lies in its multifaceted nature – the physical fitness it promotes, the problem-solving aspect, and the opportunity to experience the beauty of natural landscapes. Learning this sport would not only be a great way to stay active but also a means of embracing new challenges and exploring the beauty of the outdoors.

Model Answer:

One sport that has always fascinated me and I would love to learn is scuba diving. Scuba diving is an underwater activity that allows individuals to explore the mesmerizing world beneath the ocean's surface. The equipment required for scuba diving includes a mask, fins, a wetsuit, a buoyancy control device, a tank of compressed air, and a regulator.

To learn scuba diving, I would enroll in a certified diving school where experienced instructors provide comprehensive training. The course typically covers theoretical knowledge about diving principles, safety procedures, and equipment usage. Practical sessions are conducted in controlled environments like swimming pools before progressing to open water dives.

The idea of exploring the underwater world has always appealed to me. Learning scuba diving would not only allow me to witness the breathtaking marine life but also provide a unique sense of tranquility and freedom beneath the surface. It's a sport that combines adventure, physical activity, and a deep connection with nature, making it a perfect choice for those seeking both excitement and relaxation.

Moreover, scuba diving offers the opportunity to overcome personal fears and challenges, promoting self-confidence and a sense of achievement. The thought of floating weightlessly in the ocean, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine species, is a captivating prospect that motivates me to pursue this exhilarating sport. Overall, the desire to explore the hidden wonders of the underwater world and the personal growth it offers make scuba diving a sport I am eager to learn.

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