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IELTS Speaking Part-2 A Child that You Know and Like a Lot

Updated: Jan 24

Describe a child that you know and like a lot.

You should say:

  • Who the child is

  • How you know them

  • What they enjoy doing

Explain why you like them a lot.

I'd like to talk about my neighbor's daughter, Emily, who is a delightful child. I've known her since she was just a toddler. Our families live next to each other, and we often meet during neighborhood gatherings and events. Emily has this infectious energy and an endearing smile that lights up the room. She's a vivacious eight-year-old who attends the local elementary school.

I got to know Emily better when our families started organizing playdates for our kids. We often spend weekends together, allowing our children to build strong friendships. Emily is quite an imaginative child and enjoys engaging in various creative activities. She loves drawing and crafting, and her room is filled with colorful drawings and handmade crafts. It's truly heartwarming to witness her enthusiasm and creativity.

One of Emily's favorite pastimes is playing in the nearby park. She's an outdoorsy child, always eager to explore and make the most of her surroundings. Whether it's climbing on the playground equipment, chasing butterflies, or simply enjoying a picnic, Emily finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Her laughter is contagious, and it's evident that she has an adventurous spirit.

What I appreciate most about Emily is her kindness and generosity. Despite her young age, she always shares her toys and treats with the other kids. It's heartening to see her inclusive nature, making sure everyone feels welcomed and included. Emily's genuine and caring personality has made her a favorite among our neighborhood children, and even adults can't help but be charmed by her warmth.

In conclusion, Emily is not just a neighbor's child; she's become a cherished friend to my own children and me. Her vibrant personality, love for creativity, and kind-hearted nature make her a truly remarkable child. It's a joy to see her grow and thrive, and I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful young friend in our community.

Model Answer:

  1. Who the child is: I'd like to talk about my neighbor's son, Jake. He's an adorable 7-year-old with a contagious enthusiasm for life. Jake has a head of curly brown hair that always seems to have a bit of mischief hidden in it. His eyes sparkle with curiosity, making him stand out in any crowd of children.

  2. How you know them: I've known Jake for about a year now, ever since his family moved in next door. We often find ourselves in impromptu conversations over the backyard fence or during community events. His family's warmth and friendliness made it easy for us to get acquainted. Over time, Jake and I have developed a little routine of saying hi and sharing small talk whenever we cross paths.

  3. What they enjoy doing: Jake is a bundle of energy, and his favorite pastime is playing in the backyard. His laughter echoes through the neighborhood as he kicks a soccer ball or rides his bike with unmatched zeal. He also has a keen interest in nature, often collecting rocks and leaves during our neighborhood walks. What truly fascinates me is his love for storytelling; he can spin the most imaginative tales about his adventures with imaginary friends.

  4. Explain why you like them a lot: What I find most endearing about Jake is his ability to find joy in the simplest things. Whether it's a game of hide-and-seek or discovering a new bug in the garden, his eyes light up with excitement. His genuine curiosity about the world around him is infectious, and it reminds me to appreciate the small wonders in life. Jake's kindness and his effortless way of making everyone around him feel included are qualities that make him truly special. In a world that sometimes feels too busy, Jake's presence serves as a gentle reminder to embrace the childlike wonder within ourselves.

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