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IELTS Speaking Part-2 A Language You Have Learned

Updated: Jan 24

Describe a language you have learned.

You should say:

  • what it is

  • when you started learning

  • how you learned it

  • what was difficult about it

  • and why you decided to learn that language.

I'd like to talk about my experience learning French, which is a language that I started picking up around five years ago. I chose French mainly because of its widespread use in international settings, and I thought it would be a valuable skill to have. I began my language journey during my college years, where I took formal classes to build a strong foundation.

Initially, grasping the pronunciation and getting used to the accent proved to be quite challenging. The nasal sounds were unfamiliar to me, and I often found myself struggling to replicate them accurately. However, I overcame this difficulty by practicing with native speakers through language exchange programs. It not only improved my pronunciation but also enhanced my conversational skills.

In terms of learning methods, I utilized a combination of resources. Apart from attending classes, I regularly watched French movies with subtitles, read simple French novels, and listened to French podcasts. This multifaceted approach helped me gain a comprehensive understanding of the language, including colloquial expressions and everyday phrases.

One of the most challenging aspects of learning French was mastering verb conjugations. The various tenses and irregular verbs posed a constant challenge, and I had to invest extra time and effort to get them right. However, through consistent practice and seeking help from my language instructors, I eventually became more comfortable with the intricacies of French grammar.

Choosing to learn French was driven by both personal and practical reasons. On a personal level, I've always been fascinated by the rich culture and history of France, and I believed that learning the language would provide me with a deeper appreciation for these aspects. Additionally, from a practical standpoint, French is widely spoken in international organizations, and having proficiency in the language opened up opportunities for me in my professional life.

In conclusion, learning French has been a rewarding journey for me. While it presented its share of challenges, the experience has broadened my cultural horizons and added a valuable skill set to my repertoire.

Model Answer:

Introduction: I'd like to talk about my experience learning Spanish, a language that has added a vibrant dimension to my linguistic skills. I began my journey with Spanish around four years ago during my college days.

When you started learning: It all started when I enrolled in a basic Spanish course as an elective during my sophomore year in college. I had always been fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking countries, and learning the language seemed like the perfect gateway to understanding their traditions and customs.

How you learned it: Initially, I relied on traditional classroom learning, attending lectures and practicing with fellow students. However, I quickly realized the importance of immersive experiences, so I started watching Spanish movies, listening to Spanish music, and even participating in language exchange programs with native speakers. These diverse methods significantly enhanced my language skills and made the learning process more enjoyable.

What was difficult about it: One of the most challenging aspects was mastering the pronunciation and getting used to the subtle nuances of the language. Spanish has certain sounds that don't exist in English, and initially, it was a bit tricky to articulate them correctly. Additionally, understanding and using different verb conjugations posed a persistent challenge. However, with consistent practice and exposure, these difficulties gradually subsided.

Why you decided to learn that language: The decision to learn Spanish was influenced by my love for travel and exploration. I dreamt of visiting Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, and I believed that speaking the language would significantly enhance my travel experiences. Moreover, I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my cultural horizons and connect with a global community. The decision to learn Spanish has proven to be rewarding, opening up new friendships and providing a deeper appreciation for the diversity of our world.

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